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AIBU to eat/drink nothing other than banana yazoo?

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gemmalou123 Mon 01-Sep-14 14:23:14

10+6 with horrendous hyperemesis. Been hospitalised twice so far for dehydration and dangerous levels of ketones. Water won't stick, food won't stick, tried every anti-emetic drug available, orally and injection with very limited improvement. Are there any likely side effects from drinking solely banana milkshake as it is literally the only thing I can stomach??

PunkHedgehog Mon 01-Sep-14 14:44:24

In the short term, anything you can keep down is better than nothing.

In the longer term milk is - for obvious reasons - reasonably nutritionally complete but cows milk doesn't have as much iron as a human needs. And in the form of banana milkshake it's probably pretty high in sugar. And virtually no fibre.

But with hyperemesis - whatever you can manage is good.

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 01-Sep-14 14:46:17

Is homemade banana milkshake out of the question? You could put oats etc. in that.

I only had severe morning sickness and it was horrendous. flowers

mommy2ash Mon 01-Sep-14 14:49:31

I'd say in veg short term just drink anything you can keep down

HandMini Mon 01-Sep-14 14:49:32

If you've been hospitalised twice, have they not given you advice on discharge as to what might be helpful by way of diet? Or at least suggested a protein powder or similar you could add to the Yazoo?

My view would be that banana Yazoo for an entire pregnancy won't cut it, but maybe OK for a week or two.

Bulbasaur Mon 01-Sep-14 14:52:54

Can you take prenatal vitamins with the banana yazoo's so you're still getting all the nutrition you need?

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Mon 01-Sep-14 14:54:45

If it is all you can keep down then it is better than nothing. You need fluids or you will end up dehydrated again.
Might sound daft but have you tried Lucosade sport (has to be the sport one not the fizzy)? When my kids can't keep water (or anything else) down during a tummy bug I get a bottle of lucosade sport for them, and it stays down much better than anything else.
That does have some electrolytes in to help keep your hydration level up. Might be worth a try.
Anything is better than nothing in the short term, but I would hope that the Drs and MWs will help you more in the long term. Good Luck.

WorraLiberty Mon 01-Sep-14 14:55:52

You really should be asking a medical professional about this

OlderMummy1 Mon 01-Sep-14 14:56:21

I was you a year ago!! Only drug that worked for me was Zofran. It is used a lot in the US but not so much here. Was a lifesaver. Didn't stop me being sick 100% but reduced vomiting from about 10 times a day to once

Harrietsferrets Mon 01-Sep-14 15:24:08

I second Zofran (ondansetron) in an IV as it was the only thing helped me. It's apparently used during chemo, it didn't stop the nausea but it helped so I could eat and drink. I think it had to be prescribed by the consultant as it's fairly strong.

TenMinutesEarly Mon 01-Sep-14 16:46:02

What about complan? Do they have banana flavour?

CallMeExhausted Mon 01-Sep-14 16:57:50

The nutritionist working with me during my pregnancies said if all I could eat was Pringles, that was better than nothing.

Unfortunately, I ended up requiring IV nutrition for the duration of my pregnancies, and delivered my first weighing 5 stone less than when I got pregnant.

Hoping it eases soon - hyperemesis is horrendous.

Mrsjayy Mon 01-Sep-14 17:02:26

I could stomach black tea and quavers not exactly nutritional but was all I could keep down I drank fizzy gingerbeer I did end up on a drip though sad

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