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To want a pair of normal bloody jeans without having to pay a fortune?!

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QuietBeforeTheStorm Mon 01-Sep-14 11:20:36

I don't want:-

Skinny jeans
High waisted jeans
Ripped jeans
Boyfriend jeans
Low slung jeans

I just want a normal pair of bootcut jeans where the waistband sits above the crack of my arse without having to pay a bloody fortune for them.

jackstini Mon 01-Sep-14 11:22:22

Sports Direct has a huge selection - surprising place to look but there are lots and many reduced

jackstini Mon 01-Sep-14 11:23:03

Here are just the bootcut ones if it's easier jeans#dcp=1&dppp=24&OrderBy=rank&Filter=AFLOR%5EWomens

DogsinBoots Mon 01-Sep-14 11:24:23

What are boyfriend jeans? They sound like something I would like.
Have you tried Dorothy Perkins? I got a couple of fab boot cut jeans in there a little while ago.


QuietBeforeTheStorm Mon 01-Sep-14 11:27:30

Boyfriend jeans are a casual type of jean. I have a couple of pairs for dossing around in but bloody hell I'm at my wits end trying to find bootcut or even slightly flared jeans at the moment.

Thanks for the link, will look.

QuietBeforeTheStorm Mon 01-Sep-14 11:28:22


Words cannot describe how much I love you right now.

londonrach Mon 01-Sep-14 11:33:18

Depends on what you mean by a fortune. I used to but marks and Spencer's £12 ones but they rubbish and worn out after a couple of washing. I bought some gap ones £49 and they still look amazing after one year.... They also fit which us something the marks one never seemed too. They get worn almost daily and alternated with others in the wash...

jackstini Mon 01-Sep-14 11:37:53

Ahh - thanks Quiet! blush

jackstini Mon 01-Sep-14 11:38:25

Doh blush

ouryve Mon 01-Sep-14 11:39:59

Are bootcut jeans normal jeans? I don't think they're any less normal than skinny jeans etc. I have short legs, so boot cut just look silly on me. DH has long legs, so skinny, tapered etc all look silly on him.

Anyhow, iirc, Next do some nice high waisted jeans in a boot cut.

wink1970 Mon 01-Sep-14 11:40:52

Jeans shopping is the bane of my life - I am a short arse and have a mummy tummy, so that's 2 strikes against me.

Try Lands End, they are good quality and wash well. I have also been surprised (pleasantly) by Next jeans, which are good enough for every day wear.

RiverTam Mon 01-Sep-14 11:43:56

I see bootcut jeans in most shops, they seem a standard style alongside skinny and boyfriend. Maybe they are all very low-waisted. But I actually think jeans are something worth investing in, if you wear them a lot.

RabbitOfNegativeEuphoria Mon 01-Sep-14 11:45:24

I wouldn't say bootcut jeans were 'normal'.

SpringBreaker Mon 01-Sep-14 11:47:06

sainsburys have them

SilverDragonfly1 Mon 01-Sep-14 11:49:50

Sainsburys! I get all mine there, they last for ages and I pay £12-15 a pair smile

DangerousBeanz Mon 01-Sep-14 11:51:50

Matalan jeans. £10 a pair. fit me much better than much more expensive jeans.

AbbieHoffmansAfro Mon 01-Sep-14 11:52:03

You could try Uniqlo too.

BabyGoose Mon 01-Sep-14 11:54:28,default,pd.html

Not cheap but a good quality denim that holds it shape and not low slung so you don't look like a teenager.

LindaMcCartneySausage Mon 01-Sep-14 12:00:42

Gap do great boot cut jeans. They are not the cheapest, but Gap always have loads of offers of 15% off if you keep an eye out and if you sign up to their email spam you can get 15% off too. I love my (many pairs of) Gap jeans and they last forever. Very comfortable

Seeline Mon 01-Sep-14 12:15:22

I always get mine in Next. About £30 I think, they last pretty well considering I rarely wear anything else blush

Thisvehicleisreversing Mon 01-Sep-14 12:25:21

I like the fit of Tesco jeans, I've got a pair of bootleg ones that come up nice and high without being 'high waisted' IYWIM.

dippyrainbow Mon 01-Sep-14 12:26:49

Just got exactly what you are describing from m&co for 20 squid.

MehsMum Mon 01-Sep-14 12:31:57

HATE jeans shopping, as am a longshanks AND between sizes at Gap (and our local Gap seems to believe that nobody wants the 'long' jeans anyway). OP, I feel your pain.

squoosh Mon 01-Sep-14 12:32:55

I would call straight leg jeans 'normal jeans', not bootcut.

dolphinsandwhales Mon 01-Sep-14 12:36:14

I buy all mine in Next. I'm petite but curvy, their ones are great and last well

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