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To find the idea of exercise and fitness so intimidating that I don't even try

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justwondering72 Sun 31-Aug-14 22:43:57

I've never been sporty or fit. When I was at school, the choice was music lessons or sport, and I opted for music. I never had a 'thing' that was my sport, never did anything other than games at school. My family is not sporty, music and literature and science and exams were always considered more important.

And here I am, age 43, overweight, unfit and unable to keep up with my children when they want to play tag. No sporting hobbies. Envying friends who cycle, ski, do tough mudder etc or even just play tag with their children.

I want to start running this year when my youngest goes to school, I'll have the mornings free and I can commit to it. But I am scared. Scared that it's going to be really hard work, and sweaty, and sore. That I will hate it. And that I will fail. Again. I don't want to be such an unfit blob all the rest of my life, I'm fed up of it. But the alternative seems just as appealing.

Please inspire me! Is it worth it to turn this around? I'm not too late, am I?

MelanieCheeks Sun 31-Aug-14 22:46:20

Find a local couch 2 5k group. Find a gentle dance class.

EdithDickie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:54:20

It's not too late.

You can do it!

C25K is a brilliant way to get running. I started at the end of May and can now run over 3 miles without stopping. Not at all sporty or naturally fit or anything like that.

Yes it's a bit tiring and you get hot and sweaty and out of breath but you also get to feel bloody awesome from the endorphins, the sense of achievement and the feeling of strength and faith in your body.
I have a friend who runs marathons and when I bigged him up about it he was quite non plussed and said something like "anyone can run, all you need to do is keep doing it and then you can do it". He's right. The only difference between you and someone who can run a marathon is regularly doing some running!

You can do it!!!!!! grin

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:56:04

No. Exercise is crap and boring as fuck.

But as exercising goes, running is the most efficient as you start and finish from your house thus minimising the misery.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:57:25

btw, not everyone gets endorphins nor feels amazing. I get grumpy, tired and hungry.

However, my overall 'feel alright' level is more when I do running regularly (just not whilst I'm doing it, before or after).

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sun 31-Aug-14 22:59:31

Sounds like you need a running mate or a group to help you along? Are there any other mums you are friendly with who might join you? Makes it more fun, less daunting and harder to skive out of!

<wonders if I should also do the same, as I will also have a bit more time soon when DD starts school and could also do with some more exercise....>

Pippioddstocking Sun 31-Aug-14 23:00:43

Yes it will be really hard work and you will be sweaty and sore but every time within 2 mins of finishing your run you will forget all that and feel feel great .
I recommend " run fat bitch run " it's a book about a woman's struggle to start running - really worth a read , very inspiring .

Good luck

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 31-Aug-14 23:01:17

Why do people always say that?

Nancy66 Sun 31-Aug-14 23:02:26

ok, I'm going to go against the grain here and say don't bother with the running.

if you're 43 and overweight you're very likely to injure yourself and you'll have to run a hell of a lot to even drop a pound.

I have been a life long runner but gave up in my mid 40s because of the toll on my body: knees, back etc.

I wouldn't recommend anybody take it up in mid life.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 31-Aug-14 23:03:55

Why do people always say that after you've done exercise you'll feel amazing. It's absolute bollox unless you get in a down a glass or two of wine.

The next day you might feel your muscles a bit tighter, and after a week you might feel like you've got through the housework faster, or enjoyed chasing your kids round the garden, but as for any good feelings afterwards, it's not something you can assume will happen.

Footle Sun 31-Aug-14 23:04:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScarlettlovesRhett Sun 31-Aug-14 23:06:28

The trick is to not overdo things at the start - keeping it achievable keeps it enjoyable; you'll find that as you get fitter you naturally start to compete with yourself, pushing a bit further or faster.

There are so many different ways to up your activity level, I would probably start simply by just going for a fast walk after you've dropped your kids off at school. Start small and build up, do strength training in the house when you get home after the walking.

The hardest bit is starting, within a couple of weeks it will become routine.

FelixFelix Sun 31-Aug-14 23:07:40

I'm exactly the same. I'd love to be one of these people who are fit and have a sport they really like, but I've always hated exercising. It's dull and bores the shit out of me. I am lazy and have no motivation to do it.

My DP has recently got in to cycling and has become super fit very quickly and regularly cycles 60 miles at a time blush I'm extremely jealous that he has a hobby that he loves so much and is good for him.

I keep thinking I just need to find a sport or some sort of exercise that I enjoy and don't find boring or embarrassing because I'm so unfit/flabby, but don't know where to start!

ScarlettlovesRhett Sun 31-Aug-14 23:10:27

Oh, and I agree with Nancy re running - I used to love interval running on a treadmill (always hated outdoor running), but my knees and hips are shot now (at 39) so wouldn't start again now. Walking or cycling (or x trainer if in a gym) are the best things to do imo.

MasqueradeWaltzer Sun 31-Aug-14 23:12:24

Starlight, I agree with you. I don't get the endorphins either. I've done 30 day shred and all that, have a treadmill at home and use it, but I loathe every second.

OTOH, I don't want to die young, so them's the breaks, I guess.

I'd love to find a form of exercise I love, but so far it's only roller skating and I feel like a tit doing that in public at a fat 45. This autumn I'm thinking of going for a swimming/yoga combo.

Egghead68 Sun 31-Aug-14 23:13:47

I also shot my knee and hip distance running.

How about Zumba or Water Aerobics?

harrietspy Sun 31-Aug-14 23:18:17

You don't have to run. If you're feeling really blobby and unfit, start with a regular walk. I live in a city and walk as much as I can. It's free, it's a great way to get to know where you live better and it gets you to places. Walking is amazing and you can do it in ordinary clothes. grin

TalcumPowder Sun 31-Aug-14 23:20:26

I used to run, and I agree it's murder on your knees if you're overweight. I also think that the problem with running and endorphin rushes is that the fitter you get, the harder/longer you need to run to get the slightest high.

Why don't you sort out your eating and lose some weight first, if that's what's bothering you? Diet matters more than exercise for weight loss, and you could start significant walking to start, and commit to running or something later on?

Thenapoleonofcrime Sun 31-Aug-14 23:21:42

I can't run, I'm mid-forties and while I could when I was up to about 30, I got a hurt knee and now a bad leg if I even begin to try running again. I really don't think, if you are starting from nowhere, running is the best thing to do. Walking is low impact- I know someone who has done a brisk 30 min walk every day since turning 60, he looks amazing for his age (15 odd years later) and walks with no problems at all. I always think I won't be running along aged 80 or 90 (yes a few people do but it's really the exception) but I will be able to go for a walk hopefully, even if it isn't at quite such a brisk pace.

Having said that, the couch to 5 k do usually start with walking mixed with a slow jog, I just think you have to be very alert for injuries/strains over a certain age.

RJnomore Sun 31-Aug-14 23:22:02

Why running?

I hate running.

What about kickboxing, or weights, or a circuit class?

Something where you do interval training.

Don't waste time plodding away boring yourself shitless.

flipchart Sun 31-Aug-14 23:22:25

What about cycling?
Googling Breeze Sky rides.
There are local rides for women only in small groups. This can help build up your confidence.

Try cycling with some of the other suggestions such as Zumba or aqua running or something.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sun 31-Aug-14 23:24:29

I could have written your OP. I'm also cursed with knee and back problems so running has never seemed like a good idea for me. However, I did get an exercise bike and that's made a big difference to me. I got some advice on here about interval training and it was making a if difference to me until I went on holiday. I plan to start again tomorrow.

I do know someone who did couch 2 5k recently though and she is delighted. At the start she wouldn't run for a bus!

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sun 31-Aug-14 23:26:13

Excuse nonsensical writing, but you get the jist. In short, it's not too late!

Cheeky76890 Sun 31-Aug-14 23:26:48

Do the couch to 5k. Expect to hate it for the first 4 months. Carry on building distance and speed. Run with friends or a iPhone app for encouragement. Slowly you will get addicted and start to enjoy yourself during runs, enjoy the high you feel after, enjoy the ability to speed after running kids, enjoy the leaner figure etc. Most people I know only seriously took excersise up in their 30's or 40's and have worked hard to achieve a good life changing level of fitness.

fatlazymummy Sun 31-Aug-14 23:27:21

Op, I started getting fit by doing wi fit and walking (well I already did that as I don't drive). That improved my cardio and co ordination .After about 3 months I felt confident to go swimming (something I hadn't done regularly for over 20 years.)
I was 51 when I started ,about 4 stones overweight, so no, it definitely isn't too late. You will be fine. Of course it's difficult at first but keep at it and you will improve.

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