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Need a girly chat

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AnnaGGFife Wed 27-Aug-14 23:47:48

All my so called "friends" that are girls have all let me down or don't bother keeping in contact since being ill and trying to turn my life around. Is there something wrong with me?

ArsenicyOldFace Wed 27-Aug-14 23:51:16

Some people aren't very good at understanding experiences different to their own.

It's a shame but it's not your fault.

ArsenicyOldFace Wed 27-Aug-14 23:51:55

Are you on the mend?

AnnaGGFife Wed 27-Aug-14 23:53:36

Yeah I'm on the mend. Starting to do well for myself again over a two year down spell and everyone's just slowly disappearing. Kind of tired making all the effort tbhsad

ArsenicyOldFace Thu 28-Aug-14 00:01:16

You think they just don't get it?

You need a wider selection of friends.

It happens when your life experiences diverge from your peer group's.

AnnaGGFife Thu 28-Aug-14 01:44:25

I really wish I knew. Evrytime I ask what's happened and how we've drifted apart try say that we've not but we really have

ArsenicyOldFace Thu 28-Aug-14 02:17:14

Ok so keep them on the backburner but stop asking. You're not going to get a straight answer are you?

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