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to be offended and insulted by this video?

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GermyJamie Wed 27-Aug-14 08:07:10

Here's an official video posted by the Better Together campaign and played on STV and BBC.

Am I the only one who can't believe their focus groups thought this was okay?

SourSweets Wed 27-Aug-14 08:15:43

I may be missing something. Why did you find it offensive?

thegeneralswife Wed 27-Aug-14 08:21:52

Hugely offensive. To suggest a woman should spend 3 minutes pondering how to vote in a once in a lifetime referendum. While taking a break from the housework.

They may has well have patted her on the head and said "dont you worry about this politic nonsense, back to the hoovering with you"

And im pretty sure most wimmin know the name of alex salmond

chemenger Wed 27-Aug-14 08:23:25

I don't see what you find offensive. An obviously intelligent and thoughtful woman explains her thought processes in coming to her decision. I struggle to see why anyone would be offended, unless it is the decision you don't agree with.

daisychain01 Wed 27-Aug-14 08:25:54

It is a gamble. There are no guarantees in life.

It does mean taking a decision where the outcome will affect the future generation.

Oil won't last forever, so can't be relied on forever.

From that perspective, the video is reasonable.

londonrach Wed 27-Aug-14 08:25:58

How is this offensive...

chemenger Wed 27-Aug-14 08:26:29

Crossposted there. She is not taking a break from housework, if you watch until the end she gets up and goes to work (unless you are assuming that because she is a woman the phrase "time to get to work" must mean housework, which would be a bit offensive). She is doing exactly what I do in the morning, having a coffee after the children set of for school before I go to work myself.

chemenger Wed 27-Aug-14 08:27:15

"off" not "of"

MrsWinnibago Wed 27-Aug-14 08:33:01

She doesn't mention housework! I must say, I like the actress...she did a good job.

daisychain01 Wed 27-Aug-14 08:34:38

Oh really thegeneralswife! That isnt the only message to take from it, surely - as a woman I was far more interested in her thought process and the information, far less fixated on subliminal messages about her circumstances.

But maybe it's because I don't have an axe to grind either way, I could watch it dispassionately.

She sounded very articulate actually!

TeamScotland Wed 27-Aug-14 08:40:33

Yep, YANBU, us wee wummin shouldn't worry our pretty little heids with referendums for more than 2 mins. hmm

It's funny to me more than offensive.

It'll be a bigger gamble for the people of Scotland to vote no IMO not that anyone asked

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Wed 27-Aug-14 08:43:18

Whilst I don't think any yes or no advert could be that interesting (and this one's no different) I am surprised that people would find it 'offensive'.
A bit dull certainly, but offensive? hmm

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Wed 27-Aug-14 08:43:57

Oh and YABU.

votingdilemma Wed 27-Aug-14 08:54:37

YABU I am a double X chromosomer and usually critical of terrible advertising such as those for some supermarkets at Christmas.

I actually found it not that bad when you consider what a complex question this is. Most of us don't spend years studying politics but decide on a gut feeling drawn from a lifetime of experiences. My feelings on independence have NOT been changed even though I've now spent time weighing up the issues and seriously wanted to consider the other side's arguments.

I am still however undecided as to whether I will vote and I will probably come to a seemingly "snap" decision nearer the day; perhaps after a coffeewink.

UncleT Wed 27-Aug-14 09:05:36

Housework? Well, even if it does show that, people do actually do housework. Is that offensive?

blackcats73 Wed 27-Aug-14 09:12:29

There is nothing at all offensive about that advert.YABU

CompletelyStumped Wed 27-Aug-14 09:52:27

I found the "that's why mums go to iceland" adverts more offensive than this hmm but that's cause I don't like shopping or iceland and got pissed I was being told where to shop now I'm a mum grin

Numanoid Wed 27-Aug-14 09:56:29

Of course YANBU. Even their supporters are commenting to say that although they're still voting No, the video is patronising and a real own goal.

But I'd better stop thinking about those shouty men off the telly, and leave that silly old politics business to DP. grin wink

Numanoid Wed 27-Aug-14 09:58:47

Supporters commenting on the original video I mean.

TortoiseUpATreeAgain Wed 27-Aug-14 10:54:49

How come all her children are apparently busy with their phones over breakfast, yet at least one of them is young enough to still be colouring in colouring books with crayons?

<judges parenting>

<misses point>

Nicknacky Wed 27-Aug-14 10:58:17

I also don't like the inference that women will make a decision that is deemed "so important" over a cup of tea while the husbands think long and hard about it.

WhyBeHappyWhenYouCouldBeNormal Wed 27-Aug-14 10:58:53

I think this advert would be better if it was in a cafe... with more giggling mums.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 27-Aug-14 11:01:50 grin

AberdeenAngusina Wed 27-Aug-14 11:03:37

It's offensive because they're suggesting that the average woman:

a) doesn't know the name of the First Minister and just refers to him as "the man off the telly"?? Really If someone was suggesting that the average female voter didn't know David Cameron's name, wouldn't you think it patronising?

b) she says that she doesn't know how to find out facts; she can't read newspapers, doesn't know how to switch on the radio, the TV news is just too complicated for her thought processes, and she doesn't know how to google.

c) She tells her husband to "eat his cereal" Seriously? There are men who get told to "eat their cereal" by their wives? I stopped telling my kids that by the time they were 5.

d) I don't know any woman so ill-informed, baffled, and lacking in details about politics as this woman is. The "average woman" is not this thick.

WhyBeHappyWhenYouCouldBeNormal Wed 27-Aug-14 11:07:38

I liked that link itsallgoingtobefine

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