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To not want to date someone who licks their knife

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NiceHandles Sat 23-Aug-14 22:49:57

Just that really. I was introduced to someone recently and he seems nice and we get along. He is a bit rough and ready, seems kinds and makes me laugh which I really like but when eating he licks his knife. I am finding this a complete turn off and would like to know if maybe licking your knife is ok. I do not like it one bit.

GalaxyInMyPants Sat 23-Aug-14 22:52:45

I don't like it but it wouldn't be a deal breaker.

I remember when I was a kid my dads lawyer came round for dinner one night. Very posh bloke. At the end of the meal he picked his plate up and licked it. I was shock

Still makes me giggle.

ThatSmellsLikePoo Sat 23-Aug-14 22:54:51

YANBU - it's the little things that will drive you batshit crazy eventually! I had to send a potential partner packing once for eating floppy salmon skin with gusto whilst I tried desperately not to be sick in my handbag!

Fairylea Sat 23-Aug-14 22:56:19

I think this kind of thing is the stuff that pushes you over the brink at the end of a relationship.

I've been married twice before and both times it was silly things like that making up the straw that broke the camels back.

One ex held his knife like a pen and had a special knife (ultra sharp like a vegetable knife) he purchased just for himself and he'd always eat with that, laying out on the floor eating whilst reading an argos catalogue. How exciting life was.

By the time we divorced I was close to setting fire to the catalogue and throwing his knife out the window along with the rest of his stuff.

Trills Sat 23-Aug-14 22:59:12

Dating is a time when you are allowed to be as unreasonable as you like.

There is never a circumstance when you are wrong to not want to shag someone.

You may be making a mistake, and missing out on the potential love of your life, but you are not wrong to say "no thank you, I do not fancy you".

NiceHandles Sat 23-Aug-14 22:59:21

That's the thing, would it start to bother me? I like him and fancy him which for me is quite rare. Floppy salmon skin would have made me sick, even typing the words is tricky. I am a million miles from being royalty but think I would be embarrassed if he did it in front of my friends or family.

Elderflowergranita Sat 23-Aug-14 23:02:31

Well, if he's not making the effort now, what will he be like in 6 months time?

BolshierAyraStark Sat 23-Aug-14 23:04:46

Really??? hmm

I think you're not quite ready for dating. Perhaps you should have concentrated more on the actual lick rather than the item he was licking that's what I would have done, my mind is in the gutter though

NiceHandles Sat 23-Aug-14 23:05:40

Very good points, thanks for speedy replies. I know the answer now, no more dates required. Thanks again.

NiceHandles Sat 23-Aug-14 23:07:15

Bolshier - gutter is too good for you! He is very sexy and an amazing kisser. Oh well ...

knittedslippersx2 Sat 23-Aug-14 23:11:03

Very sexy and an amazing kisser you say? Send him my way, a bit of knife licking won't bother me! In fact I sometimes lick my knife, didn't realise it was a big no-no.

BolshierAyraStark Sat 23-Aug-14 23:17:01

Why are you discounting him for one bad manner then??? I don't get it, sorry.

Life really is too fucking short to nit pick-sounds as though you like him so give him a chance!!

HygieneFreak Sat 23-Aug-14 23:17:01

I also lick my knife too...

BolshierAyraStark Sat 23-Aug-14 23:18:15

Yeah I do if there's something nice on it...

zippey Sat 23-Aug-14 23:19:43

I do it too. It is basic table manners.

heartisaspade Sat 23-Aug-14 23:22:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fabulous46 Sat 23-Aug-14 23:27:21

No way could I have dated anyone who licked their knife. It's disgusting. Bad manners irritate me. I couldn't sit and eat with anyone who licks their knife. I'd have to say something.

FloatIsRechargedNow Sat 23-Aug-14 23:28:26

I'd definitely have to ask him why he did it, but that's me. And tbh, unless there was a good reason for it, it would get to me til the day we divorced.

MrsWinnibago Sat 23-Aug-14 23:29:45

Blech! It actually makes me heave a tiny bit...I could not. My MIL licks her plate and though I love her I think it's so self indulgent and yuk to do it in front of other people who might be put off by it.

NiceHandles Sat 23-Aug-14 23:31:48

It just repulses me and I can't explain why. I don't know him well enough to know whether or not he has a million good points but for me it's a done deal.

MrsWinnibago Sat 23-Aug-14 23:35:05

It IS repulsive. Knives are a very specific tool...for a very specific job. They don't belong in your mouth.

It's like...I dunno...itching your crack with a pair of scissors!

Or eating your chips by spearing them with your tweezers.

Just wrong.

Bakeoffcakes Sat 23-Aug-14 23:38:30

I couldn't cope won't that. I think it's because as a child I would have been shouted at, it was drummed into me not to do it as you could cut your tongue. So watching someone do it would make my stomach lurch.

I've not seen anyone in RL lick their knife for about 20 years!

NiceHandles Sat 23-Aug-14 23:40:06

Mrs W, absolutely hilarious!! I will never be able to look at a pair of scissors again without imagining that scenario. Give me knife licking any day. Dear God!!

IntheYear2525 Sat 23-Aug-14 23:41:02

I eat my peas with honey
I've done it all my life
It makes the peas taste funny
But it keeps them on the knife

(Past my bedtime, but I'm too tired to go to bed)

MrsWinnibago Sat 23-Aug-14 23:42:04

Year that rhyme always makes me think that peas and honey would be quite tasty!

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