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To think that the Moomins are terrifying?

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MrsWinnibago Sat 23-Aug-14 09:09:40

Well not the Moomins themselves but some of the supporting characters!

My DDs have watched a lot of them this summer...having found them on Youtube but poor 6 year old dd had a nightmare about The Groke last night! I had forgotten all about the Moomins.

I think it's the combo of Japanese animation and Scandinavian mythology which makes it so frightening.

HavanaSlife Sat 23-Aug-14 09:13:14

They are, my user name used to be MoominsAreScary bloody freaky program gave me nightmares

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 23-Aug-14 09:13:17

Love the theme tune, I wonder if it is the still the same from years back, really catchy.

It was a bit odd iirc.

MrsWinnibago Sat 23-Aug-14 09:14:14

SanDiego yes..these are old episodes.

squirrelweasel Sat 23-Aug-14 09:14:22

I find it very dark. But it's my 4yr old daughters favourite programme! We have all the series on DVD and she even has the room stickers. She wants to dress as the broke for Halloween grin

buddles Sat 23-Aug-14 09:14:35

I wasn't scared of the hippo like Moomin things but instead of the little girl (or was it a boy?) in the pointed hat. Shudder.

squirrelweasel Sat 23-Aug-14 09:14:49

That would be groke damn autocorrect

mamalino Sat 23-Aug-14 09:30:07

YABU. I adore the moomins, books more so than the TV though. Shame my children don't love them as much as I do! I aspire to be a mother like moominmama, with her calm serenity. I am certainly not a calm and serene mother though sadly smile

mamalino Sat 23-Aug-14 09:31:05

The groke is just lonely.

pictish Sat 23-Aug-14 09:31:43

Yes..yes they are rather, and I love them for it. Strange, eerie, melancholic little creatures.

Gileswithachainsaw Sat 23-Aug-14 09:31:43


Loved the moomins!!!

pictish Sat 23-Aug-14 09:33:19

We call dd 'little My' as she is a scowler.

soverylucky Sat 23-Aug-14 09:38:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HangingBasketCase Sat 23-Aug-14 09:47:22

I remember there was an episode where they were all hibernating for the winter because that was when some nasty creature appeared, one of the moomins decided not to hibernate to see if the creature really existed and stayed awake. Then a mist thing descended on them and this funny looking creature appeared out of it. It was so creepy.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 23-Aug-14 09:56:49

The Groke in the original Moomins was far scarier than the one in the new cartoon. Dd1 (5) and dd2 (2.5) love the Moomins.

QisforQcumber Sat 23-Aug-14 10:07:27

YANBU, creepy bastards! My friend has been to Moomin world in Finland, she is a braver soul than I am.

squirrelweasel Sat 23-Aug-14 10:21:52

There is a new cartoon?

elephanteraser Sat 23-Aug-14 10:22:34

dp finds them depressing

Oi angry

MrsWinnibago Sat 23-Aug-14 10:27:55

I think the new one is more computer generated looking...DD rejected those and only watches the old ones.

grin at MoominKoala

dementedma Sat 23-Aug-14 10:34:47

Huge fan of the books. Snufkin, little My,the groke, the Hemulen..there was a little whiskery thing which lived under the cupboards too. I remember the Hattifatners when Moominpapa was lost at sea. Ah, the memories!

sheepgomeep Sat 23-Aug-14 12:25:14

The moomins gave me nightmares as a kid. They are still terrifying!

DownByTheRiverside Sat 23-Aug-14 12:27:18

I love the books and still have an entire set.
I've not seen any of the TV stories.

DownByTheRiverside Sat 23-Aug-14 12:28:20

'there was a little whiskery thing which lived under the cupboards too.'

That was The Ancestor, silent and sweet.

LangenFlugelHappleHoff Sat 23-Aug-14 12:36:57

Little My gave me nightmares. I hate the moomins.

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