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AIBU and over protective

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Mumoftwomonkeys1976 Tue 19-Aug-14 16:34:03

My 13 yr old DS is going to a nightclub tonight for an under 18s disco. His friend have been many times before but it's only now I have given in and said yes.

The thing is I'm starting to have second thoughts now and panicking about something awful happening.

Does anyone have any experience of these events, it's a foam and uv party, are they well managed? I do trust him but I know I'm gonna be sitting on pins until he gets home.

LadyLuck10 Tue 19-Aug-14 16:36:06

I don't think a nightclub environment is at all suitable at his age. Regardless of how well managed it is, it's not appropriate at all.

5Foot5 Tue 19-Aug-14 16:37:28

There used to be one of these run in our town once a week. I was passing once when they were letting the kids in and it appeared to be very carefully run. Everyone was being checked on the way in to make sure they were not carrying contraband alcohol or anything else unsuitable and I understand there were only soft drinks for sale.

cricketballs Tue 19-Aug-14 16:39:19

Ladyluck it's nothing like a nightclub environment - it's a big disco with only soft drinks available (it's just held in the same building)

Fixitagaintomorrow Tue 19-Aug-14 16:40:10

I used to go to one when I was 13-14. The one I went to was brill, everyone had pockets/bags checked on the way in. It was 13-18 and alcohol was strictly prohibited, if they suspected you had consumed alcohol before you went in you were turned away and they had security walking round continuously making sure nothing dodgy was going on and the toilets were checked every 15 mins.

RabbitSaysWoof Tue 19-Aug-14 16:41:17

I think it's fine as long as someone is collecting outside, I wouldn't want him outside waiting, I'd get there a bit early.
The actual event I would be relaxed about, I think they are a normal part of childhood, I went and I think most people I know went. It's great he's still asking if you said no before, not just telling you hes off for a sleep over and going anyway like I used to grin

Stinkle Tue 19-Aug-14 16:43:22

They used to run something similar locally to me. It always seemed well run, staff checking for alcohol, only soft drinks served, lots of adult supervision, etc.

My eldest was about 11 when the club shut completely so never went, but friends' older children went and they were always fine. It was open to under 18s, but in reality it was always 13-15/16 year olds, the older ones thought it was naff.

My DD is now nearly 13, if it was still running I'd be happy to let her go

skittycat Tue 19-Aug-14 16:43:46

I used to go to under 18s events at a local nightclub. Soft drinks only, bag checks etc and plenty of security/staff around as well in case someone needed help. Very rarely did anyone ever need help… only for the occasional mosh pit injury.

HavanaSlife Tue 19-Aug-14 16:45:58

I used to go to one, so did ds1. No problems and he always really enjoyed himself.

BringMeSunshine2014 Tue 19-Aug-14 16:46:47

What are you actually worried about?

bubalou Tue 19-Aug-14 16:47:13

I went to a well known nightclub under 18 disco foam party when I was his age.

In the club to be honest was fine. It's just a kids disco with foam. The only thing is people getting alcohol to drink before they go in. Also the bouncers don't stop them leaving so they are free to go off.

I'm sure he will be fine but it's your decision.

Timeforabiscuit Tue 19-Aug-14 16:52:47

I was bar staff for one of these - we called them nappy nights.

It was incredibly tightly controlled,all advertising regarding alcohol and tobacco was removed or covered up, there was lots of adult supervision and obviously the only drinks they could purchase were soft.



The noise, the chaos, the sheer excitement, the kids needed NOTHING, a bit of loud music and some lights and I swear it was like Mardi gras!

However, this was at 2pm on a weekday in half term, I would not go for an evening one as the night time clientele overlap and if it isn't something a thirteen year old is experienced in 9pm in a town centre can be very intimidating.

TheFairyCaravan Tue 19-Aug-14 16:59:02

These events are very well run. They check the kids for alcohol etc before they go in. There's nothing to worry about, honestly.

ContentedSidewinder Tue 19-Aug-14 17:07:01

I used to attend these back in the day, it was called kiddy Ritzy. There was a gap between kick out for us little ones and the grown ups going in. I think around 30-45 minutes so we were all home by the time the over 18's went in.

We used to love it, we felt so grown up.

I would let my children go but only if I picked them up outside the club within eyeline of the door staff. Because obviously there are knobheads who are drunk and staggering about.

googoodolly Tue 19-Aug-14 17:17:24

Absolutely elet him go - they're very well run and they're basically just big school discos but run by professionals, and and the music's louder! I went when I was a teenager and loved them - they check for alcohol, there are lots of supervisors around and bouncers, and they're very quick to kick people out if they cause trouble.

Bakeoffcakes Tue 19-Aug-14 17:41:40

Both my DDs went to these kind of things.

They were very well run-bags checked, alcohol breath tests for some, the road was closed when the children came out, so it was easy to find them without getting run over!
We ALWAYS picked them up, some of their friends got the bus back, but we never let them.
They had great fun so yes, I think you should let him go.

Mumoftwomonkeys1976 Tue 19-Aug-14 17:47:35

Thanks everyone for reassuring me, I don't know what I'm worried about really, just feel a bit uneasy. Only thing is I'm not picking him up they have a bus. I just dropped him off at the pick up point, they all looked so grown up, especially the girls.

Lemonypeepee Tue 19-Aug-14 17:50:29

I used to go and loved it. There was never any alcohol or anything to worry about. I used to make my own way to and from it too. It was great fun.

Serenitysutton Tue 19-Aug-14 17:52:02

Def think he's safer there than many places and he'll have a blast.

midnightagents Tue 19-Aug-14 18:27:02

Aw let him go, it sounds great. I used to love going to these when I was younger smile

Mumoftwomonkeys1976 Tue 19-Aug-14 18:58:16

Well he's gone now although I did commit the a huge faux pas of asking them for a photo of them all dressed up haha

icclemunchy Tue 19-Aug-14 19:24:52

We used to love a bit of teeny bopping when I was that age. The only "naughty" thing that went on was some smoking but only by the kids who already smoked iyswim.

Oh and a slow dance if you were lucky grin

Preciousbane Tue 19-Aug-14 19:44:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bakeoffcakes Tue 19-Aug-14 21:37:33

Well done for letting him go! Bet he has a great time.

rollonthesummer Tue 19-Aug-14 21:55:49

I used to go to these-they were great fun! Just like a youth club really. No booze and just dancing smile

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