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anyone know if gourock is a nice place to live?

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inmyshoos Tue 19-Aug-14 13:08:25

Just that really?
Aibu posting it in aibu because i just need quick response to arrange to view the house if its nice grin

OooohShiny Tue 19-Aug-14 13:32:29


OooohShiny Tue 19-Aug-14 13:34:41

Like all the rest of the towns on the west coast of Scotland (and I'm sure everywhere else in the country) it has good bits and bad bits grin

No much help is it....

Tinkerball Tue 19-Aug-14 13:35:42

Where do you stay now?

LindaMcCartneySausage Tue 19-Aug-14 13:36:04

Erm, apologies to any MNs from Gourock, but no. It's not nice. Depressed, former industrial costal town.

Tinkerball Tue 19-Aug-14 13:37:25

Largs is better, so is Inverkip.

Tinkerball Tue 19-Aug-14 13:37:55

There is a nice at park down near the sea in Gourock.

Tinkerball Tue 19-Aug-14 13:38:19

Play park!!

doorbellringer Tue 19-Aug-14 13:41:36

If someone's fringe is not sitting right it is said "it sticks out like Gourock"

A grey, depressing industrial town, too close to "The Port" Try Inverkip or Langbank either side; much nicer.

We looked at Greenock and Gourock when we moved to Scotland, but chose to live near Paisley instead. It is a fairly depressed area - it could be on the up, and might be great in 10 years time, but at the moment, it isn't somewhere I would choose to live.

In addition, I'd say it is quite remote - it's quite a long way out of Glasgow, and it feels as if you have to go a long way before you start to get anywhere.

I'd be happy to chat more about areas, if you'd like.

NeedaDiscoNap Tue 19-Aug-14 14:21:08

I wouldn't want to live in Gourock - as SDT has said above it is very far out from Glasgow (unless that's what you want) and it's a fairly depressing place.

Where are you looking? Does it have to be around that area?

inmyshoos Tue 19-Aug-14 14:38:22

sdt yes please!!

Very broad area to choose from but want to find somewhere quiet, good for kids and dogs within 1.5 hrs of glasgow. Dh has to travel to Helensburgh and Oban sometimes. Want nice school where my country bumpkin dc wont get esyen alive for wearing wellies in summer and not having the latest gadgets!

inmyshoos Tue 19-Aug-14 14:38:52

eaten bloody small keys big fingers!!

19lottie82 Tue 19-Aug-14 14:41:30

Yeah, it's not the best, but it could be worse.

Where do you need to be close too, and what's your budget?

inmyshoos Tue 19-Aug-14 14:53:06

Top budget 240k max. Need to travel occasionally to Helensburgh and less often to Oban. Currently 4 hours from Helensburgh and 2 from Oban and ideally want to be closer to at least Helensburgh.

Cuddlydragon Tue 19-Aug-14 15:12:42

Helensburgh itself is nice. If you would settle for a new build, you'd be in budget. The schools are good. Commute into Glasgow itself good by rail or road.

daddyorchipsdaddyorchips Tue 19-Aug-14 15:15:16

No. Don't do it.

JockTamsonsBairns Tue 19-Aug-14 15:20:09

Apologies to any Gourock based MNers, but I wouldn't be buying anything there. For your budget though, you'll find something much nicer in the surrounding areas. Balloch? Greenock? What area are you currently in?

JockTamsonsBairns Tue 19-Aug-14 15:22:59

Also, how 'rural' are you prepared to go? Lots of lovely little villages in the surrounding area.

BloodyClarey Tue 19-Aug-14 15:23:51

Balloch is nice.

SaidFlorence Tue 19-Aug-14 15:25:30

I'd look on the other side of the Clyde from Gourock if dh has to go to Helensburgh and Oban. It's a bit of a drive round to the bridge from Gourock. There used to be a ferry across though - does that still run anyone?
I always think Cardross looks nice when I drive through it, or Rhu.

loveandsmiles Tue 19-Aug-14 15:30:15

I moved from the East coast of Scotland to live in Gourock in 1995 - got married and got job in Glasgow. I have to say I loved living there - lived in nice property with fabulous views over the water all within an easy commute. I was younger then though with no children. From there we moved to a bigger property in Inverkip, again, with fabulous views and a feeling of being away from the city and had our first DC there. I liked the area, although Greenock, the nearby town was perhaps a bit run down.

Moved back to East coast (for various reasons) 11 years ago but remember my time in Gourock and Inverkip fondly!

PM me if you want any further infosmile

Jeezimacasalinga Tue 19-Aug-14 15:31:01

Cardross? Next to Helensburgh, nice villagey feel . Also Bridge of Weir, Houston, Bishopton (much closer to Glasgow ) are nicer than Gourock...

Tootssweet Tue 19-Aug-14 15:31:20

I agree the other side of the Clyde would be a better option. There are some lovely rural villages near Helensburgh. My dm lives that way - just need to watch the loch roads as they are full of tourist traffic.

feelslikeshit Tue 19-Aug-14 15:33:02

I'd go for Argyll and Bute rather than Inverclyde.

If you want to stay somewhere rural, then Lochgilphead has a good school and is between Oban and Helensburgh; if that's too far from Glasgow then Inverary is a bit closer and in the same secondary catchment area as Lochgilphead, but your kids would have to travel.

If you want somewhere within easier reach of Glasgow, then Balloch or the towns along the rail line out to Helensburgh (inc Cardross), or Helensburgh itself, would be worth a look.

Have no idea about the house prices though.

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