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To want to steal Emma Willis' entire body and put my brain inside?

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trashcanjunkie Tue 19-Aug-14 00:32:49

I don't know what's wrong with me hmm

I'd want to keep my own personality and life and everything, but I could so steal her body (man with two brains stylee).

I would probably have a different voice - neither mine nor hers. Will think on that one - perhaps a radio four play actressy type one.

Whilst I'm aware this is stupid and weird, I can't be the only one. Whose body would you put your brain inside? And AIBU? confused

Thebodyloveschocolateandwine Tue 19-Aug-14 00:35:17

Had to google her to see who she was. Never heard of her.

Me it would be Emma watson as she's young and minted.

ClareBaldingsHair Tue 19-Aug-14 00:35:32

Jennifer aniston


HeySoulSister Tue 19-Aug-14 00:36:01

Would you want her hair ?

Dress sense ?

midnightagents Tue 19-Aug-14 00:37:00

Yabu, we should love ourselves how we are etc.
--I'd have the body of Megan fox or Kelly brook ant the face of Catherine

Thebodyloveschocolateandwine Tue 19-Aug-14 00:37:16

Oh keeping my life would be difficult then. My older kids are older than her.

Amanda Holden then but that face will collapse soon I tell you.

trashcanjunkie Tue 19-Aug-14 00:37:40

No, I would immediately begin hair growing, and the dress sense would be mine own, what with the keeping of the brains. She talks like a trollop so that would go too grin

midnightagents Tue 19-Aug-14 00:37:50

Zeta jones-- don't know why that posted already =s

Thebodyloveschocolateandwine Tue 19-Aug-14 00:38:31

Oh yes Jens hair and arms. Didn't know we could pick body parts!

Thebodyloveschocolateandwine Tue 19-Aug-14 00:39:32

How does one talk like a trollop? grin

trashcanjunkie Tue 19-Aug-14 00:40:43

If there's no one who you'd have in their entirety I will accept body parts to make up a whole.

trashcanjunkie Tue 19-Aug-14 00:41:54


I think like a sort of Dickensian lady of the night.... or Nancy from Oliver Twist grin

trashcanjunkie Tue 19-Aug-14 00:42:53

Or the little match girl, if she'd made it through childhood....

Thebodyloveschocolateandwine Tue 19-Aug-14 00:49:36


Ok Jens hair and arms 10 years ago

Zeta jones face but 15 years ago.

Julia Roberts body but 15 years ago

And all of their money. Now.

Tikimon Tue 19-Aug-14 02:06:28

Hmm.. I'd body snatch Jessica Alba or Mila Kunis. grin

DeadCert Tue 19-Aug-14 02:32:09

I saw her in London recently when I was in M&S - she had no make up on and was still ridiculously beautiful. So YANBU.

I'm going to be Michelle Keegan. Body only. Obv.

AngusAndElspethsThistleWhistle Tue 19-Aug-14 02:46:34

Bagsy Elle Macpherson's body plus Marion Cotillard's face and Frenchness. Maybe Gemma Arterton's hair.

LongFingers Tue 19-Aug-14 02:50:34

She is a lovely girl with a beautiful face.

I am sure you are lovely OP.

At the end of the day when you end the fantasy you are left with who you are again. I don't like to fantasise as it just disappoints me in the end.

Icelollycraving Tue 19-Aug-14 08:46:21

She is really beautiful. I always say how stunning she is whenever she's on tv,dh just looks hmm. She seems genuinely nice & someone you could actually have a bottle

Icelollycraving Tue 19-Aug-14 08:46:45

of wine & a gossip with.

icanmakeyouicecream Tue 19-Aug-14 08:50:23

Wait till all the miseries come and tear you to shreds for saying she talks like a trollop grin

icanmakeyouicecream Tue 19-Aug-14 08:50:44

Ps yanbu

PrimalLass Tue 19-Aug-14 09:02:07

I'll have Lea Michelle's hair and voice, please.

EmberElftree Tue 19-Aug-14 09:36:35

Hmm, I had to google her too don't know who she is but she is attractive, blue eyes and dark hair is a stunning combo.

Gwen Stefani's face & body with P!nk's voice for me (my heroines!)

P.S. I love the man with two brains..if you like a-me and I like a-you...

Oblomov Tue 19-Aug-14 09:51:12

I don't think she's very pretty. And I don't like her hair or her clothes. Sorry.

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