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to expect to be given adequate pain relief, like pethadine or morphine, for gallbladder pain

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BBQSteak Mon 18-Aug-14 23:44:33

im fucking dr will not give me anything stronger than 30mg codeine which I can only take two of at once and its not strong enough

ive asked for something stronger they say no

do I have a valid reason to make complaint
or what shall I do?

fucking arrrgghh

BBQSteak Mon 18-Aug-14 23:46:04

I definatley have gallstones been confirmed via scan
waiting to see hospital dr so lord knows long long im gonna have to wait for the operation which im terrified of

Jjuice Mon 18-Aug-14 23:51:12

Sorry to hear you are in such pain. My mum had gallstones and I know the pain is horrific.
can you go and see a different dr?
Try not to worry about the op. I dont think its a bad one these days
hoping somone who knows more comes along soon.

Darkesteyes Mon 18-Aug-14 23:52:09

Christ i sympathize I suffered with it in 2002/03 after a big fast weight loss. I was back and forth back and forth to Casualty. Then GPs were out on several occasions giving me morphine injections. Then i was given morphine pills by a duty doc which i had to slip under my tongue when the pain came.

A doc at the surgery demanded to know who gave me morphine pills. I refused to tell him.

Had my gall bladder out in spring 2003 after many trips to casualty Mine was so bad i could not eat solid food at all. Towards the end i was living on water biscuits.

ICanSeeTheSun Mon 18-Aug-14 23:56:25

i know people who takes oramorph because of this.

scousadelic Mon 18-Aug-14 23:56:48

I have never heard of a doctor giving morphine or pethidine for gallstones although I'm not an expert. Have you taken paracetamol as well? Or ibuprofen? No good complaining about GP as these things are down to the doctors clinical judgement. Have you asked what else you can take for maximum pain control?

It's worth watching what you eat as some foods can trigger attacks

steff13 Mon 18-Aug-14 23:59:09

I took percocet when I had GB pain. I didn't have stones, my GB just wasn't functioning at all. Can you get percocet there? Or oxycodone?

Darkesteyes Mon 18-Aug-14 23:59:22

scouse i had morphine as i described above I could not eat SOLID food. The surgeon and 3 other docs told me i had it because i lost weight too fast. Slimming World.
Before being prescribed the morphine i had been mixing tramadol paracetamol aspirin etc.

Tikimon Tue 19-Aug-14 00:00:46

Dr's have to be careful about giving out high doses of pain medications. They could lose their license if they're knowingly giving drugs out to an addict, or suspected addict.

TheMaddHugger Tue 19-Aug-14 00:00:54

I'd complain.

Every bloke I've known with it had morphine.

TheMaddHugger Tue 19-Aug-14 00:02:37

Tikimon Tue 19-Aug-14 00:00:46
Dr's have to be careful about giving out high doses of pain medications. They could lose their license if they're knowingly giving drugs out to an addict, or suspected addict.

I must assume the oP is NOT an addict

Darkesteyes Tue 19-Aug-14 00:08:03

Then maybe obese/overweight people should be warned that if they develop gallstones as a result of losing weight the NHS is always putting out warnings about health and weight they could possibly end up being treated like a drug addict.

On Xmas Eve 2002 i had an attack and DH called the doctor out. Who gave me an injection. THe next day i couldnt stand up. My legs kept giving way and i passed out twice.

I was begging for the injection because i was in so much PAIN Not because i was an addict FFS!

Darkesteyes Tue 19-Aug-14 00:09:33

Sorry Posted too soon I spent Christmas Day 2002 in hospital until the affects wore off.

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:11:06

I am certainly not nor have ever been a drug addict

TheCowThatLaughs Tue 19-Aug-14 00:12:39

Someone I worked with was given diclafenac (sp?) suppositories for gb pain. Don't know if that's worth asking for? Have you tried looking to see if there are any NICE guidelines regarding pain relief for gb pain? Worth finding out for ammunition when you go to the gp.

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:13:22

Fuck this im complaining ad this is not acceptable in the modern world

Ffs this is supposed to a first world country isnt it

Darkesteyes Tue 19-Aug-14 00:14:03

Ive never even been drunk Not even once.

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:15:08

Cow I e tried to gGoogle as I would love to see some nice guidelines about what acceptable to prescribe

But I cant find anything

Ive just strapped a hot water bottle to myself

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:15:49

I got my because of oc in pregnancy

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:16:36

Obstetric cholestatis

Where pg hormones stop the liver wworking properly

Darkesteyes Tue 19-Aug-14 00:17:07

Im sorry to hear this OP

Darkesteyes Tue 19-Aug-14 00:18:52

Have you phoned the duty doctor.

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:20:13

What like a locum? Or do you mean like nhs direct or whatever the fuck they call it these days

BBQSteak Tue 19-Aug-14 00:21:09

My livers ok now I think dark

ICanSeeTheSun Tue 19-Aug-14 00:21:56

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