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To make DSs walk home from the cinema

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Frontier Mon 18-Aug-14 13:44:42

I'm on a mission to make sure they get some exercise and fresh air everyday this holiday. Not easy as neither of them are at all sporty and given the choice your spend the whole time in front of a screen.

So far, we've managed it one way or another but tomorrow they've persuade me to take them to the cinema. I don't want to see the film so plan to leave them there. They're expecting me to collect them but I am considering letting them walk.

It's 2 miles, good footpaths, busy area etc. They're 11 & 13.

If they walk I get the whole afternoon to myself they get approx. 45 min stroll in the fresh air when they'll chat and interact rather than either being shut in their rooms with music and/or books or downstairs on different consoles. AIBU to think actually it's an inspired idea of mine grin

I need to take them because I've booked tickets and whilst I'm sure they could manage to sort it out themselves we don't go often so they might struggle and I want to know they got in OK.

MildDrPepperAddiction Mon 18-Aug-14 13:47:55

Yanbu. Make them walk!

KittiesInsane Mon 18-Aug-14 13:49:19

Christ yes, let 'em walk. Eminently sensible plan.

DS (who is admittedly bonkers) was pondering walking home from the cinema last week as he'd missed the last bus. We're talking 10 miles, rural area, at midnight. Not a good plan. But 2 miles on a pleasant afternoon? Yep.

DownByTheRiverside Mon 18-Aug-14 13:50:17

Yes it's inspired, and I did it often to both of my children. Still do.
2 miles is around 20 minutes walking, with footpaths, and they need that vitamin D and exercise to stop their muscles atrophying and whatnot.
How considerate of you. smile

WorraLiberty Mon 18-Aug-14 13:53:45

Why are you even driving them there if it's only 2 miles? confused

trice Mon 18-Aug-14 13:57:29

I make mine walk home from the cinema. They enjoy it. I might have to ring them up a few times though because I am a helicopter parent, but that it my problem not theirs.

Leeds2 Mon 18-Aug-14 13:58:02

Good plan. And, as well as a bit of exercise, it will give them some independence.

KittiesInsane Mon 18-Aug-14 13:58:56

Bloody hell, Downbytheriverside, how long are your legs? I can barely run at 6 miles an hour!

amyhamster Mon 18-Aug-14 14:03:39

Worra - she explains that in the op ?
Presumably tickets have been booked by credit card & she doesn't want them to have it !

PeterParkerSays Mon 18-Aug-14 14:04:25

Do they have bikes? They could cycle both ways.

WorraLiberty Mon 18-Aug-14 14:13:03

She doesn't explain why she's choosing to drive, amy.

Hakluyt Mon 18-Aug-14 14:16:39

"2 miles is around 20 minutes walking,"

Who for, the BFG???

snakeandpygmy Mon 18-Aug-14 14:19:49

2 miles in 20 minutes would be walking at around double the average speed.

I would assume that she is driving them because for her to walk there and back would take an hour and a half, driving just a few minutes.

Goldmandra Mon 18-Aug-14 14:20:04

If the OP walks them there and walks back she loses her 45 min time to herself bonus.

WorraLiberty Mon 18-Aug-14 14:22:17

Ahh yes, I forgot about the bonus blush

DownByTheRiverside Mon 18-Aug-14 14:33:21

Not me, it's the speed both of mine walk at, around 5-6 miles an hour if it's easy walking, must have been all that exercise when they were younger. College was 2 1/2 miles away with a hill or two, so it took them 30 minutes.
Walking good! Couch potato bad!

Frontier Mon 18-Aug-14 14:34:39

A mile in 10 mins is faster than most people can run. 15 min mile pace is a very brisk walk, hence my estimate of 45 min stroll.

Yes, i will drive because i have other uses for the 45min (x2). DC otoh have hours to fill.

Frontier Mon 18-Aug-14 14:40:22

I reckon there's something wrong with the measuring there Down - I coach at a running club, from absolute beginners to really quite good. We have two walking groups and the faster one is lucky to manage 15 min miles on a good night. 30 min for 5k (3mile) running is really quite respectable. There's no way anyone does that walking.

Hakluyt Mon 18-Aug-14 14:41:59

Sorry- I've completely lost interest in this cinema trip- I am fascinated by these 6mph walkers! Are there still competitive walking races? They should enter immediately!

Isn't about 3 miles an hour normally considered about walking pace?

Hakluyt Mon 18-Aug-14 14:43:14

Or do you mean kilometres not miles?

milbracat Mon 18-Aug-14 14:50:11

I wonder if the response would be quite so emphatic if the OP's DCs were girls of the same age.

sparechange Mon 18-Aug-14 14:51:02

Down, there is no way your DCs walk at 6mph! That is running speed - that would get you around a 10k course in an hour, which is a pretty respectable time
Even 6kmph is fasting than most peoples comfortable walking speed on a treadmill. No way would it be sustainable over footpaths and uneven ground

weegiemum Mon 18-Aug-14 14:55:06

I'd quite happily get my girls to walk home! Actually, as both of them (14 and 10) are less-airheady than ds (12), I'd be happier!!

I often in the holidays make mine walk a mile (uphill) to the swimming pool then home again. Oh the peace!

frostyfingers Mon 18-Aug-14 14:59:22

Get them to ring you when they leave so you've got some idea of when they should be home. My DS is prone to leaving the cinema, going for an unplanned wander around town with his mates and then coming home and instead of being home 45 minutes after the film is finished turns up about 2 hours later. By which time I've imagined all sorts of catastrophes.....!

WorraLiberty Mon 18-Aug-14 15:02:11

I wonder if the response would be quite so emphatic if the OP's DCs were girls of the same age.

I can't think for the life of me why it wouldn't? confused

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