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To think that this is attention seeking behaviour?

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murphusmol Mon 18-Aug-14 00:03:15

Sorry, it's another FB related post...

Someone on my friends list, who is generally quite attention seeking anyway, has been alluding for the past few weeks to the fact that she is going on holiday. She has done statuses about packing being done, and posted photographs of passports.

They are now clearly at their holiday destination, as she wrote a status today about being in the swimming pool. I have seen several questions on her recent photos and statuses asking where she is going and she has ignored those questions and replied to others. There seem to be a few people that know where she has gone as they act all in-the-know when replying to her, and make it clear that they know.

Today in reply to her swimming pool status, someone asked where she was on holiday and she replied that she would rather not say and she'd let on when she got home. As if she is some kind of celebrity that the paparazzi will follow!

AIBU to think that it is weird, attention seeking behaviour? She is a woman in her 40s btw, not a teen!

pictish Mon 18-Aug-14 00:05:19

Is she in Mexico by any chance?

GaryShitpeas Mon 18-Aug-14 00:05:35

She's a twat

BobPatandIgglePiggle Mon 18-Aug-14 00:07:16

Bognor Regis? South Shields caravan park?

BoiledPiss Mon 18-Aug-14 00:09:58

Yes! grin

murphusmol Mon 18-Aug-14 00:27:35

I hope she's somewhere really shit!

I've hidden her updates on FB now. Can't be bothered to get involved in her attention seeking antics.

Tikimon Mon 18-Aug-14 00:31:03

It's like that couple on facebook that kept everyone in the dark about their baby's gender and kept leading them for days until they told them.

Just ignore her. There's something to be said about the people that give those sort of attention seekers their time.

PenisesAreNotPink Mon 18-Aug-14 00:36:26

Can't you just post "I'm so glad your enjoying Skeggy, after you said how fabulous it was we're going to book too"

KingJoffreysBloodshotEye Mon 18-Aug-14 00:38:22

She's in Weston Super-Mud.

Probably bowling.

Ignore her.

Tikimon Mon 18-Aug-14 00:39:35

There you go. Say something like "I see you're having fun in Cancun! Wish I could be there", and watch the confusion begin.

Topaz25 Mon 18-Aug-14 00:40:28

YANBU that is attention seeking, why would she post about her holiday if she doesn't want to talk about it?! It's like those people who post a vague status about being sad or angry and when people ask why they ignore them or say "PM me, I can't talk on here." Why bring it up then?!

murphusmol Mon 18-Aug-14 00:43:54

Everything she posts on FB is cryptic and vague. Things such as "Oh nice! Behave like a 5 year old playground bully then" and then refuses to say what the problem is.

Floop Mon 18-Aug-14 00:49:51

The only logical reason, other than it being somewhere shit/cheap and wanted to look cooler than she is, is a stalker ex/family member that might make things tricky for her.

TakemedowntoPotatoCity Mon 18-Aug-14 00:50:18

If there's one thing wworse than 'vaguebooking' it's FB cliques like you mention above. Get over yourself love, your life is not that interesting.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 18-Aug-14 00:56:45

Vaguebooking! I love it!

Topaz25 Mon 18-Aug-14 01:00:15

If she has a stalker surely she wouldn't put so much personal information on Facebook just in case. Posting photos etc would still be risky as there could be some identifying information about the location.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Mon 18-Aug-14 04:08:27

Hiding her sounds like the best plan.

hmc Mon 18-Aug-14 04:16:39

YANBU - she sounds really tedious. I can't believe she has facebook friends left! I would unfriend / hide in an instant

Poshsausage Mon 18-Aug-14 04:56:26

Some people don't put it on so as not to attract burglars I thought

eurochick Mon 18-Aug-14 05:14:09

I'm not sure adding the destination when she is already posting about being away would affect burglars.

Secretblackandmidnighthag Mon 18-Aug-14 05:34:45

Oh god. Yes I hate this! My DH's cousin vaguebooked about her husband having a heart attack - we both had her hidden so missed it (not that we would have worked out what the fuck she was on about even if we had seen it) but she then used her post as a 'test' to see who 'really cared' about her. And started leaving nasty messages on our posts about how uncaring we are. She is in her 50s!

Wishyouwould Mon 18-Aug-14 08:19:53

Enough said.....

ChoccaDoobie Mon 18-Aug-14 08:23:59

That is great Wishyouwould! Yes, I hate statuses like that too.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 18-Aug-14 08:28:11


Pet hate of mine too grin

Interesting dramatic status and the first person to ask "what's up" gets a "ill PM you"

Nooooo I wanna know what the gossip is

Only1scoop Mon 18-Aug-14 08:29:25

How odd and pics of passports ....sounds like first time she's ever travelled. Bless.

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