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To have fallen asleep during facial.. & woke myself up snoring?!

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DirtyDancing Sun 17-Aug-14 23:07:04

Had massive treat today, 1 hour facial whilst DH took 7 month old DS out for an hour.

Reckon I lasted about 5 mins, before I conked out. Just remember hearing myself snore as I came round. And she was just finishing with the moisturizer. Missed the whole thing!

For all I know she could have gone off for a 1 hour coffee break & left me asleep grin

Purplepoodle Sun 17-Aug-14 23:10:16

Yeah my hairdresser giggles as I always start dozing off

DirtyDancing Sun 17-Aug-14 23:15:46

It was warm, cozy & I quite like the sound of crashing waves she had playing on the CD

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Sun 17-Aug-14 23:20:20

I always end up dozingwhile I have my eyelashes done and that's not even an intentionally relaxing experience!

ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 17-Aug-14 23:22:38

A one hour facial? Is that normal? What the hell do they do for an hour?

TheoriginalMrsDarcy Sun 17-Aug-14 23:23:32

I've done it before too!!! It's really embarrassing but I felt really dozy and relaxed afterwards.

DirtyDancing Sun 17-Aug-14 23:24:31

exit I have no idea- I was asleep! smile

GingerRodgers Sun 17-Aug-14 23:28:25

Well don't be embarrassed, loads of my clients have done this! It's nice to know you feel genuinely relaxed.
I will admit to lying and denying a client snores to protect blushes grin.
Exit, a one hour facial is a basic facial. I've worked in salons where they do 1hr 40mins! Total luxury.

Fixitagaintomorrow Sun 17-Aug-14 23:47:54

I used to be a beauty therapist and our luxury facial lasted 1hr15mi. It included a lovely massage and at least half the clients would fall asleep. I always took it as a compliment!

Justpickone Sun 17-Aug-14 23:50:03

I do this all the time, it's a bit embarrassing when you start drooling mind...

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Mon 18-Aug-14 00:42:08

Oh I do that all the time and agree, the therapist probably does the first bit then has a nice cuppa tea and a read of MN before going 'oh, must wake Lonny up with a brisk exfoliation.'

Not that I care. Best naps ever.

MrsWinnibago Mon 18-Aug-14 00:45:08

I had a facial that took about an hour and seemed to involve a lot of gentle exfoliation and repeated slatherings of stuff...finished with shoulder massage and that's when I nodded off!

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 18-Aug-14 00:55:28

repeated slatherings of stuff just about covers it grin

montysma1 Mon 18-Aug-14 01:05:52

I fell asleep during visiting hour when I had no visitors, in the maternity ward.

Woke myself up to the entire ward plus visitors sitting in total silence just staring at me.

cathpip Mon 18-Aug-14 01:06:45

Nod off every time, also fell asleep during one of those hot and cold stone massages!!!

ZeroTolerance Mon 18-Aug-14 01:15:19

A facial is guaranteed to relax me more than a body massage. I'm always on the brink of sleep. With a body massage I'm a bit on edge wondering where their hands are going next but a facial is more predictable.

BringMeTea Mon 18-Aug-14 06:06:02

Sign of a good therapist. Glad you enjoyed it. Snoozing is delicious.

MrsDavidBowie Mon 18-Aug-14 06:23:51

I have a facial once a month and usually drift off when she is giving me a head massage.

londonrach Mon 18-Aug-14 08:48:02

Facials are amazing relaxing and one hour is normal. Glad you enjoyed it even if you don't remember it. Took mum to one after her cancer treatment and she looked like a new woman afterwards. Although we paid for one hour the lady did one hour and a half for mum.

Pinot4me Mon 18-Aug-14 08:51:15

Lol - I love this!! Sounds blissful ��

Kittykatmacbill Mon 18-Aug-14 09:22:06

Oooh idid this when I had an 80 minute pregnancy massage, I vaguely woke up when ever I had to turn. Did feel a bit of a con... But feel so amazing afterwards she must have been something!

redexpat Mon 18-Aug-14 09:44:39

I've done it at the end of yoga before.

MrsDavidBowie Mon 18-Aug-14 09:49:43

At least you didn't fart.

Or maybe you did grin

Eastpoint Mon 18-Aug-14 09:50:52

I've just nodded off while a DC has an eye check up at the opticians. It was all quiet & peaceful.

BakerStreetSaxRift Mon 18-Aug-14 09:55:01

I fell asleep during a leg wax once.

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