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Need advice desperatly! is my daughters coach allowed to hold my personal property until u pay her all the fees I owe her?

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lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 10:10:16

My daughters coach will not give me my jacket back, does she have the right to do this? I took my daughter out of the club as she was being bullied by another child. I acknowledged that I owe fees which I have asked for account details to pay the money off weekly as I cant afford to pay it in one. I had asked another mum to pick it up and the coach wouldnt let her. Im sure she has no right to keep my jacket but I dont know what to do next, I have messaged her several times asking for my jacket and she just appears to be ignoring me.

Sallyingforth Sun 17-Aug-14 10:15:53

The coach is quite right not to hand the coat over to someone else in case it gets lost. You'd have to collect it yourself.

As to the fees, presumably you can just keep paying them at the rate you would have paid if she'd kept going.

Have you reported the bullying? That's the important isue IMO.

TidyDancer Sun 17-Aug-14 10:24:44

I don't know if she can keep hold of it, but I can understand why she would. If your DD is no longer at the club, she must have a concern that you just won't pay the money. Maybe she has been stung like this before. Otoh, intentional deprivation of property is a form of theft (from memory, correct me if I'm wrong). Has she accepted your offer of payment? And is this different from what you would've paid had your DD stayed as part of the club?

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sun 17-Aug-14 10:26:26

For it to be theft there needs to be an intention to permanently deprive. Doesn't sound like it here. YABU OP in not paying the money you owe. If you wanted to pay by installments that needed to be agreed before incurring the debt.

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 10:33:33

Shes blanking me. I have offered to pay in installments. She has my address so theres no way I could avoid it even if I wanted to

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 10:34:35

My jacket is nothing to do with the fees

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 10:37:46

Im reporting the bullying, yes.

PotteringAlong Sun 17-Aug-14 10:40:56

Just go and collect it next time the club's on and pay the money then. (That session installment). Problem solved.

TidyDancer Sun 17-Aug-14 10:42:22

Are the instalments the same as you would've paid if your DD was still in the club?

I'm struggling with this one, because I can see why she is doing this but I don't think it's entirely fair.

What has she done about the bullying?

LIZS Sun 17-Aug-14 10:44:32

How does the coach come to have your jacket anyway ? Are these back fees or in lieu of notice and have you actually discussed it face to face ? perhaps she expects you to collect the jacket at a club meeting rather than make specific arrangements .

mummymeister Sun 17-Aug-14 10:45:35

to sort this out you have to go along and speak to her personally. cant be done through a third party or e mails etc. I see her point. you owe her money, she wants it and you want your jacket. go and see her next time the club is on. pay what you owe for the sessions your child attended, ask for the jacket back and then discuss the bullying. its not as if you will ever take your child back to this club again is it.

Ragwort Sun 17-Aug-14 10:48:57

I would focus on the bullying issue - surely that is the important thing?

What sort of sport is it, is it part of a 'federation'? Can you take your complaint higher. My DH is a sports coach and there are very serious implications if there are any allegations of bullying.

JennyCalendar Sun 17-Aug-14 10:49:23

Are you sure that the coach is not on holiday?

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 11:41:06

I left my jacket at the competition and one of the mums left it at the club. Its a cheerleading club. Nothing has been done about the bullying on her part. Her reply was she didnt see it the second time and the girl bullying is no longer in the class... that was her attitude. I am in the process of putting a complaint in with BCA. I have read through all their policies so I know exactly what I am doing with that.

And with regards to going to see her, I cant even get hold of her by phone. She isnt on holiday, she spoke to the mum who went to pick my jacket up yesterday and said that I cant have it. I cant arrange to meet her as she is not replying to me. Ive spoken to my mum who has told me to yo through CAB. As she isnt a creditor she has no rights at all to keep my stuff, and as she has not accepted my offer of payment, she is making it difficult for herself. Thanks for your help but I think I'll do it through CAB.

Bakeoffcakes Sun 17-Aug-14 11:44:16

If you can't get hold of her, how does she expect you to pay the fees? She is taking things too far and not even giving you the opportunity to pay her.

ThatBloodyWoman Sun 17-Aug-14 11:46:39

Surely legally she hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Speak to her face to face.

If there's no joy, write a letter and keep a copy.

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 11:48:24

Thats what it seems like. I have tried looking on her website for her policies and terms and conditions but there is nothing. Im actually shocked from her whole attitude to be honest.

paxtecum Sun 17-Aug-14 11:53:01

Do you owe her money from classes that your DD has attended?
Were you behind with payments when your DD left?

If so, she probably thinks that you will not pay her if she gives you the jacket.

LoxleyBarrett Sun 17-Aug-14 11:54:12

If your Daughter hadn't been bullied how were you planning to pay for the classes?

JennyCalendar Sun 17-Aug-14 11:55:37

Where did the other mum go to to pick your jacket up? Couldn't you just turn up at the club and get it there, plus leave a payment installment?

Sorry that she's being so difficult in not replying to you.

LoxleyBarrett Sun 17-Aug-14 11:55:47

And if the girl bullying your daughter has left the class what do you realistically expect the coach to do?

CrystalSkulls Sun 17-Aug-14 11:57:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sallyingforth Sun 17-Aug-14 11:58:01

You haven't really given us enough information about the money.

Is it payable to her personally?
Did you pay for each class on the day?
How many classes did you sign up for?
Have you paid for all the classes your DD attended?

If the bully has left, why can't your DD carry on?

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 11:58:09

Yes, I always paid her in bulk whilst at uni. Im no longer at uni, n i told her early on in the year that I was struggling to pay which she said pay what you can. I had got my bill to 200. I have never ignored here or avoided paying her. I think its more of a personal attack on me to be honest, as the majority of the mums are in a click. She knows where I live and could easily get hold of me if I tried to avoid paying her.

lauramichelle21 Sun 17-Aug-14 11:59:48

The bully has moved up a class. Im not having my daughter in that environment, it should have been dealt with appropriately instead of her bjust brushing me off.

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