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to ask how your DH proposed?

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CarryOn90 Sun 17-Aug-14 00:21:58

Feeling a bit 'meh' about my own love life this evening

I want to hear all your lovely stories grin

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Aug-14 00:27:28

He didn't.

We both agreed during a conversation that we wanted to marry each we did grin

Wipe away that tear now, it doesn't get more romantic than that! grin

ohbladee Sun 17-Aug-14 00:38:49

Ditto that ^

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 17-Aug-14 00:44:39

I used to work nights and he pretended to go to his friend's house one day I was asleep so he could fly to a city across the water from us to get my engagement ring. He then took me to our first date location. Proposed and I said yes.

He farts and scratches himself just as much as the next man but that was a pretty good effort, I think...

SignoraStronza Sun 17-Aug-14 00:50:56

Propping himself up on one knee, outside the much visited beer tent at a heavy metal festival. With a £12 pewter alchemy gothic ring he noticed I'd taken an interest in on one of the stalls.

Dead romantic like. grin

JadziaSnax Sun 17-Aug-14 00:58:46

I didn't wait for a proposal, we had a running joke that when <extremely unlikely event> happened, we'd get married. One night after a lot of lager I told him that the way I felt, I really wanted the unlikely event to happen.

That was 21 years ago, we got engaged there and then and married a few years later.

Squtternutbaush Sun 17-Aug-14 01:00:04

DS handed me a small gift on Christmas morning, opened the box to find a ring then DP knelt down and said "so whit dae ye 'hink?" in our native Weegie tongue grin

DHproposalthread Sun 17-Aug-14 01:04:40

Name changed as this is a dead, dead give away for me, but I have to post pictures to explain. He lined the entire apartment in scented candles, put my ring in the chocolate box, and got down on one knee and did a romantic speech. Then we danced to "our" songs. All very romantic.

Our landlord would murder us if she saw the blatant fire hazard. But it was for love so it's ok

Blithereens Sun 17-Aug-14 01:04:44

We agreed to get married while we were watching 'Bridezillas' grin Who says romance is dead?

He is actually very romantic. He went away for a work trip recently and gave me roses before he left, sent me a Keats poem while he was gone, and brought me back a bottle of the perfume I wore on our wedding day smile

I on the other hand am a terrible curmudgeon grin But I do try to do nice things for him. I will bake him a cake or book us a weekend away. And we text each other soppy things all day blush He's the romantic force in our relationship, though. He's fab. He hung the moon.

Homebird8 Sun 17-Aug-14 01:23:31

He didn't, I did. Can't leave something as important as that to chance!

He claims, 19 years of marriage later, that he still hasn't said yes.

MummyBeerest Sun 17-Aug-14 01:26:49

When we both had the flu.

I was puking in the bin and he was on the toilet. We both agreed we could never not love each other after that.

ShadowsCollideCantLogInToMN Sun 17-Aug-14 01:31:40

We were away for the night, staying in a lovely hotel by the sea. We had a gorgeous dinner, a drink in the bar, and then DP suggested a walk on the beach. He got down on one knee and proposed. We wandered back to the hotel, drank some champagne, called our parents and siblings, sat sipping champagne on the balcony overlooking the beach. It was fantastic.

CarryOn90 Sun 17-Aug-14 01:35:07

These are all fab! MummyBeerest yours is my favourite so far grin

MummyBeerest Sun 17-Aug-14 01:37:04

Thank you grin one for the grandchildren for sure. About true love and the importance of handwashing.

Ludoole Sun 17-Aug-14 01:38:30

From his hospital bed last month grin
Just after a serious diagnosis and before major surgery.
I know I won't get long as his wife but I will be his wife!!!

lilrascal Sun 17-Aug-14 01:58:27

on hols in rome there was a lake with rowin boats. we went out in it laughin n jokin as we both arent the slighest of people cursin at each other to stop movin. he was rowin I was all touristy takin pics of the turtles in the pond. he told me close my eyes n to hold d oars. I remember saying "if ur pickin up one if them turtles to hold in my face I'll kill ye". I opened my eyes n he had the ring out n said "how wud u like to b buried with mine" lol I said yes. smile smile

INeedABiggerBoat Sun 17-Aug-14 02:02:53

Think Ludoole wins. How heartbreakingly lovely and sad, all at once.

My DH and I went backpacking across Mongolia. Impromptu stay in a yurt with a group of female buddhist monks, who chanted us to sleep. DH woke me up the next morning to watch the sun rise over the unblemished landscape, then got down on one knee and said, "Want to have another adventure?" and produced the ring. Swoon.

VanGogh Sun 17-Aug-14 02:05:28

Him: "Here, you can wear this."
Me: "is this an engagement ring?"
<note, ring is a silver fashion item>
Him: "er, not really but can you wear it on that finger until I can get you a proper one"

...where's my ring and proper proposal dammit?! smile

CallMeExhausted Sun 17-Aug-14 02:36:11

This is long, grab some wine

We had a hobby in common - historical reenacting. In the middle of the "Waltz in the Round" at a ball, he had his second cause a fuss that stopped the band, then walked up to the dance mistress and asked for the floor.

He called me to the centre and announced that, since my father was no longer able to offer my hand, did I have the permission of our "extended family" (with my agreement, of course) to make him an honest man.

We all agreed, and waltzed, and then the world changed...

A week later, I was severely injured in a training accident. While I was in the hospital, before being transferred to the spinal cord injury rehab centre, I told him that he had every right to walk away as this was not what he signed on for. He told me that he needed to think about it.

When I was transferred to the rehab centre, he was waiting in my room with roses and my engagement ring. He told me that, while the hospital had given it him after the accident it looked silly on him, so I really should have it back. We married in a very special wedding a year later among our historical friends, and while it took me two canes and a bit of help, and I had to sit for the ceremony itself... I walked down the aisle to start our lives together.

I know... Pretty hokey.

Suzietastic Sun 17-Aug-14 07:56:11

My husband presented me with a glass of champagne. I bollocked him because I was pregnant and not drinking. I then bollocked him again because he had put A FUCKING ICE CUBE IN IT. Except the ice cube had a flipping diamond engagement ring in itgrin grin

Turns out he had had the ring for a couple if weeks but I had been such a moody bitch during my pregnancy he didn't want to give it to me!

SourSweets Sun 17-Aug-14 08:02:43

I proposed. I drunkenly told I wanted to "have his back" and for him to "have mine" blush I was only 23.

It worked though.

SpanielFace Sun 17-Aug-14 08:12:30

On holiday in Northumberland, in a place with a beautiful view. He went down on one knee. He proposed with an old silver ring that I rarely wore, nicked out of my jewellery box, but we went out the next day and chose one together. It was a total surprise, we'd talked vaguely about getting married one day but had decided that we couldn't afford to do it until we'd saved a house deposit.

3of5 Sun 17-Aug-14 08:25:45

I proposed to him. I had a romantic weekend planned (Feb 29th..) it all fell through (my work told us we would be getting a bonus before we went and then it was postponed.)

Where he worked had a launch party so we decided to go to that instead and drink as much free booze as possible. I made a drunken lurch at him (he of course said yes).

We went outside to ring parents and scream at friends and while that was happening Joe Pasquale announced our engagement. (I know this totally outs me as we have told this story millions of times!). Have been married for 4 years now. grin

Leela5 Sun 17-Aug-14 08:25:48

On a beach in Italy. He isn't the down on bended knee type so it was whilst we were sitting people watching. It was lovely as we got boat back to where we were staying and hugged each other with excitement the whole way and had a nice dinner at hotel to celebrate. I loved it because it was very private, no song and dance.

He gave me ring when we got back -temporary one I already had as he couldn't afford to buy me one. That was two years ago and we've been married over a year. He still says he'll buy me engagement ring someday...

Deftones Sun 17-Aug-14 08:31:19

DP is useless at keeping secrets or surprises so he'd already showed me the ring on the website, told me when it was being delivered. Then on a Saturday night a few weeks later, he put the ring on a plate of Marks & Spencers posh snacks and popped the question. Not overly romantic, but then we were already engaged the minute we both said 'yeah, let's get married'.

We are getting married in 3 weeks grin

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