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jesus christ

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ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 21:56:24

is what I said when I tipped the bin over the other day. Really loud.

Now my 2yo says it ALL the time.

And I hate taking the lord's name in vain. IT JUST CAME OUT AND NOW IT CAN'T BE TAKEN BACK.

aibu to think I'm an absolutely shit mother?

LadyLuck10 Fri 15-Aug-14 21:58:40

grinI'm sure he sounds so cute!

OfficerVanHalen Fri 15-Aug-14 22:00:14

At least you didn't say 'fuck a duck' or 'shitbottoms'.

deakymom Fri 15-Aug-14 22:01:02

mine said shitty blush and has shouted oh dear god! he did have an unfortunate nappy that day where he filled his trousers grin

Thurlow Fri 15-Aug-14 22:01:31

I'm sure I heard DD muttering "bugger, bugger, bugger..." under her breath the other day.

I'm trying to pretend she isn't saying it blush

It is pretty much impossible, as a grown adult who has used swear words before, to not swear in front of your kids at one point or another

OfficerVanHalen Fri 15-Aug-14 22:01:32

Just in case you're serious: of course you're not a shit mother. Unless you beat him or starve him or shave Nike swooshes on the side of his head or whatever.

maddening Fri 15-Aug-14 22:02:40

I am chuffed that ds appears to have picked up jeez Louise as opposed to all the swears we fail to stifle

HaroldLloyd Fri 15-Aug-14 22:03:03

I've had this. Keep saying something that sounds a bit similar to Jesus Christ, but isn't. Like Peas N Rice.

HenriettaTurkey Fri 15-Aug-14 22:06:03

Or cheese n spice!

HenriettaTurkey Fri 15-Aug-14 22:07:39

I had this a little while ago...I said 'crap' quite loudly & DS (1 at the time) said 'quack quack' which made me chuckle but was actually a bit of a warning! blush

HaroldLloyd Fri 15-Aug-14 22:09:26

If I walk into a room and one of them has done something awful I do struggle not to raise my arms and exclaim Jesus Christ, it's my default reaction.

Weird seeing as I was brought up as a Catholic with a mother who is very anti blasphemy, but that goes to show you can't stop someone developing the habit in later life.

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 22:10:02

It is very cute I have to admit! He's been really sick the last few days and after his first effort (which was spectacular and projectile) and just looked at me all worried and said.... "Jesus Christ?"

DownstairsMixUp Fri 15-Aug-14 22:10:27

No don't be silly! Someone I know used the word "prick" in front of her DS (5) immediately did the usual stuff you do, naughty mummy that was a bad word etc, few days later he got the chicken pox and said, "Mum i can't go to school with chicken pox, i'll look like a prick!" she was mortified! Happens to all of us! I used to say "bugger" and my ds spent a good month or so saying it to everything to. They soon forget about it!

HaroldLloyd Fri 15-Aug-14 22:11:17

grin At prick, that's a bad one.
See it could have been worse.

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 22:12:50

Ps LOVING the peas n rice cheese n spice tip!

I have exactly one day to implement this before he goes to my MILs and grasses me up (background: catholic and fucking hates my guts)

ThatBloodyWoman Fri 15-Aug-14 22:13:48

My dh swears like a trooper, but he cannot stand blasphemy!

As a result, even though I am an atheist I wouldn't do it in front of him, and neither do the dc's, because it offends him so much.

m0therofdragons Fri 15-Aug-14 22:14:22

I nearly crashed the car today because a bus driver was in a bad mood and behaved appallingly. (company has had my email complaining), anyway 3dc were in the car when I used the word Wanker... It's not even a word I think I've ever used. Dd2 and 3 were oblivious but dd1s is 6 so I explained it wasn't a word to be used again. Ooops.

MargotThreadbetter Fri 15-Aug-14 22:14:32

My (nearly) 2 year old says "white car" every time he sees a car any car only it comes out as "wanker".
He also says "titties" for the tittifers off In the Night Garden...
Nothing to do with my potty mouth for once

PotOfYoghurt Fri 15-Aug-14 22:15:24

I once had a charge. 2.5, toddle up to me and say 'Pot, I fucking love you.'

Bear in mind this came from his parents, not me!

fairylightsintheloft Fri 15-Aug-14 22:17:23

My 3 yo DD currently has a little routine of "Bloody hell, Jesus Christ, Dear o Lor" that she knows is naughty and thinks is terribly funny. That and every combination of poohead / bum head / weeface / etc blush Its a phase......(I hope)

DownstairsMixUp Fri 15-Aug-14 22:18:02

The worst thing is you know you shouldn't laugh but it's really hard not to!

gamerchick Fri 15-Aug-14 22:18:37

It's always those words that they soak up and say crystal clear isn't it? grin

LST Fri 15-Aug-14 22:19:08

My 2yo likes bloody hell best sad blush He says it allll the dam time!

I am a very bad mother indeed. I used to have a v bad potty mouth but I don't swear now at all... Bar the ocasional bloody hell... and that's what he's picked up on!

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 22:23:53

gamer oh yes!

Man fixed the lift is 'man .. fick it... yips?"

But Jesus Christ? Oh well that's "JESUS CHRIST!"

ElephantsNeverForgive Fri 15-Aug-14 22:24:18

We have nice neat shelving in our shed, due to me falling over the random junk heap when we first moved here and DD1 gleefully muttering bugger, bugger,bugger all up and down the gardern she wasn't yet 2.

Fortunately I have since discovered that my elderly neighbour is very deaf and the family of teens and their parents yell fuck this that and the other at each other at full volume every so often.

So it didn't really matter.

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