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Quite willing to accept might's got step mums in it too!

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3stripesandout Wed 13-Aug-14 21:43:56

I have a song I've sung to the DC every night since they were babies (you are my sunshine) it accompanies scratchy back (like a stroke/tickle on their backs) all 3 of them have it in turn and it's their two minutes that is sacrosanct and not to be disturbed by the others just before sleep!

DD informed me tonight that this routine has been adopted by step mother/dads girlfriend.

AIBU to think I should be able to keep this just for myself?

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 18:52:51

shoddy 'dave the queen'

ShoddyBoss Thu 14-Aug-14 19:03:23

grin SoftlySoftly

He looks just the part!

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