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What happened to the Bedruthan Steps thread?

(42 Posts)
WalkingThePlank Wed 13-Aug-14 19:40:40

Last week there was a thread started by someone having a rubbish time at Bedruthan Steps. The hotel manager finally became aware of the thread. Was the thread deleted?

NerfHerder Wed 13-Aug-14 19:41:42

"This thread took a rather strange personal turn; in the end we agreed with the many reports we received urging us to zap it."

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Wed 13-Aug-14 19:43:25

Oh! To have read so much and missed what happened at the end!

frames Wed 13-Aug-14 19:44:17

Is the establishment in question still open?

Namechangearoonie123 Wed 13-Aug-14 19:45:28

Of course it is confused

It's a very fancy and well liked place

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Wed 13-Aug-14 19:47:55

So exactly what was said?

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 13-Aug-14 19:49:35

It was very odd it was deleted actually...i wonder if it was the personal turn or the fact bedrthuin advertise on here and were un happy?

NerfHerder Wed 13-Aug-14 19:53:31

Well- it's hardly nice to give your paying advertisers bad publicity, is it?

LeBearPolar Wed 13-Aug-14 19:56:12

Every other thread seems to be deleted these days. In fact, this bit of Sense and Sensibility comes to mind...MNHQ/Mrs Dashwood - who can tell the difference?

Marianne: Margaret, that is not the point. You do not speak of such things before strangers.
Margaret: But everyone else was.
Marianne: Mrs Jennings is not everyone.
Margaret: I like her. She talks about things. We never talk about things.
Mrs. Dashwood: Hush, please. That is enough, Margaret. If you cannot think of anything appropriate to say, you will please restrict your remarks to the weather

AugustaGloop Wed 13-Aug-14 19:56:44

Someone else cane on who was at the hotel at the same time and implied she had some views on the OP.

Ziggyzoom Wed 13-Aug-14 19:56:59

The last time I looked at it someone had come onto the thread revealing details about the OP - what she had ordered for dinner for example. It got a bit weird and I got distracted by real life, so I'm not sure where it ended up.

SingSongSlummy Wed 13-Aug-14 19:57:56

I was wondering that too! I had also imagined that the hotel probably requested that it be pulled!

WalkingThePlank Wed 13-Aug-14 19:57:57

Personal turn. I'm intrigued now. Can anyone spill the beans? I got as far as OP just getting home and was going to come back later with an update.

poguemahon Wed 13-Aug-14 20:00:44

I rather go the impression from that thread that the OP was fancying one of the nicer rooms on the other side of the corridor and so started that thread in hope of an upgrade.

Messygirl Wed 13-Aug-14 20:00:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ninjabread Wed 13-Aug-14 20:03:05

The "friends of Bedruthan " piled on the thread trashing the OP. She remained dignified throughout. Bedruthan is crossed off my wish list.

WalkingThePlank Wed 13-Aug-14 20:04:24

I definitely saw some posts that appeared to be written by Bedruthan staff. Sounds like that continued.

MassaAttack Wed 13-Aug-14 20:15:16

Op arrived at hotel after having a lovely self catering holiday, to two disappointing, overpriced, adjoining rooms with a malfunctioning door betwixt them.

Someone came on claiming to have overheard a woman - who may or may not have been the op - being obnoxious to waitstaff about some (admittedly substandard) tomato sorbet.

Op stated that only the waitress or the couple sitting next to them could have known, then stated that that statement was clearly in jest.

Discussion about vegetarianism and stalking ensued.

Thread pulled.

Well that's my summary,

Messygirl Wed 13-Aug-14 20:20:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 13-Aug-14 20:24:48

Well- it's hardly nice to give your paying advertisers bad publicity, is it?

well maybe they should be advertising somewhere that seems to give its customers serious food poisoning and a miserable time and does not address issues?

Mums need a welll earned rest on holidays not confined to small pokey rooms with no shower and no breakfasts for a large sum of money.

Its a public forum.

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 13-Aug-14 20:25:52

The Wicker Freinds of Bedruthin, crossed off my list too.

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 13-Aug-14 20:26:38

I had also imagined that the hotel probably requested that it be pulled!

Yes after The Wickers piling in failed to turn it round.

MassaAttack Wed 13-Aug-14 20:53:04

I think there was one obvious hotel employee, who only posted once or twice.

Someone made a quip about the Friends which later posters got over excited about, Salem-style (which is ironic).

SeagullsAndSand Wed 13-Aug-14 20:59:58

Me too,quite frankly I was shocked at some of the pics linked to.No way would I pay that kind of money for hot rooms smaller than a Premier Inn family room.

Surely MN should be impartial as regards advertising.

OneSkinnyChip Wed 13-Aug-14 21:18:22

Yes the food poisoning references were a bit of a worry. Also the weird stalker got really personal. MNHQ should not have deleted the thread IMHO, just deleted the weirdo poster.

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