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How do I get paint off a cat?

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HumptyWasPushed Sat 09-Aug-14 16:05:01

Seriously! We have just finished decorating in various colours, and the cat has splodges of yellow and teraccota on his tail, and turquoise paws where the little turd darling jumped onto the wet windowsill! I tried to bathe him but he won't have a bar of it! Wtf do I do?

HumptyWasPushed Sat 09-Aug-14 20:11:02

Thanks flora he's all clean now!

deakymom Sat 09-Aug-14 20:59:47

when my cat emulsioned himself i filled the bath with cat shampoo and threw him in it the thrashing around he did got rid of the paint grin and then he sniffed the gloss sad he got high as a kite ran around the flat while i spoke to the vet who merrily assured me he would calm down overnight one sleepless night later he is wearing the cat equivalent of dark glasses and is considerably HUNG OVER i was considerate and cooked a massive fry up (like i would for any human who was stupid) he hid in the bedroom and vomited in my OH shoes

miss my cats glad yours is clean OP xx

Chwaraeteg Sat 09-Aug-14 21:09:19

I'd cut it out. If you want to dissolve the paint you need to know whether it's oil based paint, water based or solvent based. If it's oil based, it should also dissolve in oil e.g baby oil, if it's water based it will dissolve in water, for solvents you will need to try Shakespeare or something. Just remember "like dissolves like". (Same goes for makeup for what it's worth - oil based mascara?remove with oil. Need to remove nail polish but run out of remover? Just paint on more nail polish and rub or use Shakespeare).

Chwaraeteg Sat 09-Aug-14 21:10:56

Shakespeare?!!! God damn it - I meant hairspray. Bloody touchscreen!

nocoolnamesleft Sat 09-Aug-14 21:24:42


Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this paint clean from this cat? No, scratched my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnidine, making the green one red.


HumptyWasPushed Sat 09-Aug-14 21:26:55

Shakespeare!!! grin

*It is the paws, it is the paws, my soul
Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars'

HumptyWasPushed Sat 09-Aug-14 21:27:49

To lick or not to lick?

That is the question...

HumptyWasPushed Sat 09-Aug-14 21:29:45

Shall I compare thee to a tin of paint?
Thou art more lovely wearing black and white...

HumptyWasPushed Sat 09-Aug-14 21:32:44

Aw crap...too much wine and paint fumed hysterics. Arnie is looking all forlorn as if to say 'stop laughing at me or I'll post on Aibu myself'! 'Aibu to be pissed off that I've been painted on and now I smell like a baby's bum?'

doorbellringer Sat 09-Aug-14 21:40:31

Maybe give him some LSD to lessen the effects of the paint colour choice?

Chwaraeteg Mon 11-Aug-14 15:43:43

blush smile

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