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Children weeing in gardens

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GirlWithTheLionHeart Sat 09-Aug-14 15:22:28

Not sure how I feel about it, so interested to see what you all think.

Friend came over yesterday with her ds (3yo), we were playing in the garden and he said he needed to go to the toilet. Friend says oh go to the back [of the garden] and wee there.

This happened twice. My toilet is actually closer than the back of the garden, which is quite long.

A couple of friends I've told were shock


StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 09-Aug-14 15:24:54

Yes she was if your loo is closer, not teaching him good habits is it.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Sat 09-Aug-14 15:29:10

My 3 year old will hold then wet himself rather than wee in a strange loo. It could be the same for her DC - what's the harm in a garden wee? Easier on you than an accident in your bathroom or a child having a distressed melt down in wet pants.

TheIronGnome Sat 09-Aug-14 15:31:16

I've come across this before- I think it's disgusting. It's not nice when anyone wees in public so why teach it to children unless it's an emergancy?

Muddlewitch Sat 09-Aug-14 15:33:26

My neighbours do this - the Dad and both of the kids who are about 10 and 6. confused I think it's disgusting!

GirlWithTheLionHeart Sat 09-Aug-14 15:34:03

He wouldn't have wet himself, he's very confident and has been to mine many times.

Is this why a lot of men whip their willies out and piss wherever they like? I imagine if it was a girl, she would have been made to go toilet. I'm not sure I like what it teaches boys.

Ruralninja Sat 09-Aug-14 15:34:36

I love a nature wee!

GirlWithTheLionHeart Sat 09-Aug-14 15:34:39

Yes, totally agree about unless it's an emergency, we've all been there with our dcs

GirlWithTheLionHeart Sat 09-Aug-14 15:34:54

Rural grin

DaisyFlowerChain Sat 09-Aug-14 15:34:58

Unless an emergency, it's disgusting and not something children should be taught to do.

VitoCorleone Sat 09-Aug-14 15:36:01

I don't understand this. Id only tell my sons to wee outside if there was no toilets about and he was bursting.

GirlWithTheLionHeart Sat 09-Aug-14 15:36:10

Also, think I'm a little miffed that she didn't ask me if it was ok for him to do?

TheIronGnome Sat 09-Aug-14 15:36:35

Oh me too! I love a nature wee- as an occasional, when camping and the toilets are miles away and it's nighttime one off... that comes under the 'emergency' catagory for me.

But certainly not in someones garden when there's a functioning toilet and at a time when children are learning what's appropiate behaviour.

namelessposter Sat 09-Aug-14 15:38:47

Wouldn't bother me in the slightest. It's just a little wee!

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 09-Aug-14 15:41:34

Well it's not good if you think that he might take this mindset into school, don't bother going to the loo, I'll just wee on the playground.

IShallCallYouSquishy Sat 09-Aug-14 15:44:39

Not on in my eyes. If he was perfectly capable of using the loo then he should have.

And I say this as someone who's just gone through potty training.

Not me obviously but my DD!

rootypig Sat 09-Aug-14 15:44:44

3 year old - fine. 5 year old - not fine. Don't ask me why.

Your point about gender is interesting.

It may well have been that she just didn't think and cursed herself later this is what I do. Don't worry about it, and stop telling everyone.

And if it happens again, just ask her if she could get him to use the loo.

museumum Sat 09-Aug-14 15:45:02

We wee in the woods and out hillwalking or mountain biking. But no, I wouldn't encourage it in the garden. And parks are borderline. Little parks with mowed grass no, big wilder areas then yes.

fanjobiscuits Sat 09-Aug-14 15:45:47

I think they could have at least asked you!

Wouldn't bother me in the slightest, DS loved an alfresco wee at that age and it certainly didn't give him bad habits, he's 10 now and hasn't done it for years. Learning that some things you can do as a child are not appropriate as you get older is just as much part of growing up as learning to use the loo.

GirlWithTheLionHeart Sat 09-Aug-14 15:50:55

Why should I stop telling 'everyone' rootypig? Is that an order?!

Sallyingforth Sat 09-Aug-14 15:51:33

Do you have a compost heap? Get them both to pee on it next time - urine is an excellent compost accelerator.

Aeroflotgirl Sat 09-Aug-14 15:53:10

No it's not teaching good habits, and not what I would teach ds, it's lazy. There was a perfectly functioning loo near, he was capable of holding, so he should have gone to the toilet. muddle tge dad aswell disgusting, that is why the queue in the men's loo is short, they are all pissing in the street, on Fri/Sat night

SweetsForMySweet Sat 09-Aug-14 15:53:31

Did you offer to let him use your toilet when you heard him ask or at least tell her you would prefer if he used the toilet rather than go in your garden. It is disgusting but you should have spoke up when it happened not gossip with your friends and on a very public online forum afterwards. I would be shock if you offered and she insisted he go outside.

ObfusKate Sat 09-Aug-14 15:55:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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