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to think mr tumble is abit too into cross dressing

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zazA09Jane Fri 08-Aug-14 14:20:37

(not serious) DS thinks mr tumble is great, but watching him and his 1000 personas makes me wonder what he does for hobbies outside of work.. he seems like he was born to crossdress, hes just so into it!

puntasticusername Fri 08-Aug-14 14:22:57

The worst thing is, he's got better legs than me.


zazA09Jane Fri 08-Aug-14 14:27:08

not going to lie he pulls off some of the womens clothes better than I could grin

readyforno2 Fri 08-Aug-14 14:43:57

I hate Mr. Tumble.
<totally missed point of thread>

ReputableBiscuit Fri 08-Aug-14 14:51:00

So what if Justin is into cross-dressing? How much enjoyment of cross-dressing is too much enjoyment?

I like Gail Force best.

zazA09Jane Fri 08-Aug-14 21:54:09

when he was doing gail force my mother actually thought he was a woman! you can tell he was born to do this job haha

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Fri 08-Aug-14 22:09:15

What's wrong with cross dressing?

My dd prefers Mr Tumble to me I think. I pay the licence fee and in return I get 20 minutes to have a cup of tea quietly on my mornings with her while she learns yet more signs and words.
Franky I don't care if he turns up naked for that free time.

Cherrypi Fri 08-Aug-14 22:15:07

He's great. Wish he'd do strictly come dancing or something so we could get to know him as an adult. I was thinking the other day imagine if all media was like CBeebies. Equal amount of men and women with equal roles. Good mix of ethnicity and disability. Maybe a few too many talking animals though.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 08-Aug-14 22:17:33

What does 'too into cross-dressing' mean? Too much for what?

promisedyouarosegarden Fri 08-Aug-14 22:22:25

Would also like to know what too much into cross dressing means

hazeyjane Fri 08-Aug-14 22:23:29

Justin as Dina Lady is my nan, which i do find disturbing, other than that he is just perfect in every way.

DoJo Fri 08-Aug-14 22:24:08

My main problem with him is that I have yet to find a use for my perfect signing of 'Mr Tumble's spotty bag'. I need to meet a Mr Tumble obsessed makaton user to really make the most of my skills...

BookABooSue Fri 08-Aug-14 22:26:06

You mean Gale Force and Dina Lady are Justin? shock

<covers DCs' ears at such blasphemy>

hazeyjane Fri 08-Aug-14 22:26:19

Ds has a Mr Tumble spotty bag, so we do actually use that sign quite a lot!

noblegiraffe Fri 08-Aug-14 22:26:46

At what age do kids realise it's all the same guy? Mine are oblivious!

Petallic Fri 08-Aug-14 22:36:19

I love gigglebiz. Maybe my brain never recovered after it's pregnancy shrinkage but Keith Fit genuinely makes me laugh!

Toofattorun Fri 08-Aug-14 23:02:32

I love Justin! He has entertained my DCs for over 5 years and for that I am most grateful!

mawbroon Fri 08-Aug-14 23:13:59

DS2 is 4yo.

He hates Justin in any shape or form and without fail switches the telly off when he comes on!

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 08-Aug-14 23:32:34

And my axe!

DoJo Fri 08-Aug-14 23:45:07

Sounds like an invitation to yours for tea hazeyjane!

My son actually has spotty swimming trunks which he calls his 'Mr Tumble's spotty pants' in a voice which carries astonishingly well in the changing rooms at our local pool. If anyone can describe the sign for pants, I suppose I can adapt my existing knowledge in the hope that he will use the sign instead of yelling about his pants for everyone to hear! (And if I can stop him yelling about my pants as well, so much the better...).

Bogeyface Fri 08-Aug-14 23:49:36

I love Arthur Sleep and Aunt Polly. She is hysterical, he squeezes the odd "one for the parents" in with her!

I agree that Justin should do a more adult show like Strictly, Sleb Masterchef etc. It would be really interesting to see the real him.

MummyKnight Sat 09-Aug-14 00:03:01

My DD LOVES Mr Tumble!!! She's always saying "take your finger, touch your nose................" I would love to see Justin do strictly! I'd pay to see that!!!!!

Bogeyface Sat 09-Aug-14 00:04:49

He'd win strictly just on the SAHP vote!

DiaDuit Sat 09-Aug-14 00:10:11

i love Mr Tumble! haven't seen him in a while as my two are into goosebumps right now hmm

what is 'too into crossdressing'?

OohQuack Sat 09-Aug-14 00:21:16

Do stops watching when it's just Justin, but oblivious to the world when his twin Mr tumble arrives, I too am eternally grateful for the 20 mins break.

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