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To wonder at what age I can realistically expect dc...

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Nomoreyam Wed 06-Aug-14 20:21:34

to learn NOT to bloody talk over me and the rest of the family. Grr I am getting so frustrated with not being able to have the briefest of conversation with family members in the presence of dc (nearly 5 yrs) who never shuts the f** up is an almighty chatterbox.

Seriously it must get better at some point, no???

Andrewofgg Wed 06-Aug-14 20:35:41

Seriously it must get better at some point, no???

That's a rumour I have heard too.

5OBalesofHay Wed 06-Aug-14 20:38:11

14 yo still does it. Sorry

CafeAuLaitMerci Wed 06-Aug-14 20:39:43



It does.

When they are 14 and don't want to be in the same room as you, until then, you need wine and the patience of a saint OR I can't lend you my raised eye brow and Tone of Voice. I, thankfully, inherited both from my Dad and use them when required grin

Andrewofgg Wed 06-Aug-14 20:45:09

Ah yes, CafeAuLaitMerci but when they come back into the room a few years later they still know better.

A vaguely related reminiscence. DW's niece, then eight, talking to me at a family occasion. MIL - her grandmother - walks over and says Andrew dear

Niece draws herself up to her full four-feet-whatever. Grandma, I was talking. It's rude to interrupt. Presumably recently said to her.

And I said Indeed, [name], go on with what you were telling me and MIL retired very miffed. I could have kissed the child, and in fact when the occasion broke up I did!

Nomoreyam Wed 06-Aug-14 20:53:04

14??? Bloody hell, I was hoping within the next year or so...
Not been much into wine recently more brew as dc 2 is still not sleeping through. I'll have the cake though!

The non-stop stream of consciousness - how on earth do people cope without loosing their mind?

MehsMum Wed 06-Aug-14 21:08:47

How not to lose your mind? You stop listening.

This means that you end up saying, 'Yes? No? Goodness!' and the DC then shouts, 'MUMUMUM you're NOT listening!'

They do reach an age when you can politely kick them off out of the room for 'half an hour' (ten minutes, in reality, before they're back) which does at least allow you to regroup a little.

Redcoats Wed 06-Aug-14 21:18:04

You say 'don't interrupt, it's rude' then ignore till you've finished.

As for the constant rambling, you learn to tune it out, whilst adding the right amount of 'hmmm' 'Really?' And 'go and tell your dad'.

Chippednailvarnish Wed 06-Aug-14 21:23:07

I offered Ds £20 to be quiet for 5 minutes, he lasted about 20 seconds...

puntasticusername Wed 06-Aug-14 21:38:27

Have you addressed it directly? When the child interrupts, turn and face them and say "I'm just talking to X at the moment. Please wait until we are finished, and then I will speak to you". Repeated interruptions should be treated with further replies reinforcing this approach.

At five, most children ought to be able to deal with that I'd have thought?

IWillOnlyEatBeans Wed 06-Aug-14 21:44:52

I have a chatterbox 4.5 yr old. I do remind him gently not to interrupt, but he does forget...

He also can't BEAR to hear a conversation and not participate in it. So it's a constant stream of 'what does that mean? Who are you talking about? What are you talking about?' I don't want to stifle his curiosity but it does give me the rage!

Nomoreyam Wed 06-Aug-14 22:00:22

"He also can't BEAR to hear a conversation and not participate in it. So it's a constant stream of 'what does that mean? Who are you talking about? What are you talking about?' I don't want to stifle his curiosity but it does give me the rage!"

Yes yes yes!!! This is us.

Puntastic, of course I address this directly and firmly / kindly or not so kindly all the bloody time depending on time of day. It's not so much a problem at preschool but at home.

Of course I haven't ever told dc to 'shut up' yet but have to seriously bite my tongue.

Logarhythm Wed 06-Aug-14 22:17:57

I've been telling my kids not interrupt, they are 10 and they still do it. No idea when they stop, but just telling them doesn't seem to work longer than two minutes. All their peers do it too!

puntasticusername Wed 06-Aug-14 22:45:41

Oh sorry, it seems I may have been guilty of Stating The Bloody Obvious blames wine grin

I'm not sure, then, sorry. It must be A Developmental Thing seeing as all the then seem to do it?!

Nomoreyam Thu 07-Aug-14 13:36:04

No worries puntastic, I often state the obvious. Hope the wine was good smile.

deakymom Thu 07-Aug-14 14:29:00

mine does it all the time then he gets into repetitive behaviour telling me for example mom the sky is blue! yes it is did you see it? the blue sky its really blue hmm big and BLUE and SKY and did you see it did you (yes i fucking do) MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM IM TALLLLLLLLLLKKKKKKKKING TO YOU THE SKY IS BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your not listening to me listen to me the sky is BLUE!

i end up telling him (to the amusement of the town) i heard and acknowledged you already TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!

(the sky is blue) angry

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