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To think DC laughing at a supermarket is fine?

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GreenGrassStains Wed 30-Jul-14 21:35:29

I had to pop to the supermarket at 7pm today when I realised we had ran out of milk as DP is working a late shift.

2 year old DD was in the buggy but having a funny 5 minutes and playing boo behind her cuddly toy then loudly laughing, and with the shop being quite quiet it was echoing around a bit, but a man huffed as he walked past, looked at me with complete disdain and said 'it's a shop not a playground'.

AIBU to think he's being a misery guts or is there some shopping etiquette I've missed where toddlers should sit quietly in shops? confused

ElephantGoesToot Wed 30-Jul-14 21:36:35

wtf? What a miserable bastard.

KingJoffreysBloodshotEye Wed 30-Jul-14 21:37:34

Nah, he'd had a long day at work and was in a mood.

He probably realised what an arse he was as he said it.

DizzyKipper Wed 30-Jul-14 21:39:17

He was being miserable and completely ridiculous.

adeucalione Wed 30-Jul-14 21:39:26

Miserable git (and I'm quite miserable).

YokoUhOh Wed 30-Jul-14 21:41:06

Some people are just joyless bellends. Or perhaps he was looking round the supermarket for Migraleve, and hadn't bet on encountering a cute, giggly toddler? Either way, he needs an injection of serotonin.

BettyBolognese Wed 30-Jul-14 21:42:17

Do you reply 'it's a shop and not a morgue, try and lighten up a bit, you'll enjoy life more'?

deakymom Wed 30-Jul-14 21:42:48

its the heat makes people grumpy xx most people i meet love my ring tone its my son laughing when he was 6 months old really makes people smile! but this muggy weather brings out the miseries in everyone even me blush

Leeds2 Wed 30-Jul-14 21:43:39

I think he should've, on reflection, apologised for being a cantankerous git.

AmazingBouncingFerret Wed 30-Jul-14 21:44:10

should have confused the fuck out of him and said 'awww thank you' and smiled brightly.

JapaneseMargaret Wed 30-Jul-14 21:45:34

It'd break some people's hearts to have a good time.

Just feel sorry for the miserable bugger.

AlpacaLypse Wed 30-Jul-14 21:46:32

She was in her buggy, not hurtling round the shop on heelies or a micro scooter. He was probably knackered and grumpy after (yet another) long hot day.

Smile and wave OP.

ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Wed 30-Jul-14 21:46:48

Laughing should be banned.

From everywhere.

RedRoom Wed 30-Jul-14 21:48:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ICanHearYou Wed 30-Jul-14 21:49:19

Next time you see him you must both point and laugh.

Teasgonecoldagain Wed 30-Jul-14 21:49:54

Jesus what a fun sponge!

purpleapple1234 Wed 30-Jul-14 21:50:08

Sounds like a fun game OP. You carry on letting your dd having fun. One of my pet hates is miserable old men who think that it is acceptable for them to be rude to young women.

Me and dd pretend our trolley is a train. He'd have hated us.

ilovesooty Wed 30-Jul-14 21:51:53

RedRoom where does the OP mention his age?

YANBU OP. He sounds as though he was in a bad mood.

Plomino Wed 30-Jul-14 21:52:05

Laughing ? How very dare she . Perhaps he'd rather she was sobbing and throwing herself to the floor in theatrical two year old fashion ? Pillock .

stiffstink Wed 30-Jul-14 21:52:51

DH took DS to the supermarket yesterday without a buggy, oh heck! Guess whose 2 yr old ripped open a loaf of Warburtons and crammed a slice in his mouth before Daddy could stop him?

OP, you have nothing to worry about!

ilovesooty Wed 30-Jul-14 21:52:56

Oh, another poster bringing age into it.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 30-Jul-14 21:53:21

The sound of children's laughter should be banned. That sounds reasonable!

ouryve Wed 30-Jul-14 21:54:18


Some people don't like people.

GreenGrassStains Wed 30-Jul-14 22:06:13

He was probably in his 40/50s to clarify smile
Glad it's not usually frowned on, I was wondering what people must think when she's in a bad mood if laughing was generally seen as an annoyance!

ilovesooty Wed 30-Jul-14 22:09:15

So he wasn't old then. Irritable and rude though.

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