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To consider buying a white leather couch?

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RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 19:50:47

The leather is not an option grin I need something wipe able.

The reason is that DH and dd2 are messy buggers. They don't mean it but they drop things a lot.

So, would white be a disaster? I'm a little bit in love with one I have seen...but I fall deep and long with sofas. I'm only now prepared to part with my almost 12 year old navy leather three seater. I will want another long lasting love affair!

Happydaysatlastforthebody Wed 30-Jul-14 19:53:48

Leather is brilliant for kids as it wipes clean.

Think white sounds lovely but brave. grin

RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 19:55:32

Dd2 is almost 10- but I have no real hope of her growing out of it.

She doesn't even notice she's doing it!

trikken Wed 30-Jul-14 19:56:58

White can be problematic, it stains very easily. Like if you wear brand new navy jeans on it the colour might transfer and be stained forever.

BauerTime Wed 30-Jul-14 19:59:39

I think you would be mad, kids or no kids, to buy a white sofa. Yes leather is wipeable but it will still mark and over time probably go yellow.

Namechangearoonie123 Wed 30-Jul-14 20:01:28

The white is a problem for a whole host of reasons

Butt marks where it goes grey

Greyness because of normal dust

Transfer of colour from any other fabric

Any hint of marshmallowness and you're back in the 80's grin

RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 20:04:26

Ok <sad face>

What about grey then? And how grey would it need to be?

I like this wallpaper for a feature wall


s113 Wed 30-Jul-14 20:05:51

Get a white, leather, double-decker couch for good measure.

"Then everyone can watch TV together and be buddies!!!" gringrin

ALittleFaith Wed 30-Jul-14 20:07:11

My friend has no kids (but does have a lively dog) and owned a white leather sofa. In their house it lasted all of two years. Main issue was her DH sitting down on it with a dark leather belt on. I think it would be a nightmare. Brown, black or at a push grey.

londonrach Wed 30-Jul-14 20:08:02

Why? Leather so cheap looking unless it's old.... Awful to sit on. (Remembering Ross in friends)

RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 20:08:53

The leather bit is not up for debate.

RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 20:09:24

Hmmm black...

ICanSeeTheSun Wed 30-Jul-14 20:11:43

I wouldn't it seems like more stress than it's worth.

Happy36 Wed 30-Jul-14 20:12:37

We've got two, but spilling is not allowed in our house (slight exaggeration). We don't really tend to drink in that room - not a rule just a coincidence - so we've never spilled on it. (Yet!!!) We really like it and find them really comfortable and they suit the room.

RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 20:12:46

I'm hearing that. I think I would need to laminate my family.

I'm debating black now.

ContentedLittleMummy Wed 30-Jul-14 20:13:30

You wouldn't BU to buy a white leather sofa if it was 1974.

Why not go for brown if you're insisting on "new" leather? Less harsh than black and less tacky than white.

RJnomore Wed 30-Jul-14 20:15:51

I want pale grey and white urban colours heme. Brown wouldn't match.

My current one is navy which is good for hiding stains (just FYI) but I want a complete change.

Debating building a hut for now for DH and children to live in.

sonjadog Wed 30-Jul-14 20:17:51

The white one will get grey/browny areas where people regularly sit. I'd go for something coloured that won't show up dirt so easily.

I have black leather, best thing I ever did, no dirt showing, wips clean, goes with any decor, quick change of rug and cushions and the whole room looks different.

WitchWay Wed 30-Jul-14 20:25:07

White leather? Urgh.

KnackeredMuchly Wed 30-Jul-14 21:09:48

Brown and grey might work OP (if in doubt, Google Images it)







KnackeredMuchly Wed 30-Jul-14 21:11:58

I can't find a navy leather, but a navy sofa looks lovely too www.sfxit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Exclusive-Navy-Velvet-Cheap-Sectional-Sofa-Idea-with-Oval-Shaped-Gray-Coffee-Table-to-Maximize-Medium-Lounge.jpg

Revenant Wed 30-Jul-14 21:26:56

My MIL was persuaded to buy a white leather 3 piece suite by SIL. She regrets it - it may be wipe clean but either you slide off it in winter when you're wearing lots of clothes or you stick to it in summer when a centimetre of bare skin comes into contact. She's at the point now of putting throws over it (endless slidy entertainment for visitors)

Revenant Wed 30-Jul-14 21:29:11

Oops, just saw the leather bit was not up for debate blush

Bluebelljumpsoverthemoon Wed 30-Jul-14 21:31:36

I love white couches (fabric ones) but unless you live in an area where everybody wears non transferable coloured clothes and everyone you know is naturally tidy then you will spend too much time fretting over whether your couch will be stained. Leather couches are easy to keep clean but with two messy people a white one may not survive.

A light grey would be nice, would you not get one with a washable fabric rather than leather? It would look so much nicer and you'd have a much wider variety to choose from. If possible ban eating and drinking away from the dining table, saves a lot of mess.

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