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to think children should have something on their bottom half in a library?

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Procrastinatingpeacock Wed 30-Jul-14 17:26:41

Went to my local library's rhyme time this morning. Little girl, maybe 3, dressed in nothing but a t-shirt. No pants, no nappy. Not a long t-shirt either, she was totally naked from the waist down.

At first I thought she must have escaped mid nappy change but no, she stayed like that for the whole session. It looked like she was there with both her parents, who looked totally unperturbed as she (like the other children) clambered across chairs, sat on beanbags, lay on the floor etc.

I don't consider myself a prude and have no problem with children playing naked on a beach, in gardens, even in the park, but AIBU to think this was pretty inappropriate?

Smilesandpiles Wed 30-Jul-14 17:28:43

I can't believe you've actually had to post something like that.

What a strange thing for parents to do.


brokenhearted55a Wed 30-Jul-14 17:29:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amyhamster Wed 30-Jul-14 17:29:59


InternetFOREVER Wed 30-Jul-14 17:30:13

yanbu, pants as a minimum. I'm currently ignoring the view of my naked 4 year old lying with his bum in the air, but we're at home and I'm his mum so I guess I've signed up for this, Strangers in a library, no way!

amyhamster Wed 30-Jul-14 17:30:30

I'd assume she had had an accident and her clothes were wet

TheLostPelvicFloorOfPoosh Wed 30-Jul-14 17:31:28

Perhaps they were confused between 'Library' and 'Lido'.

Thenapoleonofcrime Wed 30-Jul-14 17:31:46

Unless they hosed her down before letting her loose on the carpet and soft furnishings, YANBU.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 30-Jul-14 17:32:14

Maybe she wet herself as pp said. However if she's not reliable using the toilet perhaps bringing a change of clothes would have been the sensible thing to do.

For hygiene reasons I'd say yanbu. For her sake as much as anyone else's. Worms, staph infections etc. Public floor means hundreds of shoes walking across it.

MildDrPepperAddiction Wed 30-Jul-14 17:32:37

If she had an accident and they had no spare clothes then they should have brought her home.

ThatBloodyWoman Wed 30-Jul-14 17:32:46

I don't think its appropriate, but, it's not a huge deal either.
Not something I would do, nor something I would condemn another for doing.

YANBU for holding that opinion.

FruitbatAuntie Wed 30-Jul-14 17:32:50


I used to go to a toddler gym/dance class, and there was one particular little girl (about 3 yr old) who regularly turned up naked from the waist down, or wearing a skirt and no underwear (doing gymnastics). The leader had to have a word in the end, and her parents stopped attending in a huff! V odd.

Smilesandpiles Wed 30-Jul-14 17:33:23

If she had an accident and they had no spare clothes then they should have brought her home.

^ This.

OneDreamOnly Wed 30-Jul-14 17:33:42

Well if she had wet herself, would you not have taken your child back home instead of staying at the library?

Sarahplane Wed 30-Jul-14 17:35:27

Yanbu it's a library not a beach.

CoffeeTea103 Wed 30-Jul-14 17:36:22

Disgusting to let her climb over stuff. Yanbu, worse so if she messed herself to let her wander all over. Some people really think they are in a zoo.

soverylucky Wed 30-Jul-14 17:37:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brokenhearted55a Wed 30-Jul-14 17:39:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 30-Jul-14 17:42:56

Maybe they needed to stay until her shorts were dry enough to walk home

It's a library not a laundrette and given tey weren't in the loos using a hand drier one would assume it's going to be some time until they are dry enough.

Perhaps nipping to a shop instead would have been better.

And quite frankly if she's wet herself once if not be letting her run round naked anyhere but home in case she did it again.

brokenhearted55a Wed 30-Jul-14 17:44:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marmiteandjamislush Wed 30-Jul-14 17:45:10

Yuck!! I am very relaxed about nakedness, but yuck! As others have said, it's not hygienic for the child or others. The only thing that springs to mind is an EC group? But there would have been a potty around an 3 yo is old to be doing EC with anyway.

ToffeeMoon Wed 30-Jul-14 17:47:32

Grim, obviously. We're they potty training? Some people seem to think that's an excuse for nudity and peeing/pooing in public.

Sandthorn Wed 30-Jul-14 17:48:49

Yes, odd. But I'm not sure I would even have noticed.

notkatemiddleton Wed 30-Jul-14 17:49:18

Gross!!! very unhygienic - what if she had an accident?

Procrastinatingpeacock Wed 30-Jul-14 17:51:55

Glad that IANBU. Sandthorn, there were only about 12 children there and we were all in very close proximity. Hard not to notice a bare bum right in front of your face pretending to be a sleeping bunny!

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