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to be fed up with everyone's holiday pics/brags on FB?

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Bellini12 Wed 30-Jul-14 14:36:10

In the old days, you sent a postcard or were shown someone's holiday snaps after they'd returned from holiday. Now with the advent of social media, I can't turn on my FB without a constant feed of shots of manicured feet in front of a swimming pool, blue sea and beaches, marinas with big boats, interiors of plush villas etc. All very much 'look how lucky I am' blah, blah. Some are posting a pic EVERY DAY with a description of what they got up to.

I just keep thinking of all of those that can't afford a holiday and I just can't get over the constant bragging, it seems so vulgar. Or is it just me?

Yes, I know I can stop looking, perhaps I should. But there's some other stuff I like seeing in it.

cerealqueen Fri 01-Aug-14 00:21:40

I take it all with a pinch of salt. I generally like many Facebook posts, and often know that life can be complicated behind the happy smiley posts, my own included.

alemci Fri 01-Aug-14 01:39:08

I'm on a lovely holiday right now but wouldn't share picks as I worry about people knowing I'm away and fb security etc.

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