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To send these cards during the summer hols?

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Bocolatechiscuit Wed 30-Jul-14 06:54:51

I'm a secondary school teacher, and as you will know, the end of year gifts tend to tail off to almost nothing as children move to high school (I don't actually believe in teacher gifts as I see it as doing the job I'm paid to do and absolutely adore, but that's a whole other thread).

This year though, I was given presents from three students. They caught me in the corridor and gave me the gifts in pretty gift bags with a card inside. As it was the last day and I was rushing to lessons, assemblies etc I thanked them profusely of course but didn't open the bags there and then. When I opened them later, they have gone to huge effort, buying personalised gifts and have all written such lovely things in their cards about how they have enjoyed my lessons this year and learned so much etc etc.

So...I'd like to send them a thank you card. I've bought a pack of small cards and am thinking of sending them to their home address which I can easily get from the school system. I'm not going to be teaching them in September unfortunately and in any case feel it's too long to wait to say thank you. I'd like to send a card each, thanking them for their gift, telling them it was a delight to teach them (it genuinely was-fantastic students with lovely bubbly personalities, amazing senses of humour and such a desire to learn) and wishing them a lovely holiday.

Something's holding me back though and I don't quite know why. I've had the cards a week and still not sent them. Is this a nice thing to do like I think it is or is sending them to their home address a bit ott?

JustAShopGirl Thu 31-Jul-14 08:59:50

I do write thank you letters, when I have not seen the giver to thank them in person.

I write a thank you to thank someone - if I have thanked them already it is superfluous- and therefore not to thank them but for some other reason - duty/showmanship/whatever.

Delphiniumsblue Thu 31-Jul-14 09:02:47

OP didn't see the giver to thank them- that is the entire point! It was when she opened them and saw how much trouble they had been to finding a personal gift that she wanted to thank them properly.

JustAShopGirl Thu 31-Jul-14 09:05:47

but she did thank them profusely for the gifts. she just didn't open them there and then. As far as the children were concerned they were thanked.

Delphiniumsblue Thu 31-Jul-14 09:08:32

She was being polite- she would have thanked them profusely whatever. It was once she opened them that she wanted to make a personal thank you to say how touched she was by the gesture. Why can't she? I'm sure that most parents are not so miserable that they can't understand that.

Delphiniumsblue Thu 31-Jul-14 09:10:28

It seems to me, JustAShopGirl, that you want to keep the teacher firmly in her place as Just a Teacher- and not allow that you can have a special teacher that your children value.

Delphiniumsblue Thu 31-Jul-14 09:16:42

And a special present, with letters, deserves more than a 'profuse thanks' in a corridor when rushing to a lesson.

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