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To drink two bottles of red wine on my own at the weekend?

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Rocktheboat73 Wed 30-Jul-14 00:06:07

I drink three large glasses on a Friday, from 6pm - 11pm. Then another three on a Saturday again between 6-11pm. Then the remainder - around 2 glasses on a Sunday night. I don't drink alcohol Monday - Thursday and I class myself as a pretty healthy fit person. Am I unreasonable to drink this amount by myself?

fawltydoge Wed 30-Jul-14 00:07:20

I wouldn't have said so but medically you probably are BU. But I could drink a lot more than 2 bottles of wine over 3 days

fanjobiscuits Wed 30-Jul-14 00:07:45

I think this is a bad idea but have gone through phases of doing similar myself.

What makes you ask the question?

frazzled74 Wed 30-Jul-14 00:09:12

No, I think that's fine. Enjoy!

Feminine Wed 30-Jul-14 00:14:15

I think that is too much.

MomOfTwoGirls2 Wed 30-Jul-14 00:15:05

Well that is 15 units. Recommended is 11 units per week for women, with at least 2 days without alcohol. If that is all you drink all week, you are probably ok. I drink similar amount but over 4 days. I am planning to reduce my consumption to get closer to 10 units.

Capitola Wed 30-Jul-14 00:21:07

I think that's entirely reasonable.

FloozeyLoozey Wed 30-Jul-14 00:24:09

Two bottles is more than 7 units surely? I thought there were 10 units for a bottle of wine? That's 20 units ever three days, which would class as binge drinking.

Happydaysatlastforthebody Wed 30-Jul-14 00:24:28

Sounds fine to me.

MysteriousCircusZebra Wed 30-Jul-14 00:26:01

YABU for drinking red wine. Red wine is yuk. That is all.

MaidOfStars Wed 30-Jul-14 00:26:07

The overall weekly consumption might not work out horrifically, but pretty sure that drinking in concerted efforts - binge drinking - isn't ideal.

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Wed 30-Jul-14 00:27:16

Oh god if I hVe a bottle of wine I will finish it off !

I normally have a bottle in Tuesday (I've not tonight - work wasn't that stressful) and a bottle Saturday grin wine wahey!

Salmotrutta Wed 30-Jul-14 00:29:13

Surely the units in a bottle must be related to the alcohol strength of the wine?

MaidOfStars Wed 30-Jul-14 00:35:21

Also, this is clearly a invented response to the 'fat' threads, yeah?

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Wed 30-Jul-14 00:36:29

What fat threads?

Frontier Wed 30-Jul-14 00:37:43

I don't think drinking on your own is ever a good idea tbh and yes it is over the guidelines.

SolidGoldBrass Wed 30-Jul-14 00:38:21

Is it costing money you can't really afford to spend? Is it making you too pissed/hungover to do things that need to be done - or is it making you aggressive to your family/friends?

If it's 'no' all the way round, then it's not too much.

VerityWaves Wed 30-Jul-14 00:40:16

I think it sounds fine to me...

ChoccaDoobie Wed 30-Jul-14 00:45:11

That sounds like alot to me but then I drink very little. I have several friends for whom this would not be remarkable at all. Have a look at the units and see how it adds up, how do you feel physically in general?

jacks365 Wed 30-Jul-14 00:48:14

2 bottles is roughly 20 units but it would be at least 7 on both Friday and Saturday night which does count as binge drinking. It won't do your long term health much good.

MomOfTwoGirls2 Wed 30-Jul-14 00:50:49

A 75cl bottle of wine is 7.5 units. I actually looked this up earlier today...

ObfusKate Wed 30-Jul-14 00:56:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jacks365 Wed 30-Jul-14 00:58:22

Most red wines are between 13-15% white tends to be slightly lower, 15% for a 750ml standard bottle is just over 11 units.

ObfusKate Wed 30-Jul-14 01:05:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jacks365 Wed 30-Jul-14 01:14:36


The abv is the same as the number of units in a litre so a bottle that is 14% will contain 1.4 units for each 100ml.

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