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to be disappointed that we're getting a new pound shop

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ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:01:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2kidsintow Tue 29-Jul-14 22:02:33

Am chuckling at the thought of a 'more downmarket' pound shop.

HaroldLloyd Tue 29-Jul-14 22:03:19

Did you not watch pound land wars?

If you get two on the same street you will get dancing pounds and all sorts.

BarleyBub Tue 29-Jul-14 22:03:41

Surely all poundshops are the same? They all sell things at the same price.

Icimoi Tue 29-Jul-14 22:06:55

YANBU. The Council should insist that Waitrose takes the site.

deakymom Tue 29-Jul-14 22:08:08

poundworld sell the arm and hammer sparkle toothpaste poundland just sell the regular (useless bit of knowledge there my son prefers the sparkle!) in reality things will go down to 95p for awhile while they compare the size of their "stock" and they will then sell similar but different brand items for £1

picnicbasketcase Tue 29-Jul-14 22:08:29

Poundland is a better class of pound shop? confused

ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:09:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:12:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

greenbananas Tue 29-Jul-14 22:13:48

I live in a place where our small city centre is dominated by pound land style shops. I think they're all tacky and that the shop fronts look horrible (not that I am averse to the odd bargain in there). Can't say I've ever considered that one brand of pound shop is more down market than another.

I am equally scathing (privately) about posh overpriced brands that gullible people with a bit of money buy into.

This up market / down market thing is a load of rubbish really.

Lally112 Tue 29-Jul-14 22:14:27

Well it will give some people a job which is more than the probably empty unit its going into would have been employing. Just don't shop there.

basgetti Tue 29-Jul-14 22:14:50

There are no poundshops in my town sad

But we are getting an Aldi soon (bit too excited about this!)

HaroldLloyd Tue 29-Jul-14 22:18:20

I asked the price of something in pound land once. so embarrassing.

notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Tue 29-Jul-14 22:19:00

I have only good things to say about Poundworld after picking up loads of Horrible History books there today that I was going to pay full price for a few days ago.

notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Tue 29-Jul-14 22:20:43

And surprisinglyno, they're not all the same!

ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:21:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:21:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Happy36 Tue 29-Jul-14 22:22:12

It's good that these shops create jobs but if you prefer to see small business thriving, such as independent caf�s, delis or beauty therapists, use them, encourage others to use them, spread the word via social media and even consider giving them feedback about the product or service you love or anything they could consider doing (e.g. if you did takeaway I would come in every lunchtime, if you stayed open later, etc.)

basgetti Tue 29-Jul-14 22:22:32

Harold everytime I go into Poundland with my Mum she is shocked at the prices and points out things on the shelves and says 'Is that a only a pound too?' I don't think she's quite grasped the concept.

greenbananas Tue 29-Jul-14 22:25:38

Sounds like you are more worried about your small independent shop disappearing. I sympathize with that. But the little independent shops just can't compete with big pound shops that can buy in serious bulk. Sad, but that's the way of the world...

These days I shop online for everything from groceries to ironing boards. This week I have bought a sand pit, top soil, some toys, fruit and veg, a fly killing machine and various other things, all online. So I am personally contributing to the demise of the local high street.

Maybe if we all buy online, there will only be pound shops and little specialist independent shops left? That would be an incongruous mix.

Scousadelic Tue 29-Jul-14 22:26:46

We just have loads of charity shops where we are. Our small town centre has lots of small shops so when they come empty there are not many takers and the reduced rates offered for charities means that our town centre is now full of tat and looks like an overgrown jumble sale. I know they're for good causes but there must be at least 10 of them which cannot be good for the town.
I hate to say it but I'd sooner have a poundshop

ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:29:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ObfusKate Tue 29-Jul-14 22:31:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sarahandFuck Tue 29-Jul-14 22:35:59

I had this actual conversation the other day.

Woman threading my friends eyebrows: Where did you get the pool noodles from?
Me (watching the eyebrow threading and holding two pool noodles): From the 99p Store.
Eyebrow Woman: Where's that?
Me: Right opposite your shop. <points helpfully at big blue sign with giant 99p on it>
EW: Oh, Poundland.
Me: <twitches slightly> No, 99p Stores. That one there. 99p Stores.
EW: Poundland.
Me: 99p Stores. It has a sign.
EW: <rolling eyes> Poundland.
Me: <desperate now> The blue shop with the sign that says 99p Stores on it. There. <points again>
EW: <tuts and hisses under her breath> Poundland.

What kind of evil mind came up with a "nearly everything is £1.25 shop" though? That's just not right. If we get one then I'm not shopping in it on principle.

partialderivative Tue 29-Jul-14 22:44:24


Sounds like Poundland to me!

I always get my reading glasses from one of them, strangely I can't remember which.

Always useful for a few rolls of sellotape and a massive pack of AAA batteries

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