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To find this woman's behaviour very irritating?

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cithkadston Tue 29-Jul-14 18:42:00

DH's friend's wife had a baby girl around 6 months ago. They already have a boy, who is 3. Throughout the entire pregnancy she went on and on on FB about how she was sure that this baby was a girl, and how much she would love to have a "little princess". She also had a very twee nickname for the baby throughout her pregnancy.

She then had a girl, and of course there was lots of talk about how she now had the perfect family, and how amazing it was that she had her "princess". Status after status.

6 months later, she is still constantly doing statuses about how she now has the perfect family, and how she can't believe she has "one of each". She calls them The Perfect Pair, and is just generally very smug and irritating about it all.

She is like it in person too, although not quite as bad, but lots of talk about little princess, and how amazing it is to have one of each.

AIBU to find her irritating? Before anyone says it, I'm not jealous. I too have one of each.

Deftones Tue 29-Jul-14 18:42:52

Just imagine how empty and miserable she is deep down wink

Mrsjayy Tue 29-Jul-14 18:45:42

Yes it is irritating the joys of fb I guess I have hidden somebodies princess grandaughter pictures a zillion a day of the baby we get it she is beautiful and you feel blessed grin

TestingTestingWonTooFree Tue 29-Jul-14 18:46:19

She sounds like a knobber.

DiaDuit Tue 29-Jul-14 18:47:07

I agree- she sounds as if she has precisely zippo else going on in her life.

Happy36 Tue 29-Jul-14 18:48:33

She's very irritating, but it could be worse. She must be very insecure. Can you block it so you don't automatically see her status updates?

needaholidaynow Tue 29-Jul-14 18:48:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littledrummergirl Tue 29-Jul-14 18:49:50

I had a facebook friend like this- she was deleted.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Tue 29-Jul-14 18:51:44

Delete and ignore.

icanmakeyouicecream Tue 29-Jul-14 18:53:35

Sounds very wanky.

Mrsjayy Tue 29-Jul-14 18:53:43

I think we are all just grumpy people love being twee im just a miserable bugger I guess

MintyChops Tue 29-Jul-14 18:54:14

Ugh. She sounds very irritating. Just block her.

ProfYaffle Tue 29-Jul-14 18:56:11

Just unfollow her, saves the potential drama of deletion but you don't see the status updates in your news feed.

SlicedAndDiced Tue 29-Jul-14 18:56:35

It has been proven to me time and time again that the louder someone is on facebook about something then the more miserable they are about that something.

Lots of parents with PERFECT children (that in RL complain loudly about how they are pulling their hair out at the little monsters grin )

Lots of relationships that are SO lovey and wonderful ( yeah love, that's why he had his cock in that other woman three months ago...the fb status were a bit different then weren't they?)

Just pity (and hide) them grin

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Tue 29-Jul-14 18:59:46

Sounds irritating.
I have a friend that is constantly "feeling blessed" about everything. Eating tea - feeling blessed, at the park - feeling blessed, having a cuppa - feeling blessed .... you get the idea.
I can't help but think maybe her life is not all she makes it out to be, and that this is her masking how hard she is actually finding life.
There again maybe I am totally wrong and she actually does feel blessed that the kettle has boiled...

brokenhearted55a Tue 29-Jul-14 19:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pico2 Tue 29-Jul-14 19:13:45

I was puzzled by a friend having a scan to find out whether they were having a 'princess or a boy'. Surely the male version is a 'prince'.

You can just hide everything from her on FB. I've done that with a couple of people.

needaholidaynow Tue 29-Jul-14 19:15:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MagicMojito Tue 29-Jul-14 19:16:22

I think your being abit mean really. Yes she's annoyong but so what? It's her fb, she's free to put whatever she wants to on there. You are free to block/hide. So win win smile

I have a fb friend who refers to her kids as "the lil man and special lil lady" and constantly tells us how "blessed" she's feeling. It's not my style but I don't particularly judge her for it.

Mrsjayy Tue 29-Jul-14 19:17:36

Friend in frankie and bennies with the munchkins feeling blessed tagged various mummy friends alli kept thinking frANKIE AND BENNYS IS MINGING grin

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Tue 29-Jul-14 19:28:54


I have a "feeling blessed" Facebook friend too. She's either overwhelmed with joy about some minor bit of none sense or she's having a complete nightmare life is falling apart around her.

Chances are your DH's friends life is a bit empty other than the kids

RainbowSpiral Tue 29-Jul-14 19:32:03

she's probably a bit bored, despite the royal presence

burgatroyd Tue 29-Jul-14 19:34:36

Its irritating, yes

Shenanagins Tue 29-Jul-14 19:35:20

I have one who is blessed and finishes every amazing sentence with an exclamation mark. However when I last met her in person she admitted she was desperate to return home, she lives abroad, so I think she is trying to convince herself it really is great.

Mrsjayy Tue 29-Jul-14 19:35:58

Oh now over emotional friends are worse than twee ones the intense glee over a cake or the days ruined because theyburned the cake drives me potty

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