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To want to be able to buy an item in a shop without giving my name and address?

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carlywurly Sun 27-Jul-14 18:13:35

This has happened three times this weekend. White company, tk maxx and white stuff suddenly don't seem to be able to let you just pay at the till without giving them your name and address. This is for a straightforward purchase, not an exchange or return.

I really find it unnecessary and intrusive, plus it holds the bloody queue up. Going to politely decline to give it from now on.

Mintyy Sun 27-Jul-14 18:14:52

Just say no, its okay, they will still sell the item to you.

picnicbasketcase Sun 27-Jul-14 18:15:07

YANBU. Tell them you're not giving out the information.

ICanSeeTheSun Sun 27-Jul-14 18:17:08

what i normally say is that i dont want to give out my name and address and if it important i will shop somewhere else.

GodDamnBatman Sun 27-Jul-14 18:17:28

If you're going to shop there often, it might be nice to have a purchase history on file in case you need to return something. We do it at stores where we purchase warranties or if there's a 90 day return policy because I am bad at keeping receipts. Also, sometimes they mail coupons and sales. smile

But if it's a once in a while thing, I'd decline.

eurochick Sun 27-Jul-14 18:17:58

Just say no thanks. It's not a problem.

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 27-Jul-14 18:18:33

Is this a new thing? I've never been asked my address in a shop

Mintyy Sun 27-Jul-14 18:20:34

Its irritating, though, like being asked if you want to buy out of date chocolates in Smiths!

Will certainly make me think twice about shopping in certain shops in future.

carlywurly Sun 27-Jul-14 18:20:42

Ah see, if it's some kind of anti fraud return thing, that would be ok. Or if they were going to give me a discount. I suspect I'm more likely to get extra marketing mail through the post though.

gertiegusset Sun 27-Jul-14 18:21:31

Nope, I don't give them mine.

NormHonal Sun 27-Jul-14 18:21:32

Oh arse, is this happening here now? I used to travel to the States a lot and you couldn't make a single purchase over there without giving your address. I've had it here with a very few stores and really hate being asked.

NormHonal Sun 27-Jul-14 18:22:41

And it's a marketing thing, I'm sure. When I said I didn't live in the States, I was always able to make the purchase regardless. hmm

sauvignonblacks Sun 27-Jul-14 18:23:12

I've noticed more shops doing this lately, irks me too.

Abra1d Sun 27-Jul-14 18:23:26

Its irritating, though, like being asked if you want to buy out of date chocolates in Smiths

I blame WH Smith for some of the obesity crisis. Putting the idea into people's heads that they need a toblerone when they just went in to buy a protractor and some A4 paper. Why?

steff13 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:24:32

Stores usually ask me for my ZIP code, but not my full address. They ask for my email address for coupons, though.

fatlazymummy Sun 27-Jul-14 18:24:48

I don't give out my address ,unless I'm having something delivered of course. I just say no, and thats an end to it.

Sallyingforth Sun 27-Jul-14 18:25:37

It doesn't give you any extra rights at all, it's for their benefit only. Just keep the receipt.

wowfudge Sun 27-Jul-14 18:26:21

That's nothing compared to the ones that want your email address so they can bombard you with crap on a daily basis.

fatlazymummy Sun 27-Jul-14 18:26:49

I always say no to the chocolate at the till as well. It's easy once you get into the habit.

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Sun 27-Jul-14 18:28:34

It is unnecessary to give your address for a purchase in a shop. Just say "no". Same for telephone number - I say I'm ex-directory (although I'm not) Haha grin

TSSDNCOP Sun 27-Jul-14 18:29:38

They will have been instructed to do so by H WH are probably on a marketing drive. You can decline, they will be able to override that part o f the till.

I have a specific email address I give out at times like this. That way I get the benefits of discount vouchers without spamming up my inbox.

Mintyy Sun 27-Jul-14 18:30:15

I'd rather not be asked. I don't want to be asked if I want anything to eat with my coffee, either. If I wanted something to eat I would form my requirements into a sentence and speak them out, in much the same way as I did when I requested my coffee.

LadySybilLikesCake Sun 27-Jul-14 18:30:49

It's so they can send you crap through the post that you don't want, and so they can spam your inbox. I just tell them I don't have time as I'm in a rush, it really pisses me off though. On the rare occasion I've felt sorry for them and agreed, I've had to block the email address as I've been sent emails every two days <glares at Cath Kidston and Crabtree and Evelyn> I've been in each store once so I'm far from a regular customer. I'd rather not have my email spammed. Cheers.

BertieBotts Sun 27-Jul-14 18:31:30

You should ask if it means you're going to be signed up to any mailing list. I used to work in a shop where we had to ask customers and most of them were afraid we would send them loads of stuff but actually there was no mailing list at all. The details were just so that we could see purchase history of that customer, it flags up anything odd like recurrent returns etc. But this shop did trade items in as well as sell, so the "membership" had a purpose rather than just being a marketing tool.

Really it's just like a tesco clubcard but without any points. I guess if they can see on your purchase history that you regularly buy boys' clothes there they can tell you "Did you know, we have an offer on school uniform at the moment?" or similar.

FunkyBoldRibena Sun 27-Jul-14 18:34:57

I hate this too and am a Starbucks name refuser as well. On the very very very rare occasion I have to go into one, and they ask my name to write on the side of the cup I give them the hmm look and say 'I don't think so'. Then I keep looking hmm at them whilst I am in there.

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