Advanced search be VERY annoyed? DH has "tidied" my wallet into the Rift!

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misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 03:58:43

The last time I went for a shop a few days ago, when I came in I put my car keys and wallet on our Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen. I've used my car keys since but not my wallet. I've gone to look for it and DH has gone on a mad tidying binge and the wallet is GONE. Have looked quite literally everywhere I have been in the house, in and under all furniture, but I'm afraid he's tidied it straight into the trash which has already gone. We have differing points of view: he thinks IABU for being annoyed as it "should have been in a purse and hung up", I think HIBVVU as I am no more likely to put my wallet in an effing purse (unless for special occasion) than HE is and he can fecking well leave MY things where I put them. The wallet in question is about four by five inches, brown leather and very obviously not trash or something needing tidied away.

Lastly, his car is having a new water pump put in so is in the shop til tomorrow afternoon. I probably would, but WIBU to withhold MY car keys so he can't go to work until he produces my wallet, bank card, charge cards etc? Even more annoying is that I have a millionty errands to do tomorrow and without my cards, obviously, those are right out.

FidelineAndBombazine Fri 25-Jul-14 04:59:10

What's a Hoosier cabinet?

Kill him.

Or make him cancel all and reorder all the cards etc if he has authorisation.

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 05:39:20

Oh dear. Um, I'll just give a link to one rather than try and work out the pictures. They were v popular here in the US in the 20s and 30s - combination food storage and work surface - many times the drawers would have had canisters for flour, sugar, coffee etc and the shelf pulls out to give space to knead bread.

This is a Hoosier

Edieandkoala Fri 25-Jul-14 05:53:48

I really want one of those cabinets!

<misses point of thread, sorry>

Gennz Fri 25-Jul-14 05:54:25

Ooh I did not know what a Hoosier was either, though my phone did as it predicted ut.

I agree with Fideline, kill him. My husband goes on mad meddling tidying binges and it drives me crazy. Last time he cleaned my car (I didn't ask him to and it wasn't particularly untidy) and chucked out my work swipe card. Rage.

CasperGutman Fri 25-Jul-14 06:06:42

He should be kicking himself, and worrying like mad as to what he's done with it. If he's blaming you instead of turning the house upside down looking for it then YANBU to be totally enraged.

I didn't know what a Hoosier was, but I figured out that a purse was a handbag PDQ!

jay55 Fri 25-Jul-14 06:11:21

Off with his head.

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 06:13:18

<scream scream scream> He has just pished merrily off to bed all, "Oh well, at least it'll be easy to cancel everything, maybe the bank will even expedite a new card!"

Yes, and maybe while I'm cancelling All The Things I'll slip up and cancel a few of yours too! (Okay, maybe I get a little dragon when irritated...)

My actual reply was, "I surely hope so, because until I get mine back I'm going to have to have yours with me, I can't put my errands off to sit and wait for the new card to arrive." He seems a bit knocked off kilter; I'm usually fairly laid back and meh about annoyances while giving everyone a royal telling off in my head.

paddlenorapaddle Fri 25-Jul-14 06:18:54

confusedconfused On your behalf mine was thrown in the bin by my lovely DH he doesn't touch my purse now

Cards photo's shopping lists and money all gone it took a while for me to speak to him again lol

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 06:19:44

And yes, sorry, handbag. I own about a dozen of them but so rarely use any of them all I could do was goggle at him and ask, "Why would I put it THERE?!?"

antimatter Fri 25-Jul-14 06:20:36

He should bring all rubbish/trash bags into the back garden and go through them looking for your wallet.

TheSkiingGardener Fri 25-Jul-14 06:24:01

Mistakes happen but he isn't taking responsibility for it. I agree that HE should be the one mainly inconvenienced here.

Branleuse Fri 25-Jul-14 06:27:04

i want a hoosier

AtYourCervix Fri 25-Jul-14 06:42:21

I want a hoosier too.

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 06:44:38

antimatter unfortunately all rubbish/trash has been picked up and gone or he would certainly have been out there taking it apart. I did what I think is MORE than my share of looking for it, searching everywhere I usually put my things and places that it might have fallen and since I finished I have been sitting on the couch glaring while he moves things around but he just decided that "Oh well, either it's gone or it'll pop up later, bedtime, goodnight!" I'll be taking his bank card and giving him cash for the time period til my new one comes, but there are also my storecards for Sephora and Ulta, gas discount card, Uni ID card so I can use the gym (he's an academic librarian) and of course my credit cards and drivers license.

And then there's the wallet itself. Blast it, I loved that little Fossil wallet! It was just this one, not expensive at all, but I'd had it forever.

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 06:46:33

And all you who want hoosiers, I know of at least half a dozen in usable to good shape sitting in a shop not ten miles from me. Shipping might be a bit...unwieldy though! They usually run somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-300 depending on condition etc. I live very near Pennsylvania Amish country so 'country' things like that are easily found in antique shops (as are the Staffordshire transferware/creamware dishes I love so much).

CSIJanner Fri 25-Jul-14 06:51:03

YANBU - how can anyone mistake that for rubbish? * Orf with his head!*

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 07:07:45

My best guess - which he SWEARS didn't happen - is that it was under some "junk mail" aka the weekly shop ads which I always read and make my shop from. He can't stand those things "sitting around" so if I don't get hold of them first he trashes them. I can just see my poor wee Emory getting swept into a rubbish back along with the Giant Eagle, Martin's and Aldi (yep, even waaaay out here in 15701, USA, we have them) papers. Gets right on my tits it does.

But now, to bed, it's gone 2AM here. Thanks all for the commiseration and feel free to suggest other suitable mischief I might wreak by way of tit for tat. thanks

GretchenWiener Fri 25-Jul-14 07:09:03

What's a rift?

misanthropologist Fri 25-Jul-14 07:11:17

It's that place where all the things like coathangers, single socks, bread twist ties, safety pins and kirby grips like to hide when you're looking desperately for them. Apparently they're big enough for the odd wallet too...

FruVikingessOla Fri 25-Jul-14 07:15:30

He chucked it away with the junk mail confused?
I would be incandescent.

I knew what a Hoosier is [smug] grin

headlesslambrini Fri 25-Jul-14 07:17:14

The 'rift' in my house it usually DDs bedroom grin

Humansatnav Fri 25-Jul-14 07:19:51

I feel your pain. Mine shredded my certificate of car insurance. Dickhead.

kelper Fri 25-Jul-14 07:27:39

Mine constantly puts things away and then can't remember where. He is legendary for losing his own wallet though, although I'm winning at the moment for finding his lost bank card exactly where he'd left it, but with a load of his crap on top of it, which was apparently beyond his capabilities to sort through!
I totally want a Hoosier as well, no idea where id put it though. However there is a chance we might be moving to the US for a year or so, and I'm absolutely buying one and shipping it home! If this does actually happen, I'll come on here and take orders, shipping will be a lot cheaper as we've got a lot of containers!!

MaryWestmacott Fri 25-Jul-14 07:28:27

oh I'd be furious! Who thinks a wallet/purse is rubbish?

It also begs the question, if he's just throw stuff without looking at what it is, what else went in the bin?

Is this just a tactic to make sure you don't ask him to tidy up again? Don't fall for it, instead, he needs to be supervised and guided in a terribly helpful way...

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