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To think all neighbours should be abolished

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Vintagejazz Tue 22-Jul-14 23:29:12

The loud music, barking dogs, bratty kids, wind chimes, inconsiderate parking, DIY at 7am, constant barbecues, smoking underneath windows, not collecting parcels and revving car engines at all hours. angry

AIBU to think we should just abolish the lot of them because they are driving us all mad?

FidelineAndBombazine Tue 22-Jul-14 23:34:09

Hmm. How would you go about it?

I've got lovely NDNs on one side and complete arses on the other so I'm not sure.

wowfudge Tue 22-Jul-14 23:37:10

FGS No! Mine are great - both NDN and the lovely couple over the road. Hardly know they are there much of the time, but when you need them, they don't let you down.

Last place we lived one side and over the road were great, t'other side were gits.

CalamitouslyWrong Tue 22-Jul-14 23:37:20

My neighbours on either side are lovely. One of them is a vicar's widow who often brings us trays of leftover cake from church events. The other side are just a family. We sometimes hear their 14 year old having a tantrum, and I'm sure the hear the same from our 14 year old. smile

The one's across the road are a bit weird, but they're all the way across a road so it doesn't really affect us.

CalamitouslyWrong Tue 22-Jul-14 23:43:16

In our old house we had a pair of people still living in the 80s (complete with the mullets) for NDNs. All would have been fine except for their bloody friends who kept parking over our drive (while our car was in it). This was made worse by the fact that parking on the street was not a problem and he could have simply parked outside the NDN's house not blocking anyone's drive. They also filled our (teeny tiny) bin when they'd run out of room in theirs one Christmas, which meant we couldn't actually put our own rubbish in it. The bastards.

And in a terraced house before that the couple had a son in his late 20s/early 30s still living at home who would play really loud dance music every time his parents went out on one side. On the other we had proper weirdos who would stand outside their front door in the pissing rain while we got the children out of the car, unloaded shopping and got into our house rather than opening the door when someone might see inside (among other weirdnesses). I think the detached house across the road was used for growing weed too, as we watched what looks very like a drugs raid going down one morning while I was on maternity leave.

I guess I'm ambivalent about neighbours.

Xihha Tue 22-Jul-14 23:49:26

perhaps we could just put all the crappy neigbours next door to each other then they can drive each other mad and leave the rest of us in peace?

Andrewofgg Wed 23-Jul-14 00:05:38

Can't we just put mute buttons on them?

ShadowFall Wed 23-Jul-14 00:10:30

Not really practical to abolish neighbours, is it?

Where would they all go?

The only solution is for you to locate a deserted island or suchlike, with no other humans living within several miles of you. Sorted. No problems with neighbours any more!

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 23-Jul-14 00:12:19

They should stick all of the BBQ addicts in one city, all of the noisy ones in another etc, and leave all of the quiet ones in their own little peace haven so they can hear the birds singing and smell the flowers.

Dixiechicken Wed 23-Jul-14 00:12:33

Yabu, I have brilliant neighbours. Although we arent beat friends. We maintain a friendly respectful relationship.

Best type of neighbours.

wheresthelight Wed 23-Jul-14 00:14:02

Nooooooooo, I have just moved into a house with amazing neighbours after 15 months of druggies and screaming rows at sill o'clock when i had just got my then newborn off to sleep.

I no longer have to step outside my home in all my pj and 3am feeding glory to politely ask the skank over the way to pipe down as civilised people are trying to sleep and then having to go back out to be less polite over calling the police and the council if they do not shut the hell up.

My new neighbours are lovely!! Help out with gardening advice, have given us loads of bits that their girls have outgrown for dd, we had an easter egg hunt for all the kids around our garden and if the paddling pool was up (too hot to blow up) their twins wouldn't leave my garden!! The elderly lady next door is forever rescuing my houdini dog who in spite of our best efforts keeps finding ways out of the garden to go and visit her.

Mouldypineapple Wed 23-Jul-14 00:18:52

I'm adding a yes vote! But only for the annoying ones, like mine! maybe they could all be sent to some planet somewhere to annoy each other!

Mine do the noisy DIY at all hours (semi so rather loud), noisy kids in the garden at 7.30 am or 10 at night, frequent bonfires during the day when it's lovely and sunny and my washing is very clearly out, building the most enormous playhouse in the garden to block out the light, playing the piano at 7.30 am (only we have a piano too, revenge is coming!!), oh yes and leaning over our already wind damaged fence to drop a smallish child into the garden to retrieve a ball, then looking very sheepish when I had a moan! And she wouldn't have been able to climb back again so not a good plan even if I hadn't spotted them!!

Quite therapeutic having somewhere to rant about them!

Mouldypineapple Wed 23-Jul-14 00:24:34

Oh yes forgot about the frequent stinky smoky barbecues too! don't know what they put on them but they have a very weird smell!

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 23-Jul-14 00:27:18

Maybe the annoying ones don't realise they are annoying. Just a thought. I think mine don't give a shite so YANBU.

albertcamus Wed 23-Jul-14 00:28:46

I lived in a flat & at boarding school has a teenager. No solitude, noisy neighbours up all night while I was doing my A levels etc. Nightmare @ Uni I'd rather forget. Married young, bought a link detached bungalow ... 28 years later I can say that despite living in a busy area not far from London, we have had no neighbour stress at all. The secrets have been cool friendly smiles, respectful parking, not being nosey and most importantly, a big hawthorn hedge and two Indian bean trees which cover the front of our house. We can therefore be in our own world without being subjected to others, and we don't affect them. We've recently been looking to relocate, and to ensure this level of freedom from neighbours narrows it down to completely free standing houses with all their attendant issues ... Difficult one ! Given the behaviour of all ages in the UK I think laws on anti-social behaviour should be much more clear, and those who break them re-trained until they are sure they know how their behaviour affects others.

mumminio Wed 23-Jul-14 00:31:14

This is why detached houses cost more.

CalamitouslyWrong Wed 23-Jul-14 00:33:05

It is indeed why detached houses cost more. My DH really wants to buy one, not least because our neighbour's teenager has taken up playing the bass guitar (incredibly badly).

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 23-Jul-14 00:36:00

Loud bagpipe music appears to calm the neighbours down for a week wink

ThatWasNice Wed 23-Jul-14 00:36:15


My nieghbours are lovely but I think I'm moving

<---- here next time I move

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 23-Jul-14 00:37:37

Oh, that would be bliss but a bugger for the food delivery.

BackforGood Wed 23-Jul-14 00:46:18

YABU - I've always had lovely neighbour in all the places I've lived..... mind you, I'm nice to live near too, and understand that sometimes people might be different from me, and that we can still all rub along together.

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 23-Jul-14 00:50:03

You need to try living next door to someone who revs their engine for half an hour at 7am, or starts hoovering at 7:30am, or BBQ's every day, or disrupts your peace by sticking their stereo on when you're outside, BackforGood. Maybe come back to the thread when you've got neighbours like this.

gobbin Wed 23-Jul-14 09:03:34

I can hear someone mowing their lawn right now...before 9am!

Ours are great to be fair. Live in a close of six houses and apart from two on the other side not really liking each other but still managing to be civil we all get on ok. The people behind occasionally have late parties but it's about twice a year so nobody minds.

One lady is very judgy though and will bitch to others about X's rubbish left on the lawn (she's not long moved in) or Y's chimney that looks like a Chinese laundry (that was ours. Bitch.) or the fact that Z is an organic gardener but her front garden is a tip (that's because she works full time and has three elderly relatives to look after whilst you do bugger all after retiring from your little bit of a job. Bitch.)

So apart from her, we're a good set of NDNs!

MyLegIsHaunted Wed 23-Jul-14 09:50:56


MyLegIsHaunted Wed 23-Jul-14 09:58:37

We're on our 3rd lot of shit neighbours.

Current ones had music pumping all night on Saturday, was still going at 8am Sunday morning!
Stupid bitch thought I was unreasonable for calling the police three times shock

They pull all nighters all.the.time. Not usually with music but they sit in their kitchen with their mates carrying on well into the next day. We're in detached houses so it's not coming through just a wall, it's coming through two walls and a fence.

Would so love to live in ThatWasNice's picture grin

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