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to think that Joy off Topsy and Tim is on drugs

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YorkshireTeaGold Sat 19-Jul-14 18:23:21

How can she be so happy and positive ALL THE TIME?

Especially when stuck at home with the world's most irritating twins?

Anone Sat 19-Jul-14 18:25:45

You might find them irritating but they never argue, never whinge, never tantrum, barely sulk, amuse themselves and are always in a good mood when woken- Your life as a parent would be easy!

QuietlyCurious92 Sat 19-Jul-14 18:26:25

Bahahaha I had the same thought today!

Marmaladecat1 Sat 19-Jul-14 18:27:16

And she is having it off with Max in Eastenders!

GiveTwoSheets Sat 19-Jul-14 18:28:56

It's because she leading a double life and is shagging Max off Eastenders

YorkshireTeaGold Sat 19-Jul-14 18:29:54

Ohh I didn't know that marmalade... Maybe her double life enables her to maintain her positive facade.

I'm just jealous as I can see dd1 wondering why her mummy isn't like joy (joy!!??) and instead is a sweary shouty wine swilling type.

GiveTwoSheets Sat 19-Jul-14 18:30:55

I can't stand topsy and tim even the music title gives me the rage but my DS loves it!

TalcumPowder Sat 19-Jul-14 18:31:46

I gather her pert buttocks have a massive male fan base.

There is something cheerfully glazed looking about her, now that you mention it...

YorkshireTeaGold Sat 19-Jul-14 18:32:09

Good point anyone though I'd rather have my two pitas then those sacrine horrors.

And their new house IS SHIT

Marmaladecat1 Sat 19-Jul-14 18:35:55

I was wondering about their new house. Really bizarre layout?

LoveBeingInTheSun Sat 19-Jul-14 18:37:04

The living room and the stairs look the same confused

YorkshireTeaGold Sat 19-Jul-14 18:38:49

Exactly! What was the point in moving?

Guess it was the 3rd bedroom...

I've watched far too much t&t!

ChasedByBees Sat 19-Jul-14 18:39:30

Surely the most annoying child is their new neighbourhood friend? She is now responsible for my two year old saying 'snap!' a lot.

HauntedNoddyCar Sat 19-Jul-14 18:43:10

Chased there is something irritating about Josie. Has the look of a woman you couldn't trust around men.

Joy is def on prozac

HauntedNoddyCar Sat 19-Jul-14 18:45:08

And I hate Joy and Brian for having done their house in 7 minutes whilst we haven't in 7 minutes. I realise I may be BU.

HauntedNoddyCar Sat 19-Jul-14 18:45:49

Months I mean. Bah.

YorkshireTeaGold Sat 19-Jul-14 18:48:53

And why do they refer to them by their names every time?

"Lets go Topsy and Tim"
"So Topsy and Tim"
"We're moving house Topsy and Tim"


YorkshireTeaGold Sat 19-Jul-14 18:51:52

Well haunted they probably did do it in 7 minutes because they're so FUCKING PERFECT

JumpingBarney Sat 19-Jul-14 18:52:23

I hate Tony Welch. He looks like a sly one.

JumpingBarney Sat 19-Jul-14 18:53:04

Oh and my DD has started saying "double pleeeeease". I hate it.

skuntoo Sat 19-Jul-14 18:54:34

My Dc's love it and we have only recently started watching it. What is Topsy real name/ short for blush its really bugging me!!!!

HauntedNoddyCar Sat 19-Jul-14 18:58:45

Yorkshire yes perfect Joy took 7 minutes. We will take 7 months. And counting.

Not that you'd know that from my garbled post. smile

TalcumPowder Sat 19-Jul-14 19:06:23

For the love of God, will someone explain to me why Tony Welch (Welsh? Walsh?) is always referred to as Tony Welch by everyone, never just Tony?

I've loathed him since the episode where he and Tim made a cardboard figure of Tim and danced around the living room, with TW pulling the most excruciating 'funky white boy' moves and shrugging his shirt off his shoulders. I hope the twins' bunk beds give him rabies or something. And his mother is also on some mood-altering substance.

Arielthelittlemermaid Sat 19-Jul-14 19:06:53

My children adore this programme. The twins do have pretty good manners/behaviour which I'm happy for them to be influenced by... but yes the perkiness of the Mum puts me to shame blush

HauntedNoddyCar Sat 19-Jul-14 19:09:52

Tony Welch cried at the dentist.

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