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to think "my pool, my rules"

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Vingtdeux22 Fri 18-Jul-14 20:09:28

We have a swimming pool in the garden. The garden has high fences and is not overlooked. When I have guests I will wear both halves of a bikini, when I am alone, I am happy to leave the top off and sometimes not to bother at all. My attitude is "my pool, my rules" and as long as I am not subjecting anyone else to my attire or lack of it to think that this is my business. Besides, I hate the feel of a wet swimming costume if I can avoid it.

callamia Fri 18-Jul-14 20:10:06


LuisSuarezTeeth Fri 18-Jul-14 20:10:16

Who is complaining?

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 18-Jul-14 20:10:56

Does anyone care?

libertytrainers Fri 18-Jul-14 20:10:57

and? surely you can do what you want in your own property confused

DragonMamma Fri 18-Jul-14 20:11:28

What's the point of your post? Has anybody moaned?

ThatBloodyWoman Fri 18-Jul-14 20:11:33

No problem with that from me smile

sarahquilt Fri 18-Jul-14 20:12:57

So what?

PrimalLass Fri 18-Jul-14 20:13:01

Stealth boast grin

AtYourCervix Fri 18-Jul-14 20:13:04

I am shocked to the very core. You absolute hussey! How very dare you? and who bloody cares?

gamerchick Fri 18-Jul-14 20:13:35

Meh air out your clunge if you want.. I don't understand what you're asking.. High privacy.. knock yourself out.

Blatent stealth boast

i) you have a pool
ii) you have norks that don't require industrial support at all times

TheHouseatWhoCorner Fri 18-Jul-14 20:15:15

I have the same rule (not that I've got a pool).

dawndonnaagain Fri 18-Jul-14 20:15:23

whoop di doo.

blatant - I am having vowel problems!

catinbootz Fri 18-Jul-14 20:19:35


FrancesNiadova Fri 18-Jul-14 20:20:29

I don't have a pool & thanks to BC I'm 1 boob short of a full set too grin.

Bowlersarm Fri 18-Jul-14 20:21:05

Your problem is......?

HecatePropylaea Fri 18-Jul-14 20:22:12

So who has said something?

anyoldname76 Fri 18-Jul-14 20:22:55

That's good to know hmm

BellMcEnd Fri 18-Jul-14 20:23:49

Well, hurrah!

ICanHearYou Fri 18-Jul-14 20:23:53

Do you wee in it?

HoneyDragon Fri 18-Jul-14 20:24:40

Where is the the reasonable vs unreasonable bit?

WanderingTrolley1 Fri 18-Jul-14 20:25:40

Do what the hell you want - doesn't seem that anyone actually gives a damn, anyway.

MollyHooper Fri 18-Jul-14 20:27:38


God might see.

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