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What's the weirdest food you have eaten.

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ICanSeeTheSun Thu 10-Jul-14 22:42:54

I know it's not technically aibu.

Mine has to be a deep fried mars bar, so sickly but so nice.

MexicanSpringtime Sat 19-Jul-14 05:12:43

Grasshoppers, absolutely delicious. A friend had a grasshoppers feast every year and I went but didn't eat the grasshoppers until one year I was the last to arrive and was served up and everybody was watching me, so I had no choice, then I found out what I had foolishly been missing all those years.

cloudyatlas Sat 19-Jul-14 01:16:43

Airag, in Mongolia. Technically a drink, not a food... It's fermented, fuzzy, sour, slightly alcoholic mares' milk. Absolutely horrible, but you will be given a whole soup bowl to drink and if you manage to stomach it out of politeness you will be given a refill!

VanGogh Tue 15-Jul-14 16:06:01

<takes notes>

OOOH! I'm very excited at the prospect of new flavours to try!!!

Bankholidaybaby Mon 14-Jul-14 23:46:42

VanGogh - have you had soursop? My husband and I love it but can only get it for a few weeks a year at a market stall in west London, half an hour's drive from home. I've looked all over but that's the only place outside of the Caribbean I can find it.

GrouchyKiwi Sun 13-Jul-14 17:54:01

Mmm, feijoas and tamarillos. Makes me miss NZ.

Weirdest thing I've ever eaten is a Mongolian "sweet" made from mutton fat. It wasn't sweet, I think it was just fat. But it's what passes for a treat on the steppes.

Cruikshank Sun 13-Jul-14 16:10:13

Tamarillos and feijoas are lovely. I think my favourite though was pitahaya, closely followed by lulo, guanabana, zapote, uchuva ... fuck it, they were all fantastic.

MaMaPo Sun 13-Jul-14 01:14:44

Oh, I love tamarillos! My mother grows them and often gets a huge crop.

I love feijoas too. They can be quite expensive and then we found my grandmother had a feijoa tree in her backyard. Delish.

PetulaGordino Sun 13-Jul-14 00:35:25

I was offered lots of tamarillo / tree tomato juice in South America. I didn't like it - it wasn't vile it just wasn't to my taste, lots of the people I was with loved it

Rather depressingly aubergine and celeriac are found in the "exotic vegetables" section of the sainsbury's I was in the other day

Cruikshank Sat 12-Jul-14 23:36:50

VanGogh, here are loads of types of fruit and veg (especially root veg) that are only available in certain countries. I'm thinking especially of S America where you have roadside kiosks selling fruit drinks of maybe 20 different varieties (they squeeze them and mix them with ice and either milk or water for you), none of which I have seen in the UK. And then in lots of parts of Africa you get different root veggies that people boil the fuck out of and use a stews, none of which are available here.

The weirdest (culturally, not actually) thing I've ever eaten was probably guinea pig - when I say it was culturally weird, that was just because we're used to thinking of them as pets rather than as a foodstuff - the taste itself was not dissimilar to chicken. Oh yes and what I am pretty sure was dog when I was in Russia - that certainly wasn't the fucking chicken that it was billed as.

VanGogh Sat 12-Jul-14 23:31:15

Don't say durian. I tried that in Singapore. Twas VILE!!!

VanGogh Sat 12-Jul-14 23:30:15

There's no such thing as an exotic vegetable any more really... Is there? Anyone got an awesome fruit or veg that I haven't tried?!!

VanGogh Sat 12-Jul-14 23:29:07

Ooh!!! Llama and Zebra too!!!

AlleyCat11 Sat 12-Jul-14 23:29:02

Tinned tuna

VanGogh Sat 12-Jul-14 23:27:40

Fish's swim bladder (Hong Kong)
Tea Eggs (also HK)

Alligator, Shark, Dog, Horse, Kangaroo, Ants, Scorpion to name but a few.

I'm pretty open to trying new things!

somuchtosortout Sat 12-Jul-14 23:12:17

Nanny I was going to mention the mice skewers! (now live in Malawi). Did you see the fried termites?!

somuchtosortout Sat 12-Jul-14 23:08:29

Stew with cow hide and fresh water snails. Snails the size of my fist. Cow hide basically unchewable bits of leather. The whole thing smelt like something decomposing.

could not bring myself to taste.

FreudiansSlipper Sat 12-Jul-14 14:12:31

Goat curry is lovely

Camel butter is not so nice

FreudiansSlipper Sat 12-Jul-14 14:05:59

Dog in Vietnam think it tasted like beef

Was offered monkey brain I declined

Crocodile tasted odd fishy with a tough chicken texture and kangaroo steaks they were quite nice

A smoked banana leaf filled with gelatine I took a bite pretend I was full it was revolting another delicacy was roasted forest rat being full from the disguised gelatine I got away with not offending anyone (this was in Laos)

millimurphy Sat 12-Jul-14 13:56:16

Not everyone eats animals hmm.

Ilovenewts Sat 12-Jul-14 13:48:39

I'm with Molly. Would never eat something like shark fin soup. A group of us once walked out of a restaurant when we saw it on the menu.

Ilovenewts Sat 12-Jul-14 13:45:11

Kangaroo is ok. Not as nice as steak but quite nice.
Buffalo is pretty much the same.
Ostrich I've eaten.
Warthog pate - v nice.
I've eaten goat - was lovely. I was going to try camel on holiday but it was over priced so I didn't.
I wouldn't eat durian if my life depended on it. Even the smell of the uncut fruit makes me heave.

bigdog888 Sat 12-Jul-14 13:35:53

Like I said molly get over it.

Lweji Sat 12-Jul-14 12:30:34

I agree with molly in that eating animals is one thing.
Eating animals that died a slow death and were mistreated is another thing.

foofooyeah Sat 12-Jul-14 12:04:15

Spicy sea slug!

sherazade Sat 12-Jul-14 11:58:38

I've had stuffed goat many a time in the UAE it tastes like a lovelier and even more tender version Of lamb, i didnt think it was a weird food.

The oddest thing I've had is shark meat and i actually de gutted and cleaned the darned thing before cooking it!

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