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What's the weirdest food you have eaten.

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ICanSeeTheSun Thu 10-Jul-14 22:42:54

I know it's not technically aibu.

Mine has to be a deep fried mars bar, so sickly but so nice.

HowsTheSerenity Thu 10-Jul-14 22:59:07

Wichity grubs
Sea urchin

Mrsjayy Thu 10-Jul-14 22:59:43

Tesco used to sell kangaroo dh tried it says it was nice I wasnt brave enough

PetulaGordino Thu 10-Jul-14 23:00:52

mopani worms. tasted fine, weird texture. i only ate the one
smoked crocodile tail - like smoked chicken

ICanSeeTheSun Thu 10-Jul-14 23:02:05

I used a savoury one.

bumpiesonamission Thu 10-Jul-14 23:05:24

Guinea pig
Agoute (small capiebara)

londonrach Thu 10-Jul-14 23:13:20

Think forced to eat crocodile in Florida once might have eaten shark. And there was that mussel pie that my sister and were really enjoying as teenagers and asked parents what the black bits were....totally put us off pie for ages...

londonrach Thu 10-Jul-14 23:13:55

Why does everything taste if chicken. Is it default taste

21questions Thu 10-Jul-14 23:17:50

chicken feet - more meat on them than you would think

okilydokily Thu 10-Jul-14 23:18:01

Fish brain

Wetthemogwai Thu 10-Jul-14 23:21:37

Dp ate a teabag for 50p when he was younger

fuzzpig Thu 10-Jul-14 23:24:48

In Spain with my parents when I was young, found a naice hotel restaurant with a fixed menu. As a between course palate cleansing thing they brought out some pink sorbet in a little silver bowl.

Yummy, thought I.

Except it was thyme sorbet.

I STILL remember the vileness and it was 15 years ago!

GoringBit Thu 10-Jul-14 23:25:46

Some weird ones...
Beaver - dried and cured, served with a pineapple salsa. Weird and nasty.
Dried fish - like fish-flavoured, thinly sliced doormat. Inedible.
Puffin - supposedly smoked, but effectively a small slab of raw meat. The taste was fine, but I couldn't get past the wobbling and oozing.
Minkie whale - very conflicted about eating it, but it was delicious.

But the weirdest...
Fermented shark - it's buried in sand for 3-6 months to draw out its toxins, and is so incredibly stinky, it's served in a sealed jar. Didn't taste quite as bad as it smelled. Never. Again.

GoringBit Thu 10-Jul-14 23:32:01

The fermented shark...

GoringBit Thu 10-Jul-14 23:33:58

Picture upload fail. Bah.

Branleuse Thu 10-Jul-14 23:36:41

is goat weird??

ive eaten goat and horse, and frogs legs

Preciousbane Thu 10-Jul-14 23:37:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Branleuse Thu 10-Jul-14 23:37:54

is goat weird??

ive eaten goat and horse, and frogs legs

FrancesNiadova Thu 10-Jul-14 23:49:27

Saucisson de l' anè! DH well, He all He all He always says, "no thanks," to this Ile de Rè delicacy!

Primafacie Thu 10-Jul-14 23:49:46

Goat, horse and frog's legs are pretty mainstream, non?

I've had live ants. And seal meat.

PiperRose Thu 10-Jul-14 23:50:07

I love snails!

Primafacie Thu 10-Jul-14 23:51:00

Snails are yum. I could have escargots beurre a l'ail right now.

Primafacie Thu 10-Jul-14 23:51:21

X post! smile

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 10-Jul-14 23:54:31


bayrans Thu 10-Jul-14 23:54:55

Deep fried tarantula in Cambodia.
It was crunchy.
I still have nightmares.

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 10-Jul-14 23:56:21

And chocolate ants (but not with the jellyfish)

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