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I've just got really annoyed with dh because he said the tea lady at work is lovely & really 'cheers him up' - AIBU?

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shakethetree Mon 07-Jul-14 07:45:48

He said she's attractive hmm and when she asks him if he's had a good day she sounds like she really means it - he went on to say she's like that with everyone, but it was when he said she really cheers him up I got a bit annoyed.

Was I being unreasonable?

GretchenWiener Mon 07-Jul-14 07:46:10


JakeBullet Mon 07-Jul-14 07:47:09

Yes....she cheers him up, is a bright point in a dull day. So what?
Doesn't mean he wants to jump her bones.

Llareggub Mon 07-Jul-14 07:47:38

Of course you are.

PandaFeet Mon 07-Jul-14 07:49:09


He would hardly tell you about someone if he was madly in love with them, would he?

ilovesooty Mon 07-Jul-14 07:49:17

He said she cheers him up, not that he wanted to shag her. YABU.

MissMarplesBloomers Mon 07-Jul-14 07:49:50


He was possibly being a little tactless but he was mentioning she brightened up his + others day. If he was screwing her behind the filing cabinets he wouldn't tell you!

DumDumDeeDay Mon 07-Jul-14 07:50:19

Yes yabu

RumAppleGinger Mon 07-Jul-14 07:50:36

Yes, YABU. I have no idea why another person cheering up your DH would annoy you.

ivykaty44 Mon 07-Jul-14 07:54:19

Yabu and selfish

capitalc Mon 07-Jul-14 07:54:51

just tell him how the window cleaner or postman brighten your day , and how attractive they are .

KnackeredMuchly Mon 07-Jul-14 07:55:02


Minnieisthedevilmouse Mon 07-Jul-14 07:56:16


And rather oddly jealous....?

maras2 Mon 07-Jul-14 07:57:44

Anyone who can cheer people up whilst doing the tea round deserves to be thought of fondly.Don't be so silly.

goshdarnit Mon 07-Jul-14 07:58:31

Ooh, I think you might need to sort your jealousy issues...
He's being a regular human being interacting with other humans.

shakethetree Mon 07-Jul-14 07:58:39

I'm annoyed because it's Monday morning & he mentioned her - he probably can't wait to get to work.

MBT1987 Mon 07-Jul-14 08:00:04

Your DH is fraternising with other women (aka THE ENEMY)?

The horror. A pretty coworker takes an interest in him on a personal level and it helps add a little colour to what is probably a weary day.

As opposed to busting his bollocks, maybe you could try genuinely taking an interesting his day, as opposed to being a grouch on MN. Take the hint.

Amrapaali Mon 07-Jul-14 08:01:20

YANBU. The fact he also mentioned that she is attractive would make me twitchy. Certain things, partners should keep to themselves.

Amrapaali Mon 07-Jul-14 08:02:52

Oh and ignore the oh-so-cool wives on here who say"it's all fine"....

It's human nature to feel a prick of jealousy, however unfounded it may be.

ilovesooty Mon 07-Jul-14 08:03:26

I'm amazed that someone can get "twitchy" about a comment like that.

ilovesooty Mon 07-Jul-14 08:05:09

Oh here we go. "cool wives" gets trotted out again.

settingsitting Mon 07-Jul-14 08:05:30

Are you the jealous type?

Has he past form for anything?

settingsitting Mon 07-Jul-14 08:07:34

Personally, if it carries on bothering you, I would ask to be introduced or wait outside of work with him so that you can see or meet her.
Better than imagining all sorts.

shakethetree Mon 07-Jul-14 08:10:07

He hasn't got past form no - & I can be a bit jealous at times, ( can't we all ? ) but it was the way he said it more than anything, & why say it at all? - I wouldn't say that about the milkman, even if he was attractive & cheered me up, because I'd know to keep that to myself.

Euphemia Mon 07-Jul-14 08:11:09

I'm jealous of a workplace with someone who brings tea. envy

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