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Pil gave DC wine

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Dogmatix34 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:22:36

May be being precious about this but DS (6) told us tonight that PIL gave him and DD (3) wine last night with dinner. They were babysitting for us at their house. They also gave them champagne today while we were there but that was to celebrate SIL engagement and I just poured it into my glass after the cheers. I could understand that but not the wine with dinner thing. AIBU?

CocktailQueen Sun 06-Jul-14 21:23:54

Did they really? I'd check with your pils. Could your DS be wrong at all?

RoganJosh Sun 06-Jul-14 21:24:19

Well it's illegal for the younger one to have it.

MagpieMama Sun 06-Jul-14 21:24:53

Are you sure it was wine?
My family used to give me lemonade with a tiny splash of wine in. I'd drink it out of a wine glass like the adults and refer to it as wine but really there was only a tiny amount in there.

ScarlettDragon Sun 06-Jul-14 21:26:07

Was it really wine? I quite often give my dds "wine" or "champagne" which is actually just orangeade in fancy plastic wine glasses. I'd check first before having a go at them.

WeirdCatLady Sun 06-Jul-14 21:26:14

I'm were okay with them having champagne but not wine?

They were probably allowed a small sip, if it even happened (not calling them liars, I mean that they may have got confused.)

naturalbaby Sun 06-Jul-14 21:26:30

Speak to your IL's. Could it have been that non-alcoholic soft drink (Schloer?).

SourSweets Sun 06-Jul-14 21:26:33

YANBU to be annoyed at that.

Just to reassure you though, my uncle gave me beer when I was 6 and I had a ball. I have very fond memories of that night! No lasting damage. Just make sure they know not to do it again!

Backtobedlam Sun 06-Jul-14 21:26:50

I was going to say the same, to check. My dc's sometimes have 'bubbles' to celebrate, we have champagne and they have lemonade in a champagne flute. Maybe it was something like that? If it turns out it was actually a glass of wine id go mental!

TallyGrenshall Sun 06-Jul-14 21:28:48

I would check. DS has 'wine' with dinner sometimes except it's Schloer

bellarations Sun 06-Jul-14 21:29:19

3 is far too young
I have let my 6yo have a sip of sparking wine, she never likes it but is satisfies her curiosity.
My teenagers, I do allow 1 small glass for a special occasion.
They should have definitely asked you first.

steff13 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:30:32

I'd check, as PP have said. Maybe they gave them juice in a wine glass.

Did they give your husband wine when he was little?

Dogmatix34 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:32:03

Yes, will check facts. Seeing how freely they poured the champagne for them I fear it may have been! They are clearly fine but it seems such an irresponsible thing to do. I'll get DH to get the facts from them properly.

londonrach Sun 06-Jul-14 21:32:04

Check with il first..

partialderivative Sun 06-Jul-14 23:15:24

So... what were the 'facts'?

Do you normally get on with your in-laws?

RoganJosh Mon 07-Jul-14 07:59:23

It's sometimes a generation thing. My mum gave DD a sip of wine in a restaurant when DD was 9 months old. She didn't see any problem with it.

Lagoonablue Mon 07-Jul-14 08:05:08

When I stayed with friends in Italy it was usual for the kids to have a small glass of wine with water in it. But different culture over there I guess wrt alcohol.

sashh Mon 07-Jul-14 08:09:46

When I was a kid a neighbour came round to have a go at my dad for giving his son wine.

It was 'Duck Wine' - ie tap water, AKA corporation pop

JustMarriedBecca Mon 07-Jul-14 08:24:21

I agree that it might not BE wine. I used to be allowed an 'Orange Surprise' cocktail which consisted of Orange and....Lemonade....and ICE

EVEN if it is wine, my parents used to let me try their wine with dinner. It put me off the taste until I was 18. Better to try a small sip at 6 with adult supervision than be drinking it in the park at 12.

thegreylady Mon 07-Jul-14 08:30:57

Mine used to think Ribena was wine. It is so sugary that they rarely had it so I made it in wineglasses so they didn't feel left out. Sparkling water with a drop of elderflower cordial was 'champagne'.

Dogmatix34 Tue 08-Jul-14 16:52:46

How embarrassing! Checked with in laws and was indeed black currant cordial. Was also my DH that poured the champagne! Thank you wise mumsnetters for getting me to check facts.

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Tue 08-Jul-14 17:02:07

Glad to hear it was crossed wires.
My DD once came home from a day trip with the in laws looking very sheepish. I asked her what was wrong, and she said "Grandma took me gambling!" shock I had visions of her in a casino... turned out they had gone to the amusements on the sea front and been given 50pence worth of 2p's to play on the slots. Hardly serious gambling, but her Grandad had said they were gambling so DD was worried we would not be happy as she had seen the casino adds that said gambling was for over 18s only.
I am sure she will have told others we gave her wine at Christmas, but it was Shloer in a plastic wine glass. Need to stop calling it kids booze!

GobblersKnob Tue 08-Jul-14 17:05:31

My pils have their first gc wine from the ago age of two hmm, they think I am incredibly prissy because I won't let mine partake, they try to sneak it to them too!

LineRunner Tue 08-Jul-14 17:10:42

See, another AIBU that all turned out well in the end.

Dogmatix34 Tue 08-Jul-14 17:23:59

Poor MIL was mortified that I thought they had given them alcohol but it is the sort of thing they might do! Love the gambling story princess

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