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To find 'hubster' one of the most annoying words ever?

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Dontmakemecometovegas Sun 29-Jun-14 19:48:57

It's up there will 'hollibobs' for me.

I think the sentence 'off on hollibobs with the hubster' (which I've just seen on FB) might tip me over the edge.

TalcumPowder Sun 29-Jun-14 19:51:09

No one actually says that, surely to God...?

Dontmakemecometovegas Sun 29-Jun-14 19:52:11

You wouldn't think so would you.

I've had to hide it.

Joysmum Sun 29-Jun-14 19:55:11

Mumsnet using DH for darling husband I find really fucking annoying but do it to fit in. I've never used the term 'darling husband' in real life and never will.

5yearsandcounting Sun 29-Jun-14 19:56:26

Hubster!? Haven't heard that one before but hubby makes me cringe.

Watercolourfootballs Sun 29-Jun-14 19:57:49

Someone I know calls their husband 'hubster' she also regularly goes our for 'fizz'.

This is among the least irritating things she posts on fb. My DH feels desperately sorry for her DH.

Anniegetyourgun Sun 29-Jun-14 19:57:52

I don't object to any word implying "husband" as long as it has "ex" in front of it.

HermioneWeasley Sun 29-Jun-14 19:58:03


I nearly unfriended someone for saying "jollibobs" on FB

Also "yumsk"

HermioneWeasley Sun 29-Jun-14 19:58:42

grin at Watercolour

Watercolourfootballs Sun 29-Jun-14 20:00:37

I look wonderful by comparison Hermione so it's win win. grin

Needaninsight Sun 29-Jun-14 20:01:06

Bubba is far more annoying. He's my BABY fgs. Not a bubba !

Watercolourfootballs Sun 29-Jun-14 20:01:15

Yumsk? Very very wrong.

Watercolourfootballs Sun 29-Jun-14 20:04:53

Need We have not one but 2 relatives who insist on peppering their FB posts with comments about their 'bubs' or even lord help me 'bubz'. Their friends usually reply with some found of 'Hun-ing'.

I have suspicions that these ladies are not MNers are may even have a sparkly ticker tape somewhere the shame

StickyEmInTheRibs Sun 29-Jun-14 20:06:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KirjavaTheCat Sun 29-Jun-14 20:06:26

Yabu. I nominate bubs.

MaeMobley Sun 29-Jun-14 20:07:10

YANBU at all. Bub is also irritating.

SirChenjin Sun 29-Jun-14 20:10:48

Oh that is bad grin

As bad as -
Lil' man
Lil' Princess
Sexy lil' <anything related to a child>
Cheeky glass of wine/cake/cigarette

DeadCert Sun 29-Jun-14 20:11:40

I'm with joysmum on this one - frankly, DH/DS/DD is so toe curling lay awful I can't believe we all do it.

Hubster, makes my shit itch.

littlemisssarcastic Sun 29-Jun-14 20:15:02

And 'hubba'.

Arghhhhhh my eyes, my eyes!!!

KirjavaTheCat Sun 29-Jun-14 20:15:14

Ohh yes 'cheeky' food angry

Going into town for a cheeky drinkypoos with my bezzie mates, then off for a cheeky curry, then home for a cheeky lil night in with the fella coz it would be rude not to rly.

SirChenjin Sun 29-Jun-14 20:16:26

I know - have a bloody glass of wine or don't. You're an adult, it's allowed

HermioneWeasley Sun 29-Jun-14 20:52:07


Ladyface Sun 29-Jun-14 20:56:36

Yanbu - it's up there with date night, nom nom and bestie.

flipchart Sun 29-Jun-14 20:58:36

I honestly can't get worked up about other people's terms. Of affection. Why should I?

TheCatsBollocks Sun 29-Jun-14 21:01:16

Oh god one of my friends says hubster on FB. Makes me twitch when I see it.

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