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to ask you to share your experiences of a Wendy

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OnlyWantsOne Sat 28-Jun-14 20:00:31

Reading other threads about relationships with friends has got me thinking about women in my life who have made deliberate and calculated efforts to exclude me from having a relationship with one of my close friends.

She's a bit odd tbh. What grown woman turns up at another person's house unannounced with a bottle of wine and an over night bag for a "GIRLY SLEEPOVER" and basically takes over the house and has a jealous rage about friend texting any one else when she's with her. Making face book status about how much they love each other etc. I let them get on with it now but when it first happened I was really upset

shouldbeelsewhere Sat 28-Jun-14 20:20:50

I'm not sure what a Wendy is.
But if someone turned up unannounced and my house and was all "girly sleepover" I'd tell them to jog on.

londonrach Sat 28-Jun-14 20:21:52

Wendy? Is that like Burger King

TheFirstOfHerName Sat 28-Jun-14 20:24:22

I have a friend who isn't a Wendy but she is a bit possessive. We have recently had a couple of very traumatic life events and she was put out that she wasn't the first person I called when they happened. shock

I had a friend called Wendy when I was at school.

No to unannounced sleepovers here too.

TruJay Sat 28-Jun-14 20:30:18

londonrach that reminded me of Chandler on Friends "It was a Wendy's!"


chosenone Sat 28-Jun-14 20:35:14

Oh god I had one briefly.....moved 250 miles away when dh was in forces. Was given number of another forces wife whilst they were away on tour. Very quickly she became very possessive and would want to meet up all the time. She looked at houses on her road we could move into (id known her weeks ) when I talked about best friends from home she would get insanely jealous ! It was creepy. When I couldn't meet her one weekend as I was visiting home, she rang me and hurled a huge amount of abuse about what a shit friend I was, id let het down etc etc. . all completely freaked me out tbh but she had had a disastrous childhood and seemed to push people away to see if theyd stick around. I didnt.

londonrach Sat 28-Jun-14 20:40:02

Tru,...which friends as I thought I knew all of them and seems I need to revisit them. ( really pleased tru mentioned this as I now have excuse.....)

TruJay Sat 28-Jun-14 20:46:27

Its the one when he has to give his sperm sample and is dreading doing it. And Janice says "what, u can do it in a Taco Bell but not in a doctors office?!" and he says "it was a Wendy's!"
I'm actually reading that in their voices as I write it haha

Btw u never need an excuse to watch Friends! I love it!

and sorry Only for derailing the thread

SquigglySquid Sat 28-Jun-14 20:48:45

What's a Wendy?

Mintyy Sat 28-Jun-14 20:49:50


pictish Sat 28-Jun-14 20:52:06

What are you upset about?'s not quite clear. Your friend has picked up an overbearing, jealous friend? Is that it?

londonrach Sat 28-Jun-14 20:53:04

I remember now tru but have forgotten think I have to rewatch every episode. Can I blame you tru? Hubby won't like. Op can you explain Wendy it us just a Burger King.

TruJay Sat 28-Jun-14 20:57:45

Of course, blame away!

Indeed all episodes must be watched purely for research purposes only of course

Well my hubby actually bought me th one with all ten seasons box set as an Xmas prezzie so he can't really complain when i put it on yet he does enjoy them too just not to the obsessed extent that i do!!

hamptoncourt Sat 28-Jun-14 21:01:31

I think a Wendy is someone you befriend, but then they take over your friendship group, manage to manipulate your old friend into excluding you and you are then left with no mates and have to move on and make new friends......

londonrach Sat 28-Jun-14 21:05:53

Glad you got a sensible hubby tru.... Which one your fav? Sorry op high hacking your post. I'm lucky I've never know a Wendy but do know there are burger bars called it. Hampton court are you near Hampton court in which case hi neighbour. (Waves).

pictish Sat 28-Jun-14 21:12:58

hampton spot on.
There is a lot of disbelief surrounding this on mn. I think a lot of people assume that the person who is 'wendied' is actually the problematic one who is in denial...and perhaps in some cases that's true, but unless you've had this horrible thing happen to you, it's difficult to understand.

I got royally wendied years ago. Couldn't believe what was happening!

hamptoncourt Sat 28-Jun-14 21:17:32

Another Friends fanatic here grin

Not near Hampton Court sorry, it's a Stately Homes name.

Am waving back though!!!

IndiansInTheLobby Sat 28-Jun-14 21:18:04

I know plenty of women like this who I've watched do it to others. They don't tend to pick me for some reason touch wood.

YouTheCat Sat 28-Jun-14 21:18:36

I don't think I have ever been wendied.

Might be because I haven't got any friends. grin

Tbh if something like that had happened to my younger self I would have been devastated but, as I'm an old bugger now, I'd think of it as a blessed relief that I found out my 'friends' were a shallow bunch of sheep.

TruJay Sat 28-Jun-14 21:22:05

Ooh I couldn't pick just one but

The one with the cheap wedding dress

The one the stain "I'm leaning, this is where I lean!"

The one where Joey learns French "oh de foof"

And absolutely love the one where Joey is building the entertainment unit and Chandler falls over half of his bedroom door haha and when Joey's drilling the wall and chandler comes out and he says "oh sorry did i get u?" "No u didn't get me, u get me u kill me!"

too funny, I'm actually laughing my head off now!
That's to name a few, how about u?

heads upstairs to fetch the boxset

kelper Sat 28-Jun-14 21:23:10

I've been spectacularly Wendied recently, it's upset me quite a lot, but I'm waiting for the rest of the group to realise what happened.
I've found more friends since but i think my particular Wendy is trying to spread discord around other people i talk to as well, fuck knows what I've done to piss her off, but its worse than school!!! My mum saw her the othe day and said she had a spiteful looking face. perhaps thats it, watch out for spiteful looking women smile

TruJay Sat 28-Jun-14 21:24:33

And just so i am vaguely contributing to the actual point of this thread i have not yet been wendied, what a shitty thing to do to someone but as youthecat says probably best u find out who your true friends arr

TruJay Sat 28-Jun-14 21:25:50

True friends are I'm not a pirate honestly

YouTheCat Sat 28-Jun-14 21:31:12

Arrrr grin

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