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wonderingsoul Sat 28-Jun-14 19:25:54

Not really an ibu but it's a nice thread so sue me.

I got my first pay check in 5 years so I thought I'd treat my self to some perfume, I'm a cleaner so it can't be to fancy or I'd feel silly.

Iv tried a few but I can't find any I like.

Has any one got or tried amazing grace by philosophy?

What's your favourite perfume and why?

catgirl1976 Sat 28-Jun-14 19:28:45

My favourite is Tom Ford Black Orchid, but it is v pricey so I very rarely have it.

I like Vivienne Westwoods Boudoir, the Agent Provocateur one (the original) and DKNY delicious as well

catgirl1976 Sat 28-Jun-14 19:29:30

As to why, the Tom Ford and the VW are very sexy scents. The AP one is light and easy to wear and the DKNY one is really fresh and yummy

HappyAgainOneDay Sat 28-Jun-14 19:29:48

Well, it's not my favourite perfume but mine was complimented the other day by a friend. She asked what it was and didn't believe me when I said it was an Aldi cheapo at £3.99. It was in a 'Special' sale time though so won't be available now. There's a shop called Savers where you can buy nice perfume otherwise I'd go for Nina Ricci or Worth or Anais Anais any time. Estee Lauder as well. I just like the fragrances.

MamaPain Sat 28-Jun-14 19:31:54

My favourite is Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise, but I recently bought Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, as it's only available in the summer and I think smells like a holiday. I've received lots of compliments.

What perfumes do you like?

ditavonteesed Sat 28-Jun-14 19:32:35

I love vivienne westwoods boudiour as well, had some a friend bought me years ago but run out and will never be affording it again, also a big fan of John Paul Gautier original.

wonderingsoul Sat 28-Jun-14 19:32:41

Ohh we have a savers, I'll check them out to.

Iv tried perfume shop and debemhams... Though I felt a bit stupid in the perfume shop, felt like I was annoying the staff that was helping me so I left pretty quick

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 28-Jun-14 19:33:15

I have that one, OP. I'm not fond of it myself but it's a light, soapy fragrance. It reminds me of baby bubble bath.

What sort of fragrance do you like? I'm with catgirlon VW's Boudoir, one of my all time favourites but it's not to everyone's taste. I also like DKNY's 'Be Delicious', smells of green apples.

What about Ghost 'Sweetheart'? That's not a wickedly expensive one and it's almost a cocoa/floral smell. I love it.

Today though I'm wearing Jasper Conran's 'Woman'. Don't get into that one if you can help it, you can't buy it in the shops now so it's an expensive addiction.

Jo Malone's fragrances are nice too.

What's your favourite sort of smell?

wonderingsoul Sat 28-Jun-14 19:35:13

I like diesel, most ck ones, ghost sweet heart and antipaction, and John Paul. Pink woman bottle?

I'm after something fresh and clean, like you just stepped out a bath.. It's hard to.explain but sometime I walk past people and they just smell clean.

catgirl1976 Sat 28-Jun-14 19:37:27

DSIS wears Clinique (? I think - or is it Clarins) Happy. She always smells very fresh and clean

SweetPeaPods Sat 28-Jun-14 19:38:46

Have you looked at the Marc Jacobs range? My favourite is daisy.

MamaPain Sat 28-Jun-14 19:38:56

Try the website Fragrantica. You search the perfumes you like and it will tell you similar ones or what people who like that recommend. Also tells you what is in the scent so you can identify if there are any particular ingredients you like.

strawberryblondebint Sat 28-Jun-14 19:43:48

If you look on perfume parlour website they do copies in oils. Search for dov. It smells exactly like dove. Never had so many nice compliments at work.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 28-Jun-14 19:48:18

I think you'll like Amazing Grace then, OP. I also have 'Pure Grace' - also clean-smelling and soppy.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 28-Jun-14 19:48:46

That would be 'soapy', not 'soppy'. blush

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Sat 28-Jun-14 19:53:15

Have you looked in Morrisons?(weird, no?) they have Dkny for about 20 quid a Prada one for similar. Tommy for men and women less than a tenner.(I'm off on payday)

Pumpkinpositive Sat 28-Jun-14 19:53:38

I've just finished a bottle of Module 01. Nice enough, but didn't quite live up to the promises of a friend ("men will climb you like a tree").

They didn't. confused

wonderingsoul Sat 28-Jun-14 19:54:13

Ok great thank you, esp like the dove smell, if only they had a imperial soap perfume

I'll try the website,itz useful to have other views and knowing the smells perfumes hard to pick at times.

Morrigu Sat 28-Jun-14 19:55:37

MamaPain beat me to recommending the Fragrantica site.

Favourite for me is Issey Miyake l'eau d'issey. I order my perfume from as you can get some perfumes miles cheaper than the shops and always arrives quickly (am in no way affliated or employed by them grin)

wonderingsoul Sat 28-Jun-14 19:59:24

Oh I just Googled dove oil and found loads of soap roll on oils.
Cheap to so may order some of them to :-) thank you.

TheSpottedZebra Sat 28-Jun-14 20:02:04

For a clean scent, also have a sniff of Jennifer Lopez Glow (not the others, not blue glow, Miami glow etc etc) - much nicer than you'd expect, and really clean and 'soapy'.

Waltonswatcher Sat 28-Jun-14 20:40:03

Yuck ! I hate smelly stuff , I always worry about what I am breathing in .
But op I am really pleased for you , it's nice to be girlie and to treat yourself - hope you find one you like .

itsnothingoriginal Sat 28-Jun-14 21:57:35

Fragantica is a brilliant site - just put in the type of scent you prefer and there'll be loads of perfumes to try!

I love perfume especially Lancome but currently wear Jimmy Choo 'Flash' which I adore as its really an unusual fragrance.

BOFster Sat 28-Jun-14 22:01:50

I'm amazed to find so many VW Boudoir fans here- I don't know anyone else but me that wears it!

I second The Perfume Parlour- brilliant value.

SecretWitch Sat 28-Jun-14 22:02:57

I had Amazing Grace but developed bad headaches whilst wearing it. I love citrus, fresh scents like Versace's Bright Crystal.

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