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to think SIL should have stayed away from us?

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ShadowFall Sat 28-Jun-14 11:57:23

We are visiting PILs at the minute. SIL lives near PILs.

Earlier this week, one of BILs (SILs husband) close relatives was taken ill with bacterial meningitis. SIL has been spending a lot of time visiting him,holding his hand etc n ITU. Relative is responding well to treatment although still in ITU.

Yesterday, SIL came round unannounced to PILs to see DCs (2.10 yrs & 9 months). MIL turned her away at the door in case she passed meningitis onto the DC - SIL apparently wasn't best pleased and said that it was "only bacterial meningitis" but went anyway. FIL, DH & I all agreed that MIL had acted correctly and it would be daft to risk it. Even if it is a small risk.

This morning, SIL appeared again unannounced and let herself into the house, declaring that she was only here to pick up something. MIL sent her home again.

AIBU to think that after being sent home yesterday, SIL might have realised that we don't want her around the DC so soon after being exposed to meningitis and at least have rung before coming round?

monkeymamma Sat 28-Jun-14 16:08:51

Yanbu and your mil was nbu either. Whatever the risk and I'm no expert, you don't expose other people's tiny children ESPECIALLY after being told no. I'd be livid.

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