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Or is Dawn O' Porter really irritating?

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StoneTheFlamingCrows Wed 25-Jun-14 09:18:02

Don't know what it is about her. That advert for her new programme makes me feel stabby. I know ia probably bu...

WestEast Wed 25-Jun-14 09:18:45

I feel it too.
Just seeing her fringe gets on my tits.

olaflikeswarmhugs Wed 25-Jun-14 09:19:45

I don't mind her . But I hate that stupid O' in front of her name . Either take your husbands name or don't angry

StoneTheFlamingCrows Wed 25-Jun-14 09:22:01

Didn't she present some kind of documentary that was basically about her tits? Like we care? My ex used to fancy her - said she seemed a bit dirty.

Her face does look like it needs a good wash but think it's supposed to look tanned.

StephenManganiseverywhere Wed 25-Jun-14 09:26:44

Totally agree with all three of you! And in fact I think her ol' man is just as bad...coming dangerously close to believing his own hype!

But I hate that stupid O' in front of her name. Either take your husbands name or don't

THIS in spades. Victoria Coren is almost as bad (and ten times more disappointing....I thought SO much better of her!!)

NinetyNinePercentTroll Wed 25-Jun-14 09:35:30

I couldn't give a monkey's about her but the 'O' bothers me. Plus, it sounds like a joke name.

valrhona Wed 25-Jun-14 09:55:55

The "O" thing is a tad annoying to me as an Irish person. Not sure exactly why. It seems ridiculous and nonsensical. Maybe she reckons it's cute or whimsical. O or Mac means "of the family" so she's Dawn of the family of Porter confused We knew that already, Dawn Porter.
Still, she gets to hold onto her "brand name" and it's easy to drop the O if they were ever to split up.

Nancy66 Wed 25-Jun-14 10:11:47

she'll always be the woman who made an advert about wiping your shitty arse as far as I'm concerned....

mrsjavierbardem Wed 25-Jun-14 10:27:53

I feel for any woman trying to make it in the media as an attractive generalist. Yr career is too short. She needs to work in production somehow and get behind the camera ASAP.
I do think we are a slightly misogynistic culture. You know she's just trying to make a living, but we are such a bear pit aren't we? Throwing vegetables at people and hissing and braying "slag!". Hell, me too! La winkleman gets it loads but I think she is very talented which must be why she gets so much work. Irritating in the lovey 'I am going to LICK YOUR FACE!' way but tv charm is rare : just look how wooden some presenters are.
Tall poppies! But I do love Chris O'Dowd. Porter just needs to get a different job, tv presenting is a hugely diminishing job over time for a woman and she has no USP.
Pretty and bright woman, good luck but get off that career horse before it throws you off and stampedes across your face!

ephemeralfairy Wed 25-Jun-14 10:49:10

She is very annoying and I don't think she has a sympathetic or engaging presenting style at all. She tries to be a sort of normal 'everywoman' but it's all just a bit too arch and try-hard and self-serving. Cherry Healy and Anna Richardson do a similar thing but in a much more sympathetic way.
And I LOVE Claudia Winkleman, I think she's a brilliant presenter.

DOP did a dreadful thing about six years ago called 'Dawn Goes Lesbian' in which she basically conflated being a lesbian with being trans and went to a lesbian bar in Brighton with her breasts bound and a lime down her pants...(seriously!).

Oh and has anyone ever read her Diaries of an Internet Lover? Lots of rather badly written but very graphic descriptions of threesomes etc, peppered with references to minor celebrity friends etc...

olaflikeswarmhugs Wed 25-Jun-14 10:53:42

I really like Cherry Healy . I bet she's a MNer grin

TakingTheStairs Wed 25-Jun-14 10:56:45

I like Dawn. And if she and her husband are happy with the way she has her surname then why does it bother you?

She's smart, funny and successful. Good for her.

Scarletohello Wed 25-Jun-14 10:59:05

Can't we slag off Jeremy Clarkson instead? Or someone else who really deserves it. Don't get the hate...

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 25-Jun-14 11:02:10

I don't get her. She's a bit pointless, but she seems like a nice person. I'd probably like her as a friend but as a tv personality she's totally meh. She needs a new hairstyle and adding O' to her surname is utterly inane.

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 25-Jun-14 11:02:50

Her name thing is just ridiculous. I honestly thought it was a joke when I first heard it. I bet loads of her mates did too and did that embarrassing thing when you think someone is saying something as as joke and really laugh and it turns out they were serious.

(Recalls laughing at lovely neighbours, who said they were going to get a wishing well planted up with flowers for their front garden. Slinks off in remembered shame).

OriginofSymmetry Wed 25-Jun-14 11:05:00

That trailer seems designed to be irritating and is shown constantly at the moment. It's made me dislike her and I've never actually seen her in anything. Her hair irritates me - shallow of me but true.

ephemeralfairy Wed 25-Jun-14 11:05:19

olaf I think so too! Love her.

Bluetroublethree Wed 25-Jun-14 11:07:36

I have just sneaked out of a meeting to log in and ask this question ;

Why put a lime in your pants? Tell me!!!

NotAQueef Wed 25-Jun-14 11:07:50

I don't get the hate - quite like Dawn Porter (the O' thing's a bit random but her choice).
What has she done exactly to annoy everyone so much?

Pretty sure her programme that was "basically all about her tits" was her getting tested for breast cancer gene following her mother's death from BC when she was around 7 ...

Notso Wed 25-Jun-14 11:07:52

I hated that documentary Cherry Healy did about feeding her daughter.
When she sat there with her DD in the highchair for what was made to look like hours trying to get her to eat. I was just thinking give the child a break, eat something with her. Would she have food plonked in front of her then have someone sit in front of her watching her eat it. No wonder she didn't want to eat it.

Haven't seen much of D.O'P she doesn't seem any more or less irritating than anyone else on TV.

ephemeralfairy Wed 25-Jun-14 11:14:16

blue I believe the lime was intended to resemble a penile bulge. Because that's what being a lesbian is all about right?!? confused

I KNOW. The mind boggles....

DitzyDonkey Wed 25-Jun-14 11:31:19

I love her and her hair. She is quirky and stylish!

BringMeTea Wed 25-Jun-14 11:43:13

Well I like her. And at least she seems to love her husband and not be in some kind of mutually beneficial financial arrangement like some.

FreddieStarrAteMyHamster Wed 25-Jun-14 11:48:30

I like Dawn and Chris. They rise above the sea of blandness that is celebrity couples.

squoosh Wed 25-Jun-14 11:54:10

I'm sure she's a nice person but her 'documentaries' are pretty awful.

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