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Paying for petrol - take baby or leave in car?

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OooOooTheMonkey Mon 23-Jun-14 20:21:39

Not really an AIBU, more a question to get a general feel. Posting here for traffic really.

I usually use pay at pump but was reading a story about a woman (in the US) who left her baby in the car when paying for petrol (and presumably didn't lock the car) thieves stole her car, but they dropped the baby off in the car seat elsewhere where she was found by a jogger.

Do you a) leave your baby in your locked car to pay for petrol. Or b) take the baby in with you? What if the baby is sleeping do you take the whole car seat?

I guess there are other dangers other than theft - fire, explosions. What do you all do? Is there "official" advice?

OwlinaTree Mon 23-Jun-14 20:23:50

I lock baby in car and pay at pump when possible.

windchime Mon 23-Jun-14 20:24:17

I always pay at the Tesco pump.

Purplepoodle Mon 23-Jun-14 20:24:23

I have three under 5 so they stay in the car as it's much safer than dragging them all across the court. When I had the one I would have lifted him unless he was asleep but would have locked the car.

ilovemonstersInc Mon 23-Jun-14 20:24:57

Ive not been in this situation myself as ive just passed and dh fills the car while im in it.

ilovemonstersInc Mon 23-Jun-14 20:25:58

I was going to add I would probably lock car and go payor opay at pump

rockybalboa Mon 23-Jun-14 20:26:48

Mine always stay in the car. Even when DS1 was a baby. But you will get lots of 'but what if someone crashed into your car/a meteorite landed on it/aliens sucked it up' type responses so just do whatever feels instinctively right for YOU irrespective of what anyone else thinks you should do.

Indith Mon 23-Jun-14 20:27:40

Leave in car. I also leave children in car when popping into local shops. I live on the edge I do.

weeblueberry Mon 23-Jun-14 20:28:36

I lock the car with DD in it if I can't pay at the pump. I figure it's more likely that someone would accidentally hit us both while thy were driving around in the forecourt if I were carrying her than someone breaking into my car with her in it.
But I don't think there's necessarily a right or wrong answer with this.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 23-Jun-14 20:28:43

If I can I fill and so no dd. Second choice is the pay at pump option but they are few and far between. Last resort I fill, lock dd in the car and pay instore. I always wait for a pump in view of the shop though.

EstellaSpitsEmOut Mon 23-Jun-14 20:28:57

I always fill up when DH is also in the car or I'm on my own. Ive often wondered what the correct thing to do is too as I'm a fairly new driver, but would scare me to leave DS in the car.

bronya Mon 23-Jun-14 20:29:33

I either pay at pump or pop out after bedtime to get diesel (DH is at home).

whathaveiforgottentoday Mon 23-Jun-14 20:30:20

I always locked the car. I felt the risk when of getting them out and walking across the court with them was greater than the risk of somebody stealing my locked car. I do live in a relatively safe area though.

paxtecum Mon 23-Jun-14 20:33:09

Lock them in the car and go in to pay.

Are there any statistics on fires at filling stations?
Maybe one every 20 years?

The risk of a car accident whilst driving is massively greater than any harm coming to a child who is locked in a car for five minutes on a garage forecourt.

The risk of being mown down by a vehicle whilst walking on a pavement must be greater too.

If we never went out for fear of danger, we may well have a vehicle plough through our house whilst we are sitting 'safely' at home.

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Mon 23-Jun-14 20:34:11

I pay at pump when I can but it's a dilemma of mine too. I'm paranoid about everything though so I'm probably not very helpful

Xenadog Mon 23-Jun-14 20:34:29

Always use pay at pump if I am me by myself.

ChaosTrulyReigns Mon 23-Jun-14 20:35:12

I'm being dense here.

How can someone steal a car at the pump? Keys are with you. They've got to be friffing fast at hot wiring. In all the Hollywood films it takes them ages to do it.

ICanHearYou Mon 23-Jun-14 20:35:18

Always leave kids in the car, never lock the doors

PrincessBabyCat Mon 23-Jun-14 20:38:05

Depends on the heat if you're paying in the store. If it's really hot out, they can get sick very quickly if you get held up in line. Here in the US in some parts it can get to 100+ degrees in the summer.

PigletJohn Mon 23-Jun-14 20:38:46

many Americans leave their cars unlocked with the key in the ignition.

I don't suppose cars in the UK often get stolen in the time it takes you to pay, if locked and you have the key in your pocket where it can't easily be snatched. Unless perhaps you have a very valuable, but old, convertible with the top down.

Modern valuable cars tend to have good security.

Writerwannabe83 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:40:14

I tend to only go to 'pay at the pump' petrol stations.

If I had to go a petrol station which meant I had to leave my car unattended to go and pay then I would definitely take DS with me.

Spottybra Mon 23-Jun-14 20:41:43

I have 2 under 5's and I would never leave them in the car unless the 16 yr old was with me to watch them briefly.

It's a PITA to get them out the car and in the shop to pay but rather that than something happening to them.

ChaosTrulyReigns Mon 23-Jun-14 20:42:27

That's it Pglet.

OP isn't comparing like with like.

The question is really, "should I take my baby into pay as one person in America left their any in the car with the keys in the ignition most probably which I would never do?"

milkysmum Mon 23-Jun-14 20:42:50

I have a 5 and 3 year old and have always left them in the car at petrol station. I also leave them in car if popping I to a small shop for 1 or 2 items (not whilst I do the weekly shop or anything!)

lougle Mon 23-Jun-14 20:45:30

It's more dangerous for a child to cross the forecourt than to stay in the car. Leave them in the car. 99% of petrol kiosks have full width windows.

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