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To be worried about 3 strange grown up men in the playground

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MintChocc Mon 23-Jun-14 18:35:47

They came to the playground (without children), and started using the swings. They were talking loudly and drinking beer. A lot of parents left.

Technically the playground is only for children up to 12 and their parents. If I see them again, can I report them? Who to? Sorry I am just asking because I don't know English laws.


Smartiepants79 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:40:15

I very much doubt there is anyone you can report this to who will actually do anything about it.
Teenagers/young adults messing and drinking in the park is not that uncommon I wouldn't think.
Unless it is on private property such a school I don't think anything can be done unless they are actually causing a public nuisance.
If they start being physically intimidating, swearing or damaging property you could try the police but don't expect much to happen very fast!

VashtaNerada Mon 23-Jun-14 18:41:08

I would report to the council. It is a little odd...

YouTheCat Mon 23-Jun-14 18:42:08

Call 101 and report it.

BackforGood Mon 23-Jun-14 18:53:51

Presumably you mean the swings in the park - a public park ? (I assume a playground is the playing area that is part of a school - I've been confused by this on MN before smile)

The 'suggested ages' is just that - a suggestion of who the equipment is probably best for. Anyone can use it though.
We don't have laws in the UK about not being able to have a beer in public (except where a specific order has been obtained for a particular area) . Nor do we have laws about talking loudly.

GirlOverboard Mon 23-Jun-14 19:01:27

What exactly makes you so 'worried' about their behaviour? It just sounds like a few lads who have had a couple of drinks and want a go on the swings. Yes it's annoying, and yes it would make me feel a little uncomfortable, but it doesn't sound like a police matter (unless they were harassing the people in the playground).

Would you be as worried if it had been three women playing on the swings?

insancerre Mon 23-Jun-14 19:04:22

This is not an uncommon event.
I work overlooking the local park and I often adults having a go on the swings and the zip wire.
It makes me smile- you are never too old to play.

AgaPanthers Mon 23-Jun-14 19:09:48

Talking loudly? Did they swear?

They don't sound particularly strange to me.

Drunk, slightly anti-social yes, but strange not really.

Branleuse Mon 23-Jun-14 19:11:06

report them for what. Unauthorised fun?

Drgonzosattorney Mon 23-Jun-14 19:13:07

Sorry but I say get them tae buggery!! Play parks are for kids (teens later on in the evening) but grown men drinking lager?! They'd make me and my kids feel uncomfortable and as it's designated for children I'd say "get outta my park"!

Hakluyt Mon 23-Jun-14 19:17:46

It really pisses me off when older teenagers use the swings in parks when children want them. They can be scary and intimidating and swings are not for them. Tell them to go away if you're brave enough. They usually do. <well the do if I tell them in my scary teacher voice>.If it happens often talk to the council.

Drgonzosattorney Mon 23-Jun-14 19:23:10

I would feel slightly intimidated personally if they were openly drinking alcohol and talking loudly. A children's park is not for 3 grown men to hang out. They are strange because I don't know any man would do this. So yes, I agree with the OP.

BackforGood Mon 23-Jun-14 19:24:47

Why aren't swings for teens ? shock
There's absolutely NO reason why teenagers can't use the park, just the same as any other member of the public. What a ridiculous thing to say.

I'm a LOT older than a teen, and I still like to have a swing when I get the chance.

MrsCakesPremonition Mon 23-Jun-14 19:26:58

Our parks have a phone number on a noticeboard where this sort of thing can be reported.
Teens or adults playing in a park designed for primary-aged children, is unacceptable. The only time might be in the evening after the families have left, but I'm not keen on visiting a park in the morning littered with sharp ring-pulls, fag ends and used condoms mixed into the play bark.

Hakluyt Mon 23-Jun-14 19:28:15

Right. So you are at the swings with your children. Swings which say they are for 12s and under. A group of 17/18 year olds with cans of lager come over and monopolise said swings. You're cool with that, yes?

firesidechat Mon 23-Jun-14 19:31:30

Well it's possibly very, very mildly anti social, but not illegal to be on the swings over the age of 12. Is it an alcohol free area? Isn't this what young people do?

firesidechat Mon 23-Jun-14 19:33:00

Ok, I must learn to read properly. Not teens, but grown men. What makes them strange?

MagnificentMaleficent Mon 23-Jun-14 19:47:38

Any man who is drinking in a group and wants to go on the swings in a children's playground in the middle of the day is just strange. Really.

MagnificentMaleficent Mon 23-Jun-14 19:48:02

Actually I would go as far as to say, a knob.

Drgonzosattorney Mon 23-Jun-14 19:49:02

Being in a children's park at a time "when a lot of parents left". That's strange. There are lots of places for adults to frequent but there a few where kids and parents can be. Why can't there be one place where a parent can take their child where it is safe? Anyone who imbibes can act irrationally and anti-socially. I can't understand anyone's point of view where they say grown adults swinging on swings is fun or acceptable.

Drgonzosattorney Mon 23-Jun-14 19:52:22

Yes total Knob,Knob and Knob.

hazeyjane Mon 23-Jun-14 19:56:53

Adults or teenagers in the playground don't bother me, but it would piss me off about the drinking or if they were being rude or intimidating.

Drgonzosattorney Mon 23-Jun-14 20:24:44

Okay. OP described area as playground. Swings etc. yes it's lovely to play as an adult! I've been on a zip wire (figure of fun! )! But it's a different case when 3 adult males come, drinking lager, talking loudly and actually make people leave. Everyone's to scared to stand up to people (me included, terrified), so if there is a solution to this problem please I would
I've to know . Those who post to say "I'd like to swing" etc . I just don't understand.

NewtRipley Mon 23-Jun-14 20:29:39

Playing, having fun, fine. But drinking and or being loud and intimidating, nah. I'd contact the parkies or 101 police.

NewtRipley Mon 23-Jun-14 20:31:18

If the playground is fenced there are probably rules about not smoking or drinking.

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