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AIBU to mystified about leg waxing if you have...

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UnhappyFeet Sat 21-Jun-14 19:32:23

... Dark hair. I have tried it. Within 3 weeks the new growth is very visible. Then it has to grow a certain length before being redone. It's very expensive to keep having it done professionally, but the main issue is that my legs look ok for only approx 2 weeks per professional wax.

So... I am now waxing them myself, every few days to get rid of new growth. Legs look ok from a distance but wouldn't want them inflected in bright sunlight, lol! There are still several spare hairs that are visible in certain light. I can see this level of hair growth would be fine if I was fair, but I'm not.

What's the secret? Do I persevere?

KnackeredMuchly Sat 21-Jun-14 19:59:01

Yy try an epilator

Kundry Sat 21-Jun-14 20:00:07

If you can possibly get the money together, laser them. You have the right hair (dark) and skin (pale) tones to get the best result. Expensive but worth it - maybe add up how much you spend on waxing?

BravePotato Sat 21-Jun-14 20:01:19

Braun silk epil.

The trick is to do it, then again 2 days layer, then again two days later..., then you only have to for every 2-3 weeks

After 20 years my leg hairs have become paler and thinner from this "abuse".

It rips them out root and all which I love.

JamJimJam Sat 21-Jun-14 20:01:36

The more you wax, the less the hair grows.

Epilators give me horrendous ingrown hairs.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 21-Jun-14 20:05:16

treaclesoda... I misunderstood MrsSippy's post to mean one of these:

I've tried them and they're really good - you need to have short hair really so perfect for regrowth. Doesn't hurt at all, it's a bit like 'sandpapering'. Silky smooth legs. I haven't tried it anywhere else and still go for waxing but I might dig mine out again in between.

Meglet Sat 21-Jun-14 20:07:13

I've been waxing for 25 years. The re-growth is still visible within 10 days, and I have to shave mid-holiday. I don't even own a skirt because I'd never wear it.

The new pre-waxed strips are good though. I'm trying them out this summer and waxing every 2/3 days. I'm hoping to win the battle for a few weeks.

SpandexBallet Sat 21-Jun-14 20:09:52

I epilate my legs although have very fine sparse hairs on my legs so I quite often go out bare legged after not doing it.

Pits and downstairs seem terrifying to epilate. The hair situation in these two places is completely different. Don't think my legs belong to the rest of my body!!

BravePotato Sat 21-Jun-14 20:12:37

Ingrown hairs can be avoided by using a good scrub twice a week.

Body shop cocoa butter is the best IMO, really abrasive yet mild

ZenNudist Sat 21-Jun-14 20:22:44

I converted to epilating 2 years ago after years of waxing. I am never as smooth as after a wax but I am skirt ready all summer long. I too have fair skin / hair and patches without hair so after a weekly longer effort I can just whizz epilator on knees and calves if I'm a bit stubbly.

I use a Braun silk epil which cost c£80 and paid for itself within 2 months.

I make do with wax strip bikini wax or the odd salon one for high days and holidays. Shave pits as never been able to face leaving them. Wouldn't go back to waxing.

I find a glass or two of wine makes doing the hairy backs of my legs easier! blush

GingerRodgers Sat 21-Jun-14 20:23:58

Waxing the tash makes it red and spotty and I try to keep it at bay with tweezers but sometimes there's too much blush so I epilate. Right under the nose is a bitch but leaves it smooth for ages.

JapaneseMargaret Sat 21-Jun-14 20:32:52

I don't get waxing full stop.

It hurts
It's a messy faff to do it yourself
It's expensive to have it done for you
It's time-consuming
It hurts
You get regrowth
It hurts
Men don't have to do it.

It takes 5 secs to whizz a razor over them in the shower. Shaving doesn't hurt in the least.

I don't understand what I'm missing. There doesn't seem to be single benefit to waxing, that isn't far out-stripped by the convenience, and painlessness of shaving.

And who cares if the regrowth arguably comes back softer? The idea is to remove the hair, altogether, no...?! It's not as if it's OK for women to go round with hair on their leg, if it's slightly softer. It's only OK if there's no hair there at all.


Fluffyears Sat 21-Jun-14 20:38:42

Use an exfoliating scrubby mitt in the shower to stop in growing hairs. I epilate then a day later shave my legs and they stay hair free for a week at a time and I am super hairy.

HippyPottyMouth Sat 21-Jun-14 20:39:26

Waxing doesn't suit me for the reasons you describe. I tried an epilator for about 3 months, thinking one day I'd have nice smooth legs and not have to do it every day, but that day never came. I was fit to be seen from a distance, but my legs still felt scratchy. DH never said anything at the time but was pleased when I went back to shaving.

The epilator was the best thing ever for pits though, they get sore in the summer when I have to shave every day. I'd get away with a good few days with the epilator, although it hurt like buggery, especially when I was due on.

BrianButterfield Sat 21-Jun-14 20:42:59

I love epilated pits. No dark shadow and it takes seconds! Legs, eh, they're ok but it's free and easy, so I keep on.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 21-Jun-14 20:59:04

JapaneseMargaret... There are some women who don't remove their hair at all, wax or shave or any other method. It's perfectly fine for women to have - and display - hair on their bodies if they want to do that. Each to their own method. I wouldn't shave, I don't like the regrowth. I don't care whether men wax/shave/whatever.

BoyFromTheBigBadCity Sun 22-Jun-14 00:20:30

I am watching this thread with interest - I have black body hair and milk bottle skin, and am...hairy. I shave the pits every day, and legs every day summer, every 2 or 3 days in winter, but certainly always have dark shadown in pits. I'm too scared to do my face even though I hate the shadow. How painful is an epilator? Has anyone tried the Philips lumea or an equivalent?

Incidentally, I don't do this for men. I also don't understand any theoretical difference between shaving and waxing - one may be uncomfortable, but the outcome is inconvenience to pacify a man, if that's how you see it. I, personally,hate my hairy legs, especially where my sport has caused patches where hair won't grow. Nothing to do with any man.

JapaneseMargaret Sun 22-Jun-14 04:41:44

Lying, when I say it's not OK, I don't mean that I don't think it's OK, I mean society doesn't. I totally agree that in theory it's utterly fine for women to go around with all the hair God gave them on their body.

In practice it's not though, really, is it?

I don't know a single women who doesn't give a shit, and goes around with hairy legs and underarms in summer (I mean, we all do it in winter when our legs and arms are hidden).

I would love to think that it was OK for women to choose to keep their body hair, but in reality the pressure from society is such that I, for one, don't know a single such woman.

ThisIsmySecretPassword Sun 22-Jun-14 04:58:13

I bought a philips lumea IPL hair removal gun a few months ago and I think it's amazing. It uses light pulses. It's not advertised as being permanent but it's worked brilliantly on me. My legs are silky smooth. There are loads of reviews on amazon.

BravePotato Sun 22-Jun-14 07:30:12

Margaret, the softer regrowth is why I only epilate once every two weeks.

A few short soft hairs I can live with.

Frogisatwat Sun 22-Jun-14 07:36:34

If I shave my legs I get stubble within 12 hours.!! 12 hours!

NorksAreMesssy Sun 22-Jun-14 07:46:20

Another vote for the silk epil. Brilliant for legs and pits. The first time did hurt a bit, but every other time is just fine, no more pain than shaving. You do need to exfoliate properly first, or you will get ingrown hairs.

I swear by the little twirly spring thingy for facial hair. It costs 99p and whisks the little buggers out easily and is strangely satisfying. The epil actor is just too rough for my face and the only time I tried I was covered in spots for a week sad

Objection Sun 22-Jun-14 07:46:51

there are about 50 billion types of braun silk epilator on amazon - help!
(hairy and dark haired here. Also massive wimp, never waxed - epilator may be a big first step)

BoyFromTheBigBadCity Sun 22-Jun-14 07:48:46

Frog - you get 12 hours before stubble? I am jealous!

roses2 Sun 22-Jun-14 07:50:42

I had laser done about five times, didn't work for me.

I use wax now. I've heard about the Philips lumea, it's got very good reviews. I'm thinking of buying it but the home technology is quite new plus you can't use it when pregnant and we're planning a baby next year.

What i read is there is no such thing as permanent hair removal, only regular techniques which keep the growth at bay.

Frogisatwat Sun 22-Jun-14 07:53:40

Is 12 hours long? I epilate, as ,if I shave daily I get sore. We must have legs that produce haur like those play dough barber shops

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