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To hate crap websites that won't let you remember password etc....

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unlucky83 Tue 17-Jun-14 19:56:12

or even user names...angryangryangry
I have dozens of accounts that I need to sign in to on the internet ...I have varying levels of security/strength of password etc. I also have my browser set up to remember some of them.
Not things like bank account sign ins - although I do tick the remember my customer number box etc...because the option is there!
My problem is 'share' websites - I hate them - they are crappiest pile of rubbish ever....
I don't have a lot of shares but I have to log in to 3 different sites...
I do it twice a year - just to make sure everything is ok, dividend payments etc.
I have never managed to log in to all 3 without having to bloody well phone one of them too...supposedly at a premium rate.
Have had problems with having more than one account...long story - partly their fault (personalised pages for companies) and partly mine - because same full name, DOB, address - but Ms or Dr as title isn't the same person - is it?
Last year I took the time to sort them all out - got one account for each registrar and WROTE down the sign in details.
Now one of them isn't recognising me again- I can't see how the login is wrong but it obviously is ...I've been locked out.
It doesn't matter they have my email address and I have all kinds of other identifying stuff (investor codes etc) I could give them - I have to phone them.
A 10 min job has already taken 30 mins - and now a phone call tomorrow etc etc - ahhhhhh
I can't see why they need to be more secure than a bank account - as soon as you try to do anything they send you a letter in the post anyway confirming it...countless identical ones in separate envelopes last year when I was doing my sort out.
It would be so much easier if they let me remember at least the user names tempted to use 'guest' and 'password' for my future logins...grrr

So AIBU to really really hate them (And suspect they make it difficult so you have to use their premium rate phone number - which I don't anyway - I use the one you are supposed to use from outside the UK...)

Promenot Tue 17-Jun-14 19:58:10

YANBU but the answer is LastPass, honestly, it's brill grin

unlucky83 Tue 17-Jun-14 20:04:58

Will LastPass work on everything though - even though the web page tell it not to?
I know on my browser I can now force it to ignore the web page telling it not to remember passwords - did that for my Yahoo - have only ever used 'answers' anyway - but I didn't do that for these ... sad angry
They are just crap web pages anyway ....not user friendly etc...
(And I've just eaten a bowl of chocolate Ice cream to make me feel better sad blush)

Promenot Wed 18-Jun-14 15:20:52

I'm not the most technically minded person blush but I think so - it basically stores the info and fills the username/password/etc fields in for you rather than making the webpage remember it so I'd think it would work. Takes a minute to set up and you have to add each new site you use to it when you first use each one after getting LastPass but after that it's so easy, you only have to remember the password to your LastPass account and then it fills in everything else which is really good for a crap memory - the number of times I used to have to do 'forgot password' for various sites was stupid. And you can use it on different computers too if you need to, such as if you've got a tablet and a PC you can still use it to log into your sites........ I should get some sort of referral fee for the number of times I've recommended them grin

It doesn't supply chocolate ice cream though which is definitely the best answer to crap sites.

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