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to be terrified?

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ditavonteesed Mon 16-Jun-14 10:26:27

waydo the furby just woke up, waydo's batteries ran out weeks ago, it sounds like a drunk old man and is burping really loudly, slurring its words and laighing in a terrifying way. Is it going to kill me?

londonrach Mon 16-Jun-14 10:28:20

Yes be very afraid and don't fed it after dark. grin

aderynlas Mon 16-Jun-14 10:28:38

I would run now. Back out of the room, slowly, close the door, quietly, then run and dont look back.

ditavonteesed Mon 16-Jun-14 10:29:53

serves me right for cleaning, no good ever came from cleaning.

TheSarcasticFringehead Mon 16-Jun-14 10:32:10


MrsCosmopilite Mon 16-Jun-14 10:32:55

I think you have to burn the house down now. With the furby in it.
As you watch the last timber fall, you'll hear a noise behind you and furby will be stood there holding the matches.

ditavonteesed Mon 16-Jun-14 10:36:32

I have to go out soon, what if it gets the dogs? It has gone back to sleep now, its eyes are black and empty.

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